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Sep 5, 2003
Anime about the love story of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko

This is part one of the love story on Youtube.

I'm anticipating part two.

It's in Japanese. Bascially they met in the Gakushuin university bookstore. They got introduced by the bookstore keeper. They fell in love at the first site. The prince proposed to her at a pedestrian crossing :wub:

YouTube - アニメ紀子さま物語1/2

thank you so much for the anime poppy! it really made my day...:flowers:

it's so beautiful...:wub:
Sorry...But I don't understood. This is REALLY Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko's love story in Animé? What does the Imperial Family said about it? :ermm:


I found this article at wikipedia : (article taken from Prince Akishino's japanese profile)

"成婚を祝う記念番組の一部としてアニメ作品「平成のシンデレラ 紀子様物語」も製作・放映(フジテレビ系、秋篠宮夫妻の声は同局の笠井アナウンサーと石川秀美が担当した)されているが、不敬を誘発する