Fashion Suggestions for Crown Princess Victoria

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Jul 18, 2004
Fashion Suggestions for Crown Princess Victoria

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My first suggestion for Victoria would be to stop dressing so old!!
Dress your age please!
Since Victoria has been spotted wearing a few Escada outfits, here are a few selections i'd like to see her in

Escada Spring 2011
Brownish summer dress - Quite a light fabric & sits well. Id love to see Victoria in this for summer. The cut & style is fun, elegant and could be worn to many events.
Pants suit - Very elegant, professional cut, this would look great if paired with the right accessories.

Escada Fall 2011
Cocktail dress - This is a great piece and great color. I like the contrast of the belt. Would look great if a coat was worn over it in the same shade for a state visit & matched with a hat/head piece.
Top, skirt & belt - A lovely overall look, the printed skirt is quite pretty.
Grey dress - Simple but pretty, the cut seems very flattering. I quite like the black embellishments on the top part, its not over done.
Cardigan - Looks quite pretty & very elegant. Would be nice for fall/winter matched with a nice skirt or even pants.
Coat with ruffle - Very pretty, the ruffle on the collar adds a lot to his trench coat which could be worn casually or to an official event.
Dress with knots - An elegant dress with detailing on it therefore nice to be left simple and not match it up. Victoria could pull this off nicely IMO.
Long sweater - A lovely color to add to the dark winter colors. This could be matched with beige, brown or even black and grey.
Tweed jacket - Simple but could be dressed up for an official visit or state visit if matched with the right pieces. I quite like the leather trimmings on it.
Long evening dress - It's not a dress to be worn with a tiara but it is a lovely dress to be worn to a dinner and so on. The knots in it make it quite pretty and not just a black dress.
Elie Saab Pre-Spring 2012

Sleeveless dress - A great color and a great design, the simplicity of the cut is lovely with the detailing on it. Would be nice to simply accessorize it like the picture.
Blue dress - A lovely simple plain dress. The color would really be nice on Victoria.
Blue dress - Another great blue dress with a lovely cut, such cuts work on Victoria and she does tend to pull them off well. Id love to see this with a headpiece.
Long blue dress - It looks quite light but very elegant, the embellishments on it add a great shine. I think victoria would look great in this with a nice brooch in her hair.

Escada heels - Very fun heels with the lime heels, this would add quite a bit to many looks.
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I can't claim to be an authority on fashion....

...I actually like Mabel's wedding dress (except for the bows on the train) and Sonja's ruffly dress that she wore to Margrethe II's birthday.

But, dazzling, I think you should send copies of all these pics to CP Victoria and offer to negotiate your services as stylist. I think they would look great on her (and sexy without being vulgar), professional, youthful without being childish, and classic without being dated. I like alot of what she wears for evening/gala events, but I think she/her stylist miss the mark sometimes on daytime wear. Nice Job!

BTW...the red-haired model in the first few links kind of reminds me of Caroline Heering crossed with Sophie of Isenberg...weird, huh?

But, dazzling, I think you should send copies of all these pics to CP Victoria and offer to negotiate your services as stylist. I think they would look great on her (and sexy without being vulgar), professional, youthful without being childish, and classic without being dated. I like alot of what she wears for evening/gala events, but I think she/her stylist miss the mark sometimes on daytime wear. Nice Job!

I'd love to give it a shot one day but I don't have the time even if I was approached :big grin:

A few dresses that could be worn as pregnancy evening dresses IMO by Elie Saab Couture from various collections

Cocktail beaded dress - This would work whether kept short or long, the cut and design is ideal and I think would look good on a person with a baby bump.
White cocktail dress - If things want to be kept simple, this is it IMO. Simple and elegant.
One shoulder dress - This has a loose cut to it which is nice and I think Victoria would look good in it, the color is also lovely. I like the sleeves for a change.
Long dress - The top layer can just be below the belly which would look really nice and cute. I like the longer part in the back. The color could change since it might get people guessing that she is expecting a girl :big grin:
Long beaded dress - The embellishments on the top part would look great on a grown baby bump Imo, also would give a different look from all the plain top part dresses we usually see.

Again, a great selection. I don't really follow "fashion" but I agree these would be a nice change from what most people wear for matenity, including celebrities who are pregnant.

