Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

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Is it a boy or girl?

  • Boy

    Votes: 84 33.1%
  • Girl

    Votes: 157 61.8%
  • Twins: boy & girl

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • Twins: 2 boys

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Twins: 2 girls

    Votes: 5 2.0%

  • Total voters
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For a girl:

- Dagmar Margrethe Henrietta ....
- Ingrid Margrethe
- Ingrid Henrietta
To all the Danes - how does the name *Arthur* sound in Danish? I think they will use a somewhat "whimsy" first name, while keeping the other three in line with tradition...for example:

Prince Arthur Harald Abel Frederik
Princess Arabella Dagmar Ingrid Margrethe

*regarding the name "Henrietta", I think Mary would absolutely LOVE to use this name for her (firstborn) daughter...but considering that there may be certain royal protocols to contend with, she might have to make do with a subtle "Henri(etta)" in her firstborn SON's name...and be patient and hopeful that she has more than one daughter and use Henrietta as a first name for her 2nd daughter...And we all know by now how patient Mary is ;)

Possible combo for second daughter: Henrietta Matilda Olympia Maria
I'm pretty sure that Mary and Frederik would be able to use Henrietta as a middle name if this baby is a girl. I don't have a good idea what first name Frederik and Mary might choose for a girl but I'm pretty sure Margrethe, Ingrid, Henrietta, and Mary have good shots at becoming middle names.
Xeara said:
To all the Danes - how does the name *Arthur* sound in Danish?

Well in my opinion Arthur is way more beautiful pronounced in english than in danish. It sound like Ar-tuur
If it's a boy, perhaps Alexander or Anthony. Regal sounding names, but not necessarily Danish names. If it's a girl, [aside from the names I've already said I'd like], maybe Anneliese or Alexandra.
Alexandra- for a girl
Otto - for a boy
Royal Fan said:
Alexandra- for a girl
Otto - for a boy

Alexandra might not be an option, but considering how well-regarded P. Alexandra is, who knows? And CP Frederik's cousin is named Alexandra, too.
I personally love the name; there are so many nickname options to go along with it!
I hope that it will be a Princess Ingrid. Denmark has too many boys while Orange-Nassau has too many girls this generation.
I think it will definitely be a girl...Just Mary's *luck*....she leads a charmed life, that one...lucky enough to marry a Prince she met in pub, lucky enough to provide a firstborn heir, Prince Christian...they will have a girl!!! It is all too cute and nice and predictable to otherwise...if they have a boy, I'll eat my hat ;)

Princess Matilda Olympia Margrethe Ingrid
Princess Arabella Dagmar Margrethe Ingrid
Princess Henrietta Thyra Margrethe Ingrid

So many great names to chose wonder it takes three months to name this Danish baby royals...I think the first name is decided at birth - because they have to call the baby something in private - but the middle names are debated over those months before christening so the appropriate people are honoured and the correct protocols are followed...
I'm hoping for a girl. A little princess would be so adorable.
Guess the Sex of Mary's Baby

I hope it's a girl too. That way Mary and Frederick will have one of each.

Well, since Christian was named after two royal relatives and both grandfathers, I'm going to go with this for a girl:

Sofia Ingrid Margrethe Henriette

And if it's a second boy:

Andre Alexander Frederick Joachim
I think that Mary and Frederik will have another´s simply an intuition!
I voted that it would be a boy, since boys seem very popular in the Danish RF. But I'm hoping for a pretty little girl. I think Fred would be a great dad to a little girl. :wub:

If it is a girl, I think Mary's name will be given as one of the baby's names, but probably not the first name. That would be confusing, IMO. And if it is a girl I would be very surprised for the name Alexandra to be used. Not b/c there's anything wrong with the name, I happen to love it. But there's already Princess Alexandra and the name Alexandra seems a bit overused in royal families.
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I was just thinking that these babies are coming quite close together, Letizia's, Maxima's and Mary's all due with in weeks of each other. However, I think Maxima's may come before anticipated. But still I wonder if when these baby booms happen if there's any worry about the RF's duplicating names? Or maybe to prevent that there's some memos being sent back and forth between royal houses?:lol:

Although I think Fred and Mary will have the advantage if they have to wait 3 months before naming this baby like they did with Christian.
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It would be wonderful if it was a girl! Someone has to help her mom and grandmother wear all those jewels!
I think it's a girl. But it might just be wishful thinking... :rolleyes:
By the shape of Mary's tummy, I believe she will have a girl
I too think she will have another boy. I thought she would have a girl the first time, so maybe this time she'll have a girl???????:lol: :lol:
I'm sticking with a boy too ,but I can imagine try for a girl for a third baby some cute like mommy and I'm sure the Queen would adore a little grandaughter.
I could imagine both a girl and a boy. But I hope for a little girl.
fingers cross its a girl

I really hope she has a daughter.

fingers cross for her and fred.

:flowers: tara(lillybugs)
If Mary and Frederik have a girl I could imagine:

Sofia Ingrid Magrethe Henrietta
I don't know why but for me it's Frederik, Mary, Christian and Sofia :wub: That would be so cute. I really hope they pick the name Sofia !
I´m trying to decide by comparing her bump with and her last pregnancy and Letizia's we know Letizia is having a girl....but I´m really not sure....any bump readers out there??
UserDane said:

Please don't say that :sad: - I'm trying to be optimistic and have guessed twin girls:) It's been more than 60 years since a princess was born in Denmark - it's about time now!

60 years?! wow thats quite a long time. I voted for a girl not just because i wish for her to have one but i do have a feeling it is. she seems shes carrying this pregnancy differently
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