Gender & Names for Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa's first child 2024

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Jan 29, 2005
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Here's the thread to discuss possible names and the gender of Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa's first child
that will be born this summer.

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If it's a boy -- Abdullah after this grandfather which is an Arab-world namiang tradition.
If it's a boy - Abdullah
If it's a girl - Alia
For a boy: HRH Prince Khaled bin Hussein
For a girl: HRH Princess Muna bint Hussein
I always like this prediction threads.
If it's a boy I think Abdullah but I also see them going for Khaled in honour of Rajwa's recently deceased father.
For a girl, Muna.
If it is a boy, the child will most likely be the future king, so I expect the name of a former king and not one of Rajwa's family. Going by previous generations, the child will be either named after his grandfather (Abdullah) or great-grandfather (Hussein) - but as that is the father's name as well I would say that Talal as great-great grandfather) would also be contender.

Abdullah II: eldest son named Hussein - after Abdullah's father king Hussein of Jordan
Hussein: eldest son named Abdullah - after Hussein's grandfather king Abdullah I of Jordan
Talal: eldest son named Hussein - after Talal's grandfather Hussein Sharif of Mecca, king of Hejaz
Abdullah I: eldest son named Talal - I cannot find the family connection (however, his children were born before he became the king of Jordan)

Other names of forefathers in the direct line to Mohammed are: Ali (3x), Muhammad (3x), Abdul Mu'een, Auon Ra'i Al-Hadala, Muhsin, Al-Hassan (5x), Abu Numayy (2x), Barakat (2x), 'Ajlan, Rumaythah, Qatada, Idris, Muta'in, Abd Al-Karim, Issa, Suleiman, Musa (2x).

(Al) Hassan would also be a nice nod to king Hussein's brother who was supposed to become king until he was replaced at the last moment by his nephew the current king Abdullah.

See: Hashemites - Wikipedia
We must expect Hashemite names: Abdullah or Hussein
Boy: Most plausible are either Abdullah or Hussein. Hassan is possible too. Not sure if he would be named as Talal. Previous king Talal was enforced to abdicate due mental issues so the royal family might see this bit bad omen.

Girl: Perhaps Muna but not so sure. Noor could be too another option.
I think Abdullah is almost a given. If their next child is a boy, I can see Hassan

If a girl, I think it'll be Rania or Muna. I think Noor is definitely off-limits....
And Alia too, I think (although King Abdullah II has reportedly good relationship with his elder sister)
This is great news and Princess Muna will be great grand Mother of the Heir's Child.
Thanks for correcting , alas I don't know a lot about the Jordan Monarchy
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