And I don't know your circumstances...but if I was Victoria and received copies of these from you, I would try to make it worth your while to not have time for anything else (except maybe family and children :D) because you would be too busy being my stylist.

Thanks again for the great choices, dazzling.
Some lovely suggestions, dazzling. I like them all expect for the second -- it reminds me a of a wedding dress, especially if it were modified to be a full length gown.
I think she's just fine the way she is; quite frankly she isn't in need of high fashion since she is so accomplished already and I don't see how she needs to really change anything. She has an athletic, husky figure and that is just fine for someone of her build.
Maternity choices for Victoria

Grey dress - A nice dress ideal for a cocktail event, I quite think the two layers of embroidery/lace at the hems are very pretty.
Black dress - Quite a simple dress which is very practical for evening events. The beadwork add anise touch to the dress.
Velvet cocktail dress - Lovely color which would look great on Victoria. The velvet is perfect for winter.
Contrast dress - Such a lovely dress which would look nice IMO on victoria for a daytime event.
Red top - Victoria could wear this top matched with pants or a skirt, perfect for a daytime event with a black coat for over it.
Dress - Lovely color and the overlay hanging part is really pretty and adds a nice detailing to the dress. Makes it not look boring IMO.
Lace dress - Lovely for an evening event.
Dazzling, I like the Lace Dress for CP Victoria. I've noticed she doesn't like her arms showing that much lately, or maybe it's just bitterly cold?
I love them all, dazzing! But I don't know about the red top for an official event; to me, it seems more appropriate for casual/private wear.
Since Victoria wore Elie Saab at the last three Nobel Prizes, I would love to see her in any of these:

Pic Pic2 Pic3
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I would love the second dress on her. The first isn't my cup of tea and the third is too similar to the 2010 dress IMO.
Elie Saab Resort 2013

Evening dress - I love this dress and the embellishments on it. I would suggest it in a different color for Victoria with earrings, bracelet and hair all up.
Daytime dress - Pretty dress for spring/summer. The long sleeves makes it wearable without a cardigan or jacket. The double color is a nice combination.

Elie Saab Spring 2013

Evening dress - Combination of the white and black works well and this is a simple dress which she could pull off.
Skirt outfit - Lovely jacket and a lovely skirt. Only change is that I would reduce the puff in the skirt to fit Victoria's style. This is an outfit which could work with a hat.
Red dress - A simple dress which is very easy to wear.
Fitted red dress - Easy to wear yet very professional. The ruffle on the side is lovely.

Escada Spring 2013

Skirt & Shirt - Lovely elegant look. The skirt with the pattern is interesting and simple. Great to be worn with a jacket or coat if needed.
Jacket - Elegant and professional. Great choice for Victoria with plain pants or a skirt.
Yellow dress - Nice shade of yellow and the style is nice. The right belt, heels and a jacket rather than a cardigan will complete the look.
Simple dress - Simplicity! Victoria is good in pulling off simple looks. I would suggest another color.
Green top - Great color for any season and easy to match with anything. I would suggest loose black pants and a skinny belt.

Escada Pre Fall 2013

Coat - Love this coat! Its an easy piece to wear. Victoria could easily wear this over almost anything and use it for a family layout.
Jacket - Lovely color and a lovely cut. Matched with pants or a skirt for any event. Victoria looks great in fitted jackets.
Black fitted suit - An outfit which is always needed.
Evening dress - A nice dress with a nice color combination of black and blue.
Red dress - SImple yet wearable for an evening reception. The right earrings and hair do can dress this dress up.
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Jenny Packham Fall 2013
Coat - A nice coat and a nice color to be worn over a dress for a winter event.
Dress - Simple yet sparking dress with a nice warm color. The dress is dressy, a nice hair do would look good with this.
Long dress - A nice warm colored long dress. Id love to see her in such colors for the evening.
Long black dress - Simple, classic and elegant evening dress. This would work with a tiara and without IMO.
Long black puffy dress - Great for a gala event. The puffiness is quite pretty which would also look good with a sash.
Navy dress - FUlly embellished this dress alone is a big dress. Lovely with or without a tiara and hair pulled up. Statement earrings would complete the look.

