Fashion for the little Royals: February 2006 - April 2010

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Apr 19, 2005
I thought it would be nice to have a thread to discuss and post pics about the clothes from the little royals.. for example Amalia
soursec.. anp, seegerpress..

Wool knitted dress...

Baptism dress..

Blue dress in Tavernelle
White dress with cardigan for the baptism of Claus-Casimir

Pink coat with red cordroy..

Red handsmokked dress for her first birthday

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With t-shirt and blue&white trousers..when visiting mummy after alexia's birth

White blouse and orange striped trousers..

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Leonor is the most fashion
jean rocks
Brown cardigan.. white blouse and scottisch skirt

Green dress with bow on the back, for the baptism of her little sister Alexia

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium

Light blue coverall.. in hospital.

White coverall.. look at the cute knitted socks :)

White smokked dress for the stamp..

Pink dress..

Cute pink outfit for Elisabeth's first birthday..

Red dress for the engagement of Claire and Laurent.

White summery dress for the photo session..

Pink flowerly dress, presentation of little brother Gabriel

Cute pink coat for the baptism of Gabriel

sources, anp, seegerpress
Pink dress for the photo session..

first school day

White cardigan.. with red and white dress national day

Pink dress for the photo session..

sources anp, seegerpress..
on holidays wearing a flowerly white dress..

Wearing a cute orange cardigan and beige trousers...:)

Wearing a brown cardigan with blouse and beige trousers... having a flower in her hand I think for mummy, because of the birth of Emmanuel.. so cute..

presentation of her youngest brother wearing a pink skirt and the same blouse as amalia... ;)

Blue trousers and red&white blouse for first school day

sources..anp, seegerpress,abaca press,nobvay press
wearing a beige coat with little applications.. when visiting the twins from Claire and Laurent..

a red dress on the baptism of little brother.. later on.. she is wearing a cute pink coat,

images, seegerpress, gettyimages
posted by Norweyanne, rexfeutures, colourpress

Wearing beautiful blue dress

Wearing a pink coat and cool pink little boots!

Princess Alexandra wearing pink outfit and cool pink shoes
Eloise wearing a cute pink outfit during the baptism of her little brother, the jacket and dress are from the same material.. look at the cute bows on her thights.. :)

pink cardigan and dress..

Summery pink smokked dress for the baptism of Leah Isadora

sources, fotobank, hendrik jan verbeek, gettyimages
Brown coat.. and cute skirt..

Sweet outfit. .visiting auntie Maxima when Alexia was born.. :)

Wearing jeans and a striped T-shirt on holidays..

sources, foto van tellingen, peter smulders, seegerpress
I love Amalia's green dress!! But all these little children are great and they have quite nice clothes.:)
White and striped outfit for sailing with grandma.

cute pink outfit for the wedding of P-C and Anita..

Lovely outfit and bag for the baptism of her cousin Alexia

sources. Peter Smulders
Ahh, we're getting a headstart on the fashion watch for these princesses.:D Thanks all your hard work maxima88. They all have nice clothes and it doesn't hurt that all these royal kids are super cute too!
Some pics of Princess Anna van Vollenhoven daughter of Princess Marilene and Prince Maurits..

sources.. Peter smulders
Pics of the clothes from cutie Maud Angelica of Norway :)
The baptism of her cousin Ingrid Alexandra..

Her first Christmas.. cute red dress..

Going to the church during Christmas..

Photosession in New York Lovely orange coat

Sweet hat and jacket..

I really love this oufit, from last Christmas.. such a cutie

on the boat with grandma..

sources: aftenposten, scanpix,dagbladet, eastnews
Victoria Federica de Maricharlar y Borbón. From Cover:

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:p OOOH, really cute pics of Maud Angelica, Thanks Maxima88!!!:D
Cristina and Iñaki like to dress their sons with the same clothes almost always or at least in public acts:D
It doesn't really matter because they are so cute;)
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All the babies are very cute!!
The first time that i saw Infanta Leonor with jeans i laughed!
She is a lovely baby with a great style! :D
Some new pics of baby Alexia with an "orange" hat and pink outfit. so cute!


with daddy

with mommy
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