Favourite Princely Family Member

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Favourite member of the Princely Family of Monaco

  • Prince Albert

    Votes: 24 11.7%
  • Princess Caroline

    Votes: 71 34.6%
  • Princess Stephanie

    Votes: 26 12.7%
  • Prince Ernst-August

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Andrea Casiraghi

    Votes: 16 7.8%
  • Charlotte Casiraghi

    Votes: 42 20.5%
  • Pierre Casiraghi

    Votes: 7 3.4%
  • Princess Alexandra

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • Louis Ducruet

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Pauline Ducruet

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Camille Gottlieb

    Votes: 4 2.0%
  • Princess Antoinette

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • Prince Ernst August Jr.

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Prince Christian

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Alexandre Coste

    Votes: 6 2.9%
  • Jazmin Grimaldi

    Votes: 1 0.5%

  • Total voters
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Royal Highness
Dec 23, 2003
Hey ...

Who is your favourite member of the princely family? ( You can chose two if you really can't decide ;) )

Princess Antoinette
Prince Albert II
Princess Caroline
Prince Ernst-August
Princess Stephanie
Andrea Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi
Pierre Casiraghi
Louis Ducruet
Pauline Ducruet
Camille Grimaldi - Gottlieb
Princess Alexandra
Prince Christian
Prince Ernst jr.
Eric Alexandre Coste
Elisabeth-Ann de Massy
Christian de Massy
Mélanie de Lousignan
Jean - Leonard Taubert-Natta
Keith - Sebastian Knecht

My vote goes to : ( do you wanna guess ? ;):p ) Princess Stephanie

- my second goes to Louis Ducruet .
I go for Princess Stephanie as well ... and my second vote goes to ....hmmmm...can't decide...arrrrr... Christian, no Pierre, no Christian ...it's hard ..;-)
Princess Stephanie and Pauline
Hmm...... :confused:
I guess Charlotte would be my #1 favorite. Then it's a tie between Andrea and Pierre. Instinct says Pierre, but I feel some loyalty to Andrea because we have the same birthday, so as a fellow Gemini, how can I not say Andy is at least #2?

#4, if it's allowed, would be Albert, I guess. Everyone else falls at an indifferent #5.
I go for Steph as well, but as Camille, Pauline and Louis are her little babies, they are automatically included, which makes the decision much easier for me :p :D
Caroline definitely n.1, and Andrea n.2 mainly because he is hot, and very criticized lately...
My first choice is Stephanie---she has really evolved into a compassionate human being and outstanding mother.

Next is Albert (He's also a pisces--and I can relate to that..)
I can just see how much dedication and hard work he is putting forth for his country!
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My number 1 is of course Princess Caroline and I think everyone knows it... :) And number 2 is Princess Alexandra, the little cutie... If i could also pic my number 3 it would be Prince Ernst-August he is so funny and in my opinion also good looking... So that's it.... :)
My #1 fav is Princess Caroline. Then, #2 Andrea, then #3 Charlotte - all the rest I like equally.
My favorite is Charlotte, then Pierre, followed my Princess Caroline and everyone else
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This is hard as I like all family members....

But, okay, equal standing in my book: Stephanie and Caroline

Next: Alexandra
Very Hard. perhaps this:
Caro and her two 'little' boys
1. Albert: hardworking ruler of Monaco
2. Stephanie: strong fighter against AIDS epidemic
3. Everybody else; I believe most of the others (with Caroline and Stephanie's kids as an exception of course) only look pretty and have scandals; don't do much otherwise, so I frankly believe it's kind of shallow to choose them (don't shoot me, I'm merely stating my opinion as everybody else:D )
1. Princess Stephanie
2. Prince Albert
3. Kids of Stephanie and Caroline (especially Pierre Casiraghi, lol)
4. Princess Caroline

If this question was asked this time last year, I would certainly name Prince Rainier of Monaco as my favourite. He was a grear=t monarch and a great man, whom I respected and love very much.
HR&SH the Princess Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Hanover.

HRH Princess Caroline of Hannover, to me she has more class in her little toe then the rest of the family all together.
Charlotte Casiraghi and Prince Albert
1. Pierre Casiraghi
2. Charlotte Casiraghi
3. Alexandra Casiraghi

because they're gorgeous and because When it comes to my fav royal family i'm shallow Hills x)
I'll put my younger brothers vote here. He's not a member of the forum but he voted:

1st = Stephanie
2nd = Caroline
3rd = Pauline
4th = Christian, Pierre, Louis, Andrea
Very hard..In the beginning first place was held by Casiraghi trio (Andrea, specially..good old days..hehe), then all other came..

1. Princess Caroline.. and family..
2. Princess Stephanie.. and family..

My favorite is Charlotte. The fact the she's never given interviews, little if anything is said about her personal life, and is beautiful adds to the intrigue.
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