Festivities to the wedding anniversaries

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Jun 23, 2006
At 30-08-2009 the wedding anniversaries of the members of the Belgian Royal Family will be celebrated.


Are there any news announced refering to guests, programme or something else?
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Here a blog entry I wrote some time ago about it, with some more information. No foreign royal guests are expected, apart from maybe close family (Luxembourg/Liechtenstein/Austria):

King Albert II And Queen Paola’s Golden Wedding Details

King Albert II and Queen Paola of The Belgians will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on 2 June 2009. The couple married in 1959 and want to organise a special event to mark the occassion. In style with the Belgian royal court this will not be a celebration that includes a glittering parade of foreign royals, instead they usually opt for a celebration with other Belgians, like last year when Queen Paola invited hundreds of people who worked in childcare to celebrate her 70th birthday in the gardens of Laeken Palace, Brussels.

This time the couple wants to invite couples that married on the same date as they did. These couples will be invited to the party that they will organise on August 30th in Laeken. On the actual day of their wedding anniversary the royal couple prefers to have a private celebration with only family and friends.


The silver wedding of pricness Astrid and the 10th weddng anniversary of the duke and duchess of Brabant will be celebrated on the same day too.
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There was an accident with horse carriages, during the festivities this afternoon. There were four people injured, none of them members of the royal family.

See here for article in Dutch, French, English
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Thanks for the photos!:flowers:
It is nice to see the Belgian royal family happily celebrating the Golden anniversary of their parents as well as other wedding anniversaries.
I wish people injured in the horse accident speedy recovery.
50 years together. Beautiful annivesary:flowers:

Is it a new style among royal families - beards :D
The photos are very nice. It is a shame about the accident, though. I hope that the people will recover quickly.

Does anyone know the reason for the blackface makeup worn by the men on the steps?
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Congrats to all the very happy couples!!!!!!!!! That they can remain living happily ever after!!!!!!!!!! Today was a great event, what a pity for the accident!!! I can understand their happiness because also my parents celebrates today their 22nd wedding anniversary, and every year they are possibly happier than that day...(I hope you could understand what I wrote, because I'm very tired at this moment...)
It is a shame about the accident.

I do like Philippe's beard; very distinguished.
50 years together. Beautiful annivesary:flowers:

Is it a new style among royal families - beards :D

It must be. I don't find it that ppealing on Phillipe.

Indeed so sad that such an accident had to happen,
it should have been a joyful and sunny day to celebrate
for all the couples and guests..
Besides that it was great to see the family united!

Here's the zimbio gallery :

** The Belgian Royals Celebrate Marriage Anniversaries **

How beautiful that they all chose to celebrate together. The pictures are wonderful. :flowers:
From our blog:

On 30 August, the Belgian King and Queen hosted a gartden party to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. At the same time, the wedding anniversaries of the other Belgian royals were commemorated, as this year is also the silver wedding anniversary of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, as well as the 10th wedding anniversary for Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, and the 6th wedding anniversary for Prince Laurent and Princess Claire.

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