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2013
Short dress - Would suggest this in a different color but the dress and embellishments are very pretty.
Long dress - Victoria could look great in this! A tiara, hair up and thats all what she needs. The color is also nice.
Dress - Simple but very dressy. The simplicity of this is very Victoria. The embellishments on the top part she could pull off.
Black dress - She could look lovely in this with statement earrings. She has the figure and height to pull this off.

Elie Saab Pre Fall 2013
Skirt suit - Interesting suit with the sleeves matching the skirt. The fit seem nice and Victoria could pull this off.
Evening dress - Victoria tends to look good in full embellished gowns and this looks like she could wear well.
Short dress - Love color and a color that she could wear well.
This and this - She could wear very well. I don't mind the red color as red is a nice color on her.
Two colored dress - Nice for any event, would also work for an evening event.

Elie Saab Fall 2013
Evening dress - Great dress! Would work for a tiara event or not.
Printed dress - Great print and a great color. WOuld be lovely to see her in a printed dress for an evening event.
Purple dress - Very simple but could really dress this up or down.
Day or evening dress - Great shade for winter and also very dressy.
Black dress - Lovely dress and the embellishments on the bottom part are nice. Hair all up or even left open would work. Victoria could pull this off with a lovely chocker or high necklace.
Lace and embellishment dress - A lovely dress with a nice mix.
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Escada Resort 2014

Skirt outfit - A lovely outfit and the yellow contracts belt works well. Victoria could look quite elegant yet young in this.
Top & skirt - Soft color works well on her and the combo is quite pretty.
Dress - A very simple dress but very wearable. Victoria could match one of her many necklaces with this to complete the look.
Dress - This is such a Victoria style. Its a cute yet elegant dress.
Dress - A very pretty black dress. I would just change the lining so its not so white.
Cocktail dress - Such a lovely design but I would suggest another color. Off the shoulders look good on Victoria. Hair pulled up simply would complete the look.
Evening dress - Lovely shade of pale yellow which could look nice on her with the right make up. A simple tiara could complete the look.

Missoni Resort 2014

Dress - A lovely color combination which would look lovely on her and the style is quite flattering. Its also something a bit different for her next season closet. Easily matched with a jacket or coat.
Escada Resort 2014
Evening dress - Lovely shade of pale yellow which could look nice on her with the right make up. A simple tiara could complete the look.
I could totally imagine Victoria in that dress! Would look fabulous with a soft chignon-like hairdo :)
Paule Ka Spring 2014 and Fall 2014

Outfit - Lovely colors and a dressy top with dressy pants. Easily worn to an award ceremony.
Dress - Lovely shade and style which would look great on Victoria. Could be worn to either a daytime event or evening event.
Dress and with matching jacket - Very elegant and such looks look great on Victoria. Would look nice also matched with a hat.
Skirt suit - Nice color for Victoria but wouldn't mind it also in another shade.
Outfit - Victoria would looked lovely in this. It's summery and light, perfect for any outdoor event IMO.
Dress - A nice shade which she could easily pull off and a lovely cut.
Dress - Victoria likes to try new looks and this is a totally new look which she could pull off with the right hair style.
Coat - Very elegant and the double color is very wearable.

Elie Saab Pre Fall 2014

Long sleeved dress - A flattering color on Victoria so is the style.
Back dress - Flattering color and a great cut and style. Easily worn to an evening event.
Long dress - I would add lining and this is good to go. Hair pulled up and nice earrings will complete this. It's simple yet very elegant.
Short dress - A lovely dress and very wearable to any daytime event. The mixtures of color are very pretty.
Short dress - A great color which I think she could wear nicely. Its a nice simple dress which could really be dressed up.
Short dress - Great for any cocktail or dinner.
Long dress - All it needs is lining and jewels that stand out.
Jumpsuit - Not fond of jumpsuits but this is a lovely one and looks very flattering. Would be nice for an awards event.
Black dress - Lovely for any event. Would also be great in any other color.

Elie Saab Fall 2014
Dress - Would dress it up with a fur stole for winter or a black wrap.
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I just wish she would stop using ponytails! She has such a beautiful face with her hair loose!
Elie Saab Resort 2015

Dress - The dress with the knot, great for Victoria but I would suggest a different color and if it was slightly longer.
Dress on the left - Lovely dress and not too heavy for an evening evening event, the slit makes it extra glamorous. I would suggest a different color.
Long sleeved dress - Hair up and statement earrings, this is a wonderful dress to be matched with a tiara.
Long dress - Lovely color for Victoria and a lovely style.
Strapless dress - A classic color and design, great for a nobel prize ceremony.
Jacket - Wearable with anything for a daytime event.
Top and dress - The lace is fun especially with the peach/salmon color in it. Both pieces are lovely.

