Fashion of French, Germanic & Other Royals & Nobles Part 5: October 2022 -

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I really like her outfits! Especially the evening one is splendid!
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Princess Sophie on day 1 of the summit of the heads of state of German-speaking countries in Belgium today, September 11 - I like that she chose the business look:

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Princess Christina at the King's Jubilee Royal Opera's performance in Stockholm today, September 14:

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Alina-Maria de Roumanie with Nicolae at a photo, which looks like an official one, Alina-Maria looks wonderful.

Alina-Maria and Nicolae celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday, with Liviu and Simona Popescu, godparents at their wedding.
A very nice choice and colour for Princess Carina at Prince Christian's birthday dinner today, October 15:

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Princesses Clotilde and Vittoria at the Dior Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 today, January 22:

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The Duchess of Castro, Princess Maria Chiara and Princess Maria Carolina at the fashion week in Paris today, January 23:

** Looks 1 ** Looks 2 **
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Princess Maria Chiara and Princess Maria Carolina at the Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show in Paris today, January 24:

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Clotilde and Vittoria in Pucci at the Pucci Spring/Summer 2024 "Very Vivara" fashion show in Rome, Italy yesterday, April 4:

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I usually don’t like her oddball outfits- too young for her— but in this she really looks cute.

I especially like the nailhead (?) trim that ties the dress and shoes together.
Hereditary Princess Sophie and Princess Marie Caroline at the wedding of Countess Leonie zu Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems today.

Sophie and Marie-Caroline
Princess Clotilde at the 38th Cabourg Film Festival in Cabourg, France yesterday, June 14 - extraordinary, but made for her..;)

** Full view ** Upper part **

Glad she has a fun outfit but she's in a red carpet event, not at a merchant's street in South of France looking for bread for the brunch pot-luck party she's attending.
No, no and no.
I think she looks fantastic. I don't have the cojones to pull off an outfit like that, but she does. Good for her.
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