Fez Festival of World Sacred Music: 2004-2019

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carlota those pics are from last year here this year pics
Princess Lalla Salma, wife of King Mohammed VI (L), and the sister of the King of Cambodia Princess Norodom Buppha Devi (C) speak during the opening ceremony of the 16th edition of the Sacred Music Festival in Fes on June 4, 2010. The festival was inaugurated by the Royal Ballet troop of Cambodia with a 'cultural repertoire dating back more than one thousand years' the organisers said.
wow The Princess looks very natural and elegant. :flowers:Has she lost some weight? or Am I wrong?
yes i think she lost some weight wingsofsky she looks pretty in these photos.
it's nice to see Mrs Chirac again in the event look like she is fan of the Festival.
another photos from Maghreb Arab Press: http://i46.tinypic.com/v6m23k.jpg
thanks for the pictures, the lady with mme chirac and lalla salma is Princess Norodom Bopha Devi, as the Festival’s inaugural concert was performed by the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.
Thank you for the pics. Although I like her long hair, IMO it is too long. If she had hair cut a bit, she would look more fresh and up to date. The rest is perfect. I think she is very pretty and down to earth.:flowers:
I just love Lalla Slama's caftans, especially dark blue one. Moroccan national caftans are just beautiful.:flowers:
Salma is really stunning with her red hair and pale completion, but I prefer her hair more curly not straighten. I think that her natural hair is slightly curly, like most red-haired people.
I always love to see Lalla Salma in her caftan. It suits her well.
look like a phone to me maybe large one but definitely not a program I do not think there sush smal program.

Fez Festival 2011
The Programme....Link
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No,she attended alone this year too.
she looks pretty i am looking for more too:)
too bad there no more pics like previous years.the Princess looks stunning.
soooo beautiful and stuning. what a pity that are not more photos, i wish i could see better her hairstyle
it's absolutly shame there no more pics this year.
I thought that caftan deserve more shots:cool::D
thanks for additional pics better than nothing.;)

Fès: A festival of spirituality and music
The 17th World Sacred Music Festival kicked off June 3 in Fes, the charming Moroccan city of majestic hills and ancient walls, with a dazzling opera based on that eternal love story, Layla and Majnun.
On the opening night, among the several thousands who showed up to watch the tragic story of unrequited love of the “Madman” and Laila was Princess Lalla Salma, the commoner from Fes, who would go on to marry the King of Morocco....Source
thanks alot for the video M.Lilo.
I am in love with that caftan she looks Gorgeous.
Thanks for the video!
It was great that Queen Rania decided to attend the Festival.
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Thanks for the information!
The Fez Festival programme is quite versatile.
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