Fashion for the little royals Part 4: July 2012 - June 2013

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Christian tag says: Prince Chistian OF DENMARK
Frederik tag says: HRH Crown Prince FREDERIK OF DENMARK
I love Isabella's dress. Christian looks very nice in red and white, and I love the yellow trainers. Simeon looks like a little gentleman. Yes, it's a bit too formal for a sporting event, but it's always nice to see little ones when they're dressed up.
Isabella is becoming quite the young clothes horse and why not with a impressive wardrobe at her disposal that puts most adults (i.e. ME) clothes to shame ;)

(I have loved all her cute dresses lately, the Grasten photocall one (patterned with orange trim), the Dannebrog Olympic reception (blue shirt dress) and now this (pale blue pleated dress)...)
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Congratulations on princess Isabella´s wardrobe. She has appaeared in very stylish but also practical clothing in these Olympics. And her brother Christian is always well turned out.I love his yellow tennis shoes.
Great to see Pavlos and family. My God, Achilles is gonna be a heartbreaker (he already is.)
I didn´t like to see little Simeon all togged up. For a sporting event it´s a no-no.
I like to see children well-dressed too, but in a proper occasion.
How old is Olimpia? Because that platinum hair looks a bit too much for a teen, IMO.:ohmy:

She has become 16 two weeks ago (born July 25, 1996) :flowers: A typical age for the hair dyeing fascination ;)

She has become 16 two weeks ago (born July 25, 1996) :flowers: A typical age for the hair dyeing fascination ;)
Agree. Still it looks awful, too Barbie-like. Let´s hope she´ll get tired of it more soon than later ;)
At that age, Olympia is very much into variations with her hair.I think she´ll eventually go off this phase. Nothing wrong with it.
How old is Olimpia? Because that platinum hair looks a bit too much for a teen, IMO.:ohmy:

I agree with you. The platinum blonde hair ages her quite a bit (I couldn't tell her apart from her mother). Not a flattering look for a girl of sixteen. Eventually, she may get tired of it and move on to a different color (hopefully not electric blue, purple of hot pink :eek:).
These were posted on some other threads by dbarn67. Ingrid-Alexandra and her little brother enjoying Olympic events with their parents, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit:

Side view of Ingrid-Alexnadra (who was not happy for some reason):

Upper parts of Ingrid-Alexandra's and Sverre's outfits:

I think the kids are dressed appropriately, but the only issue that I have is the fact that they're matching. I think maybe shirts with different colored stripes would have worked better. Ingrid-Alexandra's braids look very cute on her too.
Never been fond of young girls in black or in very dark outfits. I don't like the look, I would've liked something happier, brighter for her.
As for Sverre Magnus, I don't mind the dark colors.
Why should it be unnusual that they are dressed with the same tops? I loved their outfits. They are gorgeous children and even though Ingrid Alexandra is not blonde, she still looks great with dark colours.
Poor Ingrid - hopefully she's just exhausted and not really upset about anything.

She and her brother look very nice though. And MM is pro at braiding her daughters hair.

Is Marius already back in school?
I absolutely love the striped tops! And yes, the braids are wonderful.
I love IA's cute braids, not sure about her clothes though.
They both look absolutely adorable. IA is a beautiful and expressive girl, love her braided hair.
Ingrid Alexander and her brother Sverre are some of the most appealing little royals. And I love the way they dress. For me it´s no sin to wear tops that are alike, especially in their case when they seldom wear matching clothes. Her braids are very beautifully done.
I really like the way the Belgian kids were dressed (safe for bright jackets on two of the boys). Elisabeth looks so grown-up in her outfit for the first day of school.
Lots of nice fashion choices for the Belgian kids:

At a photosession yesterday, September 2:

** Princess Elisabeth, Princess Eleonore, Prince Emmanuel, Prince Gabriel **

** Princess Louise, Prince Aymeric, Prince Nicolas **

** Princess Laetitia Maria **

And on their way to school today, September 3:

** Princess Laetitia Maria **

** Princess Elisabeth, Princess Eleonore and Prince Gabriel **

Princess Eleonore is so cute, I love her shoes for school. Elisabeth is the image of her father, what a cute little lady. I find it funny when I see children going to school in normal clothes. I like a school uniform on a children, but I don't think many countries outside the U.K. wear a uniform. Do they?

The Belgian royals are a pretty family, I love the older Princes in suits. Very handsome.

Oh my goodness, Sverre in his suit is delightful! His hair is so bright, I adore it. Ingrid-Alexandra's hair is lovely too, the braid is perfect.
It is lovely to see the King and the Queen attending Marius confirmation...
Ingrid Alexandra's hair is beautifully styled. It gives her a fairy-like look, along with her long dress.
^i LOVE Isabella in jeans, she looks so adorable with her pink ballerinas!!! her hair is beautiful at sunlight and its longer^^
Christian is a lovely young gentleman;)

i love the pink dress on Elisabeth and Eleonore for the family photosession, its really pretty and i love its print! for once i didnt mind dressing the girls alike, they looked absolutely grogeous!

Elisabeth looks so grown-up for first day at school, but beautiful, she's the oldest of the heir of heir in Europe, but so far she wasnt that grown-up and was in the same 'league' of Amalia, Ingrid, Christian and Leonor, but right now shes reaching teenagehood and its starting to show that:flowers:

Ingrid is so lovely in her braid and white dress, but i didnt like the her white tights, they look so thick with that kind of dress and not propriate with this time of year! they make her too white!
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Irene (dressed with a yellow summer dress) and Miguel Urdangarin for first day at school:
*Full view*

Princess Mako (dressed with white skirt and blouse w/ light pick jacket), Prince Hisahito (w/ brownish grey shorts and traditional shirt) and Princess Kako (dresses fashionably with a white dress w/ prints and a loose jeans jacket) for Hisahito 6th b-day:
*Close-up* *Full view*
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Isabella and Christian look great. Love the ballet flats.
I love Isabella's tunic and her little pink ballerinas, Christian looks like such a handsome little gentleman in that outfit (also, he might look like Mary but his posture is all Frederik :ROFLMAO:).
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