Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

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Is it a boy or girl?

  • Boy

    Votes: 84 33.1%
  • Girl

    Votes: 157 61.8%
  • Twins: boy & girl

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • Twins: 2 boys

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Twins: 2 girls

    Votes: 5 2.0%

  • Total voters
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i think it'll be a girl. it's sad that all of our 'voting' won't count in the end. Anyway a beautiful little Princess would be wonderful. I think Frederik would be crazy about her! :king:
i reckon it'll be a boy. If you look at the family genes since the Queen M's time - it's been double boys for both the Queen and Pss Alex, so i think it'll be the same for the CP couple.
After three boys my vote goes for a girl.
It was interesting to see 'Emma' at the top of the 2003 list. One of the Danish kings, Canute, became king of England (might have been king of Norway, also) and his wife's name was Emma. From memory, she was originally from Normandy and Canute was her second husband. 'Emma', therefore has a suitable royal history, and it's historical and contemporary at the same time.

Where doea Dagmar come from, were there any Queen Dagmar

Christian IX had six children, among them Frederik VIII of Denmark, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom (wife of Edward VII), King George of Greece.

His second daughter was born Princess Dagmar of Denmark, she later married Tsar Alexander III of Russia and become known as Empress Maria Fydorovna of Russia.

Empress Maria was recently re-buried in Russia, during the service Crown Princess Mary left because she was feeling 'unwell' it is now more likely because she was pregnant, that is where the connection comes in.
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My guess :lol:
Princess Gloria Alexandra Mary of Denmark
Princess Henriette Dagmar Mary of Denmark
Princess Sarah Augustine Margrethe of Denmark

Prince Frederick Michael Thomas of Denmark
Prince Jan Joseph Henrik of Danemark
Prince Martin Marcus Henrik of Danemark

Jo of Palatine said:
Even though the baby will be born in 2007, thus is grown-up at around 2025 and times are changing rapidly, I don't believe the Danish RF will want another "Thyra". Though the name is beautiful.

Thyra is a very historical name in Denmark, not a bad choise at all.

Forget Princess Thyra and say hello to Queen Thyra. :flowers:

The stones are Unesco world heritage and is considered the Kingdoms birthcitificate. :)

I am for Thyra or Dagmar if its a girl :cool:
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MargreteI said:
Thyra is a very historical name in Denmark, not a bad choise at all.

Forget Princess Thyra and say hello to Queen Thyra. :flowers:

The stones are Unesco world heritage and is considered the Kingdoms birthcitificate. :)

I am for Thyra or Dagmar if its a girl :cool:

Thank you for the link. I saw that the translation spelled the queen's name as Thyrvé. Now that's an interesting name! ;)
Thyra is nice, and Emma also. Wouldn´t that be nice, Princess Emma?
Christian and Emma.
I voted fro a girl. Queen Margethe needs a little princess to spoil ;)

The tabloid Ekstra-Bladet has the following article about the sex of this unborn baby on their site (my translation)

"We want a princess

The large majority of readers of hope that crown princess Mary will give birth to a girl

While the bookmakers believe that the crown princely couple's new baby will be a boy, Danes are crossing their fingers and hoping for a baby sister for prince Christian. A poll at indicates this.
Of almost 5000 readers answering the question: Prince or princess – what would you prefer?, a massive majority of 83 percent said: Princess.
However, bookmakers at Unibet believe most that Frederik and Mary will have a son and statistically chances are that the birth of a boy will be followed by another one of the same kind."

Well, Frederiks cousin Pavlos of Greece had a girl and then a boy, his cousin Alexandra had a boy and then a girl - so hopefully, he and Mary can pull of the same 'stunt':)

As I posted before I was voting for a girl. But if it will be another boy - that's good too.
No matter what is the baby's sex I hope that she/he will be a healthy baby.

But I hope that will be/is a girl.
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I pray that she has a whole, beautiful and sweet baby girl.:flowers: :flowers:
I Said Twins Boy & Girl But ive got no Idea can we have threads on Godparents and names please Thank You.
I think it will be a boy but I hope it's a girl.
I also hope for a little girl because Denmark has been too long due for a little princess. But I think it will be a boy. Boy-then-another-boy for Margrethe and Henrik; boy-then-yet-another-boy for Alexandra and Joachim; boy for Fred and Mary.... there seems to be a pattern here! :lol:
I think that the next child of the Crown Princly couple will be a girl. I hope that whatever the sex of the child, if the child is in health that's what counts.
It will be nice if the baby is a girl..
Emma and Chritian do sound good together:flowers:
I rather prefer when they use three names instead of four it seems to have a better flow when there are just three and it's easier to find three that sound right together with four names one of them almost always seems out of place.
According to their readers overwhelming are hoping for a princess, and BT also has an article that calls for the possible princess to be named Ingrid after the would-be great-grandmother. The headline translates to "We will have (or maybe "love to have") a Princess Ingrid!"
That would be a nice gesture, as it's well-known how much Fred loved his grandmother but it would be so confusing to have two Scandinavian Princess Ingrid's!
Whatever the name, it would be so wonderful to have a little princess in this family.
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It will be nice if they name the possible daughter using a mix of the two families, like:

Princess Henrietta Margrethe Louise
Princess Ingrid-Henrietta
Princess Henrietta Anne Marie
Princess Henrietta Louise Ingrid

I love the Henrietta idea, as you can see. A nice gesture to Mary's late mother. :flowers:
I think it would be really nice for Mary and Frederik to have a daughter. I think they will have a very traditional name. They chose Christian for their firstborn, which was up keeping with Danish tradition. I cannot imagine they will choose anything to radical for their second child.

Margarethe (is that even spelt right?!) will definitely be in the name if it is a girl, and Ingrid. I should imagine Henrietta will be too, but Christian does have Henri in his name, so perhaps it will not.

Margarethe Ingrid Elisabeth Dagmar would be very pretty.

If it is a boy, perhaps, Alexander, Edvard, Frederik or George.
I forgot about Dagmar, which would be a cool name to incorporate in light of the recent reburial.

Princess Henrietta Ingrid Dagmar
Princess Ingrid Henrietta Dagmar
Princess Henrietta Margrethe Dagmar

I agree with Penny Lane that the 3 names flows better. But I guess the four names is more likely since it seems to be always four names in this family.

Princess Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe Dagmar
Not bad, huh? I hope they consider our suggestions! :lol:
My guess for a daughter would be Ingrid. A very lovely Scandinavian name and also Fredrik's beloved grandmother's.
CasiraghiTrio said:
I agree with Penny Lane that the 3 names flows better. But I guess the four names is more likely since it seems to be always four names in this family.
Well, they're not required to have four names. Frederik and Mary could go the route of Hereditary Prince Knut and Herditary Princess Caroline-Mathilde and give her more... their daughter, Princess Elisabeth is really called Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margarethe Désirée.
For a boy, I guess it is safe to rule out Frederik and Christian, and probably can rule out the names of Joachim's sons. I doubt they will use Nikolai, although it is a beautiful name and the best spelling for it imo.

I would like the use of Henrik and Knud (though not a personal favorite of mine, Knud, it's so brilliantly Danish, I have to love it despite myself!):lol:
They already put "John" for the maternal grandfather in Christian's name, so there is no reason to do it again.
How about Stuart for the maternal uncle John Stuart? They could even give it a more Viking ring with a 'Stewart' spelling.
Prince Stewart Henrik Knud Valdemar
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