France: Imperial, Royal and Noble Jewellery

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The Queen Amélie Diamond & Sapphire Parure by Bapst
(sold to the Louvre)

1. the Tiara
2. Brooch & Earrings
3. Epaulette Earrings & Belt Buckle


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The sapphire belonging to Diana was miniscule compared to the ones that were part of that belt worn in one of the portraits. And her necklace was stunning in its size of stones. Thanks for posting the pictures. Magnificent!!
The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The Marie Louise Diadem

This tiara may be too grand for some but I find it simply breathtaking. The color of those emeralds are just beautiful. The rest of the parure is also very stunning. The turquoise version is also breathtaking. Overall, I simply love the grand and regal presence of this tiara. One of my favorites of the French royal jewels.
Pauline's Sapphire and Diamond Tiara

Thanks reynard :)

Pics 5 : The private room of Marie-Louise (Napoleon's second wife - 1810/1814) is featured in the exhibition hosted by French jewelry house Chaumet .... :eek: you saw all these tiaras on the walls :eek:

Pics 3 : Chaumet Exhibition on Place Vendôme in Paris : "Napoleon In Love"
A comb set with eleven coral, cameo heads of divinities which, combined with the rich red colour of the coral, greatly appealled to women with a taste for classical art.

Pics 1 :I don't remember were I found this pics, but it was registered that this parrure had been carried by the princess Caroline bonaparte for the crowning of napoleon ! If you have infos on this parrure ;)

Pics 2 : tiara in pearl, diamonds and sapphire ... it belonged to Pauline Bonaparte

Pics 4 : The private room of Josephine (Napoleon's first wife - 1794/1809) is displayed in the exhibition hosted by French jewelry house Chaumet entitled "Napoléon in Love" at Place Vendôme in Paris. We does not see the jewels well :(

Hi does anyone happen to have any additional information on this Pearl Sapphire and Diamond Tiara that was owned by Pauline Bonaparte? For instance who was the house that made it and any photo's or paintings of Pauline wearing it?
Thank you
The pearls is always stunning.
I find it sad that this beautiful tiara will no longer be worn by the Thurn und Taxis ladies. Imagine that Princess Maria Theresia could have worn it on her wedding! But at least the jewel is back in France and can be seen by the public. Imo it is so incredibly sad if these historic jewels disappear in some private collector's safe and is never seen again.
Thanks for the response but I was referring to pics 2 that show's a Sapphire and Diamond Tiara with just a few pearls. It states that it was once owned by Pauline Bonaparte. Does anyone have any references to who was the house that originally made this and any pictures/paintings of Pauline Bonaparte wearing it?
Thanks and I look forward to any information anyone might have.
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:previous: Gorgeous picture of splendid jewels!
Since the picture was taken for the sake of a report on jewels in 1990, it is not clear if the jewels are owned by the family or provided by the jewelers for the sake of the photoshoot. I assume it's the latter, because I couldn't find pics of the french royals wearing this set.
This tiara is not from my favorite either. Although to Philomena fit with the wedding dress chosen to wear.
Imo Philomena made the best out of a difficult tiara. With family heirlooms you can't be too picky, you're just lucky that you have one in your family. I imagine that she felt proud of her own family and decided to wear this this family jewel.
Very beautiful pink diamond ring and what a story to to accompany.
The ring is beautiful, but I'm afraid, to me (although I know they are probably worth a fortune!) a lot of the jewlery is awful! Too heavy, too dreary! I know, a different age etc. .....
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