Future and Popularity of the Spanish Monarchy

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Do you think he will abdicate in the future, if so how many years so we think he will be king of Spain, this year it will be 10 years
I don't know if King Felipe VI is thinking about abdicating in the future, but he shouldn't think about it at the moment. Leonor is still only 18 years old and is still studying.
Maybe in about 30 years this question could be relevant.
New Poll:
Despite the difficulties and adversities, 70.4% consider that the current Head of State is a guarantee of stability, according to the NC Report study for LA RAZÓN on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his proclamation.
PP and Vox voters are the ones who agree the most, with 92% and 93.3, respectively. The Socialists, 61.5% against 7.7% who consider the opposite, also say that it is a guarantor of stability.
In this sense, in terms of the assessment of his performance during all these years, the vast majority – 66.3% – value his reign as good or very good compared to an insignificant 9.7 who answer badly or very badly.
Felipe has not put a foot wrong in all those years. But when looking at pictures, he has probably aged not 10 but 20 years.
He hadn't the easiest of starts to his reign with all of the baggage from JC/Inaki/NOOS and then the Catalonian Separatist movement and Government formations.
The king deserves an extra long Summer Holiday!
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