Fashion for the little and teenage royals Part 20: November 2023 -

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Perfect looks for the Wales children at Trooping the Colour today, June 14:
The outfits were wonderful on the Wales children,it was a shame about the weather!
I think they all look great, but the idea of little boys wearing short trousers went out in the 1960s. Charlotte ia getting very tall.
Well not for Princes William and Harry in the 1980's. There's more than one photo of them wearing short trousers at Louis' age.
I’m we dressed our young boys, under five years old, in short pants and socks in the 90’s here. For special events occasions and in warmer weather.
It's an old fashioned rather upper class style tradition for little boys, but I happen to love it.😊
I also adore seeing children in sailor outfits.
Josephine is an increasingly stylish ball rolling downhill these days. It’s very interesting to wonder where she’ll go.
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