Frederik, Mary and Children Picture Thread: Part 2

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Thanks, Roskilde :)

Yes, it's good that Frederik takes part in these physical challenges. Much better than having him hanging around on the streets and getting into trouble. :p
Let's move from Frederik's air kiss to his family during his Ironman to the real kiss...

I love this gif of Frederik kissing Mary in Greenland. He was so proud to show the Greenlanders his wife :wub:

Sometimes you just feel the need to give you wife a kiss right now. And right here.
Aboard on Dannebrog.

Frederik and Mary were spotted cuddling while looking at the kids skiing on a ski slope in Verbier few years ago during the CP family's annual ski vacation.

When F&M visited Australien last year they sat among the audience for a concert. A phoptographer caught this little kiss in a photo:
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We now know that the Crown Prince Couple's Awards 2015 this year will be held on the 3rd October 2015.

Stumbled over a look back on last year's show - watch delightful pictures of Frederik and Mary cracking up laughing when the Danish comedian Lars Hjortshøj said this to Frederik: :D

"I would like to say to the Crown Prince, and it's on behalf of a lot's of men in the late 40s. Can't we please stop with all this Ironman stuff? Because it put us other men under a crazy pressure. We other men in the 40's... we are put into a really bad light! Then we come home to our wives who says "Well, Crown Prince Frederik has completed Ironman in the time 10 hours and it's really fast..." Then I think, yes, I'm perfectly aware, but well, if I had such an wonderful wife I would for sure increase the tempo up a bit and hurry home home as well, that's for sure!"
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Well its true isn't it. Fred putting some men to shame by competing in Ironman events at his age of 40+. Most 40 + men are dedicated to other pursuits such as sitting in comfy chairs and being waited on.
A nice picture of Mary holding her speech to the Carlsbergfondet's Awards last Thursday :)

Thanks Muhler, lovely gallery. I have not had a chance to see all of the summer holiday photos of Mary and Frederik with their children I will need to do this, so this gallery was a nice way to start. I love the fourth photo, Josephine and Vincent are just so cute and very sweet.

Marfre, here on this site you can see three large galleries with some of the summer holiday pictures of Frederik, Mary and children in Gråsten.

At the horse parade: (Looks forward to a lot of funny and sweet pictures)

At the annual family photo session:

At the changing of the royal guards:

Enjoy, many delightful pictures :flowers:
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Roskilde, thanks for sharing the links.

Always enjoy seeing photos of the family, nice to see how the children change and grow, they are confident, happy and secure in their parents and grandparents love and this is so evident.
The photos of Christian with QM are probably my favourites, the Queen has such a proud look on her face when looking at him. The more informal photos at the changing of the guards are also great.
Josephine looks so sweet and summery in her dress at the family photo session and Vincent seems such a gentle little child. Isabella is a real dad's girl. Lovely family.
:previous: Thanks Polyesco.

That's a shoot for a fitness magazine called Aktiv Træning.

Another member was kind enough to scan it for me. :flowers:
:previous: Thanks Polyesco.

That's a shoot for a fitness magazine called Aktiv Træning.

Another member was kind enough to scan it for me. :flowers:

How could i forget that wonderful magazine photoshoot? :cool:
I like the little background the photographer added to the photos, especially the "no worries mate" and that he also knew someone from Australia, :p
I guess the photo of just his face was around 2003
and the water one later?
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:previous: I do see quite a likeness between Josephine and her great-grandmother Queen Ingrid. But all in all I just think Josephine is a true mini-Mary :)
:previous: Interesting! The photos are ideally suited to create layers for Photoshop.

I see the pics were made on 26th June 2015.
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I'm not at all fond of those grey backgrounds. Imo it looks cold and harsh. But the couple themselves look beautiful and dignified. I don't think that the hanging hair ages CP Mary, but an updo would have looke even more elegant.
I don´t like the couple's photo. It look's like a collage.
I like them but I am sure it has a lot of photoshop!
Not a fan of the new pictures. The background is terrible, there are so many beautiful places in Denmark, why a gray background. The Crown Prince looks good though. The Crown Princess, the dress is beautiful, the jewels are stunning (although I have never been a big fan of the ruby tiara), but her hair......not a good style for a formal picture.
Photographs which are themselves is better. But the joint is awful. Very pitched seem to be uncomfortable too fake.
Frederik and Mary look good.

It is quite a nice picture at first glance but when I get nit-picky, I feel like I've seen this official picture before, which isn't true, but there was a previous official picture that is similar.

but her hair......not a good style for a formal picture.
Agree. To me it is not blatantly bad but I feel like a better choice could have been made.
Thanks DOM :flowers: Beautiful new pictures.

Just to info... these 3 new official pictures released are not ordinary new official pictures. We got them back in the spring (in April I think) These are additional pictures to mark:

"New pictures have been taken due to HRH The Crown Prince’s appointment as rear admiral of the Navy, major general of the Army and air vice-marshal of the Air Force in connection with HM The Queen’s 75th birthday."


The Crown Prince couple Frederik and Mary looks stunning and dignified. Frederik in uniform is always good eyesight and Mary beautiful in her wine-red velvet dress and red ruby tiara (my favorite gown and tiara). Great pictures. But why edit a new different background into the pictures, dear photographer? There is no reason to do that. Had the background been the orginal background these pictures would had been perfection. Perhaps it's because the pictures are to a special purpose and not normal official pictures.
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Nice official pictures.

Frederik looks very regal. The new uniform really suits him.
and my the blue eyes really stand out.

Mary cant go wrong with the beautiful Ruby tiara, what a sight and very elegant

I think the ones we got last year, had enough background.
These are simple but very elegant :flowers:

love the red velvet dress, which she has worn before
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