Elie Saab Couture Fall 2014

Strapless gown and this gown - Both styles would look amazing on Victoria. The colors are also flattering for her and they both work with or without a tiara.
Dress - A lovely dress with very soft layers. Great with diamond earrings and hair up.

Elie Saab Spring 2015

Shirt - A great color and the cutouts are pretty IMO. Victoria could match this with a printed skirt or plain skirt or pants.
Outfit - Lovely outfit but I would suggest a different color. Each piece can be worn separately or together.
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Hi Dazzling could you please do some looks for HGD Stephanie, I would love to know what you think she should wear. Of all the princesses i think she needs the most help.
Elie Saab Couture Spring 2015

Black dress - This dress would look beautiful on Victoria. The style, the embellishments are very her. She would also pull this style off well.

Elie Saab Pre Fall 2015

Jumper - Love the print and love the color. The color combination is a lovely addition to Victoria's fall/winter wardrobe. This could easily be matched with a pair of pants or a nice skirt.

Escape Resort 2015

Red coat - Great color for spring and a color that looks good on Victoria.
Stripped coat - Great color combinations.
Cocktail dress - Lovely cocktail dress and interesting fabric combination. Victoria would look lovely in this and would stand out.

Escada Spring 2015

Black and white dress - Lovely combination and it's something that Victoria could pull off well. Simple earrings, plain pumps and hair in a very soft bun would complete the look.
Embellished coat - Lovely for a formal event.
Outfit - Each piece is lovely individually or worn together. The soft shade of pink is a color that looks good on Victoria.
One shoulder dress - Lovely dress and a nice fresh color. Victoria would look great in this with hair open or pulled up.

Escada Pre Fall 2015

Cocktail dress - Great colors and a great style.
Printed top - Lovely print and a simple style top. This would be lovely matched with pants or a skirt and jacket or cardigan.
Outfit - Lovely simple outfit. Can be dressed down or up depending on the event.
Outfit - Love the stripped skirt and the color combination. Victoria would look great in this outfit with hair in a bun and simple black pumps.
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:previous: You are very good at fashion suggestions!:flowers: I wish I could be able myself!:ermm:
Elie Saab Pre Fall 2015

Red dress - Lovely colour and great fit. This would also look great in black.
Beige dress - Simple yet very elegant evening dress. Diamond or ruby earrings would look great with this, this could also be worn with a tiara.
Purple dress - Great dress with a tiara and a fur bolero.

Paula Ka Fall 2015

Black one shoulder dress - Lovely dress and a dress that Victoria could simply look nice in.
Printed dress - Lovely colors and a nice style.
Black evening dress - A very simple evening dress but can dress it up as much as she wants.
Printed coat - Lovely coat with lovely colours. This would be matched with any plain dress underneath and would look beautiful with a hat.
Double coloured coat - Great coat and great colours.
Dress - Love the details on the one side.
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Printed skirt - Easy worn skirt matched with grey, orange or white shirt/pullover and a blazer.
Maxi dress - Lovely dress for a simple evening event. This can be dressed up or down.
Top - I think the color and the print would look good on Victoria. This can be matched wth pants or a nice skirt.

Oscar de la Renta Pre Fall 2016

Dress and matching jacket - Lovely together and matched with hat or each piece worn individual
Evening dress - Great color combination and this is a style that she could pull off

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2016

Black evening dress - Lovely dress and lovely cut for Victoria.
Blue strapless dress - Color is great, style is flattering and so is length.
Printed gown - Great color combination and strapless is a great style for her.
Coat - Elegant and classic coat. Would look great with a hat.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2017

Polka dot dress - Simple yet elegant dress and this style would fit her personality.
Red dress - Great color and lovely style for the season. I wouldn't mind seeing this dress matched with black coat.
Outfit or dress - Lovely prints and colors.
Outfit - Great look for Victoria. Love the mixture of prints with the lace and tweed.
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