Fashion for the little royals Part 8: July 2015 - April 2016

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The clothing for the girls are perfect, I love them Amalia got so Tall (..) She looks beautiful, all the girls look beautiful
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The girls all look really pretty. Amalia is certainly growing tall. I am happy they are allowing them to have their own individual looks and not dressing them the same as in the past. Bright and colorful for a spring event.
i am glad they wore more 'cheery' outfits today. the complete black outfits they wore to visit the pope looked so dreary. i know black is the appropriate colour to use when seeing the pope, but the princesses are children still, and also, black dresses with long sleeves and black tights and black shoes on 3 little girls seems to me an overkill. no black tights and black dresses but with a more 'children' look would have solved the issue all together whilst still being protocolar.
I agree, she will be stunning when she grows up. So beautiful now:flowers:

I love her coat and the rest of her look for her date with Dad:)

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