Fashion for the little royals Part 3: May 2011 - July 2012

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No hats? Except for that, they're dressed perfectly for the weather and running.

Love Estelle's little hat. And that she's in a nice little spring coat with snaps, good idea. Just don't love the dark color of the coat.
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The little Infantitas clothing is always very beautiful.
I loved little Estelle! What a cutie in that coat and bonnet and also the socks with polka dots.
Lovely to see them in ideal clothes for the event, they look very sporty.
Adorable!!! She seems to have such a knowing look on her face.
Estelle is too precious for words. Love the serious facial expression :wub:.
She's not even one yet but I see a lot of Victoria in her especially in the second picture.
Princess Athena is a cutie!!
The boys look like little gentlemen, in their little suits, and I looove Isabella´s hair! But I wish that she had worn a new dress, the one from last summer is a bit casual for a Christening, IMO...
The boys looked very dapper in their little suits and Bella looked sweet in her dress, which was the same one she wore at Gråsten last year. Athena looked adorable in the christening gown.
The kids all look so adorable and I love Isabella's updo! So cute!
Two more pics of Isabella: Full view ** Hairstyle

Isabella looks adorable as usual: I like her dress and her flats! Lovely hairdo with that little pink decoration! Baby Athena is a cutie and the boys looks fine too!
The children looked very lovely. The boys were so dapper in their suits and ties, and I loved Christian in his light grey suit and purple shirt. Isabella looked very spring-y in her white and blue dress from last summer, paired with blue cardigan and gold ballet flats. Her hair was exquisite, and the pink flower was a nice touch. The baby was so sweet in her bonnet and christening gown.
I just love looking at Joachim's children, his boys are so adorable, and the little princess is also really cute! :wub:
ANNIE_S said:
But I wish that she had worn a new dress, the one from last summer is a bit casual for a Christening, IMO...

I realised the same thing.
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Isabella's hair is adorable, she is such a bubbly little girl. The boys look so dapper in their suits, little Henrik looks adorable. Athena (love saying her name now) looks as cute as a button.
Isabella is adorable! I don't find her dress too casual at all, and with the sweater/shrug it's perfect.

Henrik and Athena are beautiful.
The danish princes look very dapper! And the princesses adorable. Isabella's hair was lovely, and although she looked sweet in her dress and ballerinas, I would have liked a new and more dressy dress.
Would have liked a tie on Christian, the only young man not wearing one!
:previous: Now that you point it out, it is strange that he was the only one not wearing a tie.
I love that Christian is not wearing a tie. I really don't like too formal wear for small boys - or girls.
Ditch the ties till they are older and express a wish to wear one. They are kids, not miniature grownups.
All the children looked lovely on the christening day.
Isabella´s hairdo is precious! Very much like what Ingrid Alexandra´s in several recent photos.
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