Frederik, Mary and Children Picture Thread: Part 2

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Hello! I´m looking for some bl/ white images of the CPrincess, wearing a dramatic long black dress, the order of the elephant and her rubies. I don´t know if these pictures are new or a couple of years old? Could be from a magazine´s photo session?

Thanks Polyesco...

A little gentleman already our future King Christian.
:previous: he really is. they are growing up to the role so well :flowers:
He is going to very stylish- Already a natty dresser :)
Today, Crown Prince Frederik celebrates his 48th birthday - as a much beloved and popular man, husband, father, and respected coming King.

"Good morning everyone and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the entire Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik ❤️ He can today - May 26 - celebrates his 48th birthday and while Denmark hoist the flag for him, we also wish him a great birthday with his family.
For the man, who in his younger years had to fight a battle to come to terms with his destiny as future king, but met a certain Australian woman and suddenly it become Spring in his mind - he got the caring family base with wife and children he needed - and today Crown Prince Frederik bemans of confidence, happiness and safeness. And stands as an extremely strong, skilled and popular future king!

For the man, the Danes just love - with his heartwarm down-to-earth attitude his genuine nature and his heart warming caring for his wife, children and the Danish people.

Congratulations, we are sure Crown Princess Mary and all four children this morning ensures birthday song, gifts and lots of hugs."

Great birthday pictures:


Lots of greeting to him on Facebook. He really is popular.
:previous: some lovely photos and lovely words.

and article from BB on his birthday
TILLYKKE: Kronprins Frederik fylder 48 år | BILLED-BLADET

and as a gift, we find out that he will be a godparent to little Oscar ;)
Kronprinsparrets deltagelse ved barnedåb for H.K.H. Prins Oscar | Kongehuset

a short video of Frederik bringing Vincent and Josephine back from school on his cargo bike. apparently its from today :flowers:
— copenhagenizer — Danish Crown Prince Frederik...

"Crown Prince Frederik fills 48 years now - and thus it is 30 years ago he became of age and for the first time to attend the Council of State."
article and video on when he turned 18 and attended his first state council, 30 years ago
ARKIV-VIDEO Kronprinsen fylder 48 år i dag: Se den dag han blev myndig | Nyheder | DR
some great footage

"Congratulations: HRH Crown Prince Frederik 48 years. Very much a maritime ambassador and frequent guest in Danish ports"
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What does a Crown Prince on his birthday? He picks up children from kindergarten :)

Today, Frederik was seen picking up Vincent and Josephine from kindergarten on the family's cargobike.


With Frederik's 48th birthday today several articles has written articles about that Frederik (and Mary) are more than ready to take over the throne.

TV2 article:
Frederik fylder år: - Klar til at overtage tronen - TV 2

BT article:

A vote on the article from TV2 ask: What will it mean for the Danish Royal Family when Crown Prince Frederik takes over the throne:

84% say the Danish royal family will be strengthened. Or there will be no changes.

Only 16% say it will be weakened.

Reading all the thousands of comments Frederik has got on Facebook today on his birthday there is no doubt about his (and Mary's) popularity.

Margrethe must go happy to bed every night.

Various birthday greetings:

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:previous: That's an adorable photo, I haven't seen it before either. Josephine and Vincent are too cute. I think you're most likely correct in thinking that the unseen photo is from the same event, since it looks to me like Vincent is wearing the same shirt (and of course in both photos they have the life jackets on).

Thanks Polyesco,

I haven't seen the picture of little Vincent and Josephine before either, but oh, they're just some ultra adorable twins :wub: They make me want a baby more...

The second picture of Mary and all four children cheering on daddy is also super good - look at that excited Bella (;
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That's a sweet picture. He seems like a very quiet and reserved little boy. However when he does something it is noteworthy.
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Nice find. :flowers:

Is it the same school friend who has put out all the photos?

Lovely photograph of CP Mary and the baby, thank you for sharing.
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The annual Eco-Day is coming up. - On 23th April to be exact.

The day when the cows are let out on grass after a long winter inside. As always a crowd-pleaser all over DK, where tens of thousands venture out to farms to see the cows let loose and dance.
As you may recall back in 2015 Mary took her children to such an event. - And here we saw Vincent emerge as a genuine cow-caller and fence-climber. :lol:

Here is a 25 pic gallery from that day: Fotos: Royalt besøg i stalden | Landbrugsavisen

I sincerely hope we will see more DRF visits to such events. Perhaps Athena and Henrik this year?
The last photo in particular is wonderful!

A video:
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Christian, Bella, Vincer and Phine is a true delight to watch and observe - so smiling, loving and full of life.

Crown Princess Mary once said that she wished for a large family as she was out of a family with four siblings. Because the love which can be shared in such a large family is invaluable. And that is what wealth is, as Mary as well put it.

And she and Frederik got their wish come true.

It will be nice to see the four CP-children tomorrow - it has been a while since last time.
I hope they have a lovely holiday with mom and dad despite they lost dear little Ziggy some days ago.

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