Fashion and Style of Royal Men, Part 2: April 2016 - October 2016

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:previous: OMG that is not a good look . . . I was so busy looking at the top half I missed the gravitational pull of his trousers.
I would love to see all BRF men smarted up. Throw out all those blue suits and double breasted ones and get into a modern cut grey suit.
There is nothing wrong with double-breasted suits. Charles looks fantastic in them and Harry cuts a really a fine figure when he wears one.

Andrew always looks like a businessman and, pretty sharp to be honest and Edward is also not a sartorial slouch.
But here is a photo of PH to cheer you up. :)

He has been a little subdued lately, almost normal :ermm:, but now he is himself again.
Here for a formal dinner:

Schlager-singer-jacket with black piping - check.
Handkerchief in the pocket - check.
A vest, appropriate for an elderly gentleman - check.
Necklace-thingy, appropriate for an eccentric gentleman - check.
But no watch in a chain - uncheck.

Actually PH on that warm evening reminds me of this beer commercial of "The Thirsty Man". - A fully attired late 1800's gentleman.
No wonder they died like flies on hot summer days back then, with all that clothes!ørstige_mand_-_Erik_Henningsen.jpg
Oh thank the heavens! I thought maybe he was ailing. :D
:previous: Charles looks fantastic in them and Harry cuts a really a fine figure when he wears one.

Absolutely. :cool:
Double-breasted looks best, except for the most well-rounded gentlemen...
The problem with single-breasted suits, especially for gentlemen who are beginning to develop a pub-muscle, is that the belly and tie has a tendency to poke out beneath the button. So double-breasted is a good choice - believe me...:p And combined with a vest you can not only look stylish but also camouflage your - ahem - pondus...

For those who are unfamiliar with the bodega-muscle or pub-muscle:
I don't know, but I love the fellas in those suits- especially William.
I don't know, but I love the fellas in those suits- especially William.
Can someone remind me what is that red collared suit is called, and Charles is just wearing black tie?
Edit - got it Windsor Coat or Uniform.
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Windsor Uniform. Formal wear for royal men at Windsor Castle
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Harry seems to love suede shoes. I did think the blue oxfords a great, step up fashion choice!
Great to see something on Harry's feet besides his beloved brown loafers. Now, if he could just attend to the rest of his attire, (and throw his blue suit out of the window at Nott Cott,) we might see a fashion revolution! I doubt it somehow, though!
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:previous: That jacket he's wearing does not go with the trousers and is not one of the ubiquitous "Blue Suits" as it has a double pocket on the right. That is way too outre for one of the 'Blue Suits' and looks to be a more modern style. His trousers are also casual given the visible brass buckle on his belt.

Perhaps Harry just likes blue and decided to give us a buffet blue with his jacket, trousers and shoes all in different materials in differing shades of blue.
baby steps, but hurray that William and Harry are not wearing their blue suits and ties today.;) lol . William again using his brown pants that he recently purchased

and Harry, although in blue pants and coat, has some fancy new shoes

William looks great in this outfit - black really suits him and brings out some depth in his eyes. The crisp white shirt and sharp black jacket are cool and I think he needs to wear this style more often.

Harry's blue shoes are so trendy and add just enough interest to make the whole look far from conservative.
:previous: Isn't there a law against such pants?!? :ermm:
OMG!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: It is..... :ermm::ROFLMAO::p But i like it!!!
:previous: I see. :)

Now I understand why the Scottish golf club voted against allowing women to become members, if they wear pants like these...

That's not a sight for women, children and small dogs! :shock:
Pro golfer Payne Stewart (now deceased) used to wear some pretty loud clothing when he golfed.

There's several that do.

Yes golf is interesting. Have very strict dress codes like no shorts, have to have collared shirts and so on, but when it comes to prints, they do go wild:ROFLMAO: My brother in law is a golf pro, and I was actually shocked when I saw pic of him in a tournament at his course (manages a club). He is usually very well dressed, loves his argyle sweaters, I couldn't believe my eyes.
I think this was a great outfit to wear for a harbour visit - business suits and the seaside have never gone well together in my opinion. Frederik is a modern man - he puts thought into what he wears - even some of his brighter shades of trousers (which I like!) show some thought has been put into it.
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It's nice to see how each prince wears their morning suits - it's a more versatile outfit than I thought!
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