Frederik, Mary and Children on Magazine Covers

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LOL - it is almost funny. "Mary has had to woo back the public’s affection...". Wonder which rock the author of this article has been sleeping under :D

Totally agree with you ...

New Idea don't let "facts" get in the way of a good story ...:bang:
The magazine covers are all lovely.I had no idea about their previous problems.I hope everything is fine now.
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Nope, false advertising. I bought this edition believing, like you, that it was a new, exclusive interview. It wasn't, just the interview from the Alt for Damerne magazine late last year.
Well,the styling looks fine,but the photographer could have done a better job.Mary's face looks...fat,and that's not what she looks like in reality.Anyway,that ruby bracelet is a true beauty.The ruby parure is one of the best,imo.
I really love this picture of Mary. The rubies look beautiful. It would be nice to see her wear them like this. Just the earrings and bracelet for a change without the tiara and necklace and brooch.(not that I don't love them!)Maybe in the evening when she has a nice event that doesn't require the whole parere!!
I like her accessories but I'm not sure if I like the picture it looks a little odd
That is a great cover! I love her smile. She seems so warm and friendly in the photo.
Thanks for posting the link.
I agree this is a lovely photo of Mary, she looks radiant.
Small photo of CP Mary at Polish edition of Galmour.
Polish Glamour
(skaned by me, sorry for a low quality)

Translation of note:
Asne Seierstad (right), a Norwegian journalist and war correspondent receives the award "Walk in style" from the hands CP Mary of Denmark. Prize money (33 thousands of euros) Asne forward for charity.

EDIT: I found the event at cpw blog
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Lovely photos, Mary has a wonderful smile.
Those photos at the concert were just amazing. Thanks for sharing the cover, Principessa!
Thats a great picture but only if it was the main ppicture on the cover. They looked like they were having a good time & a happy couple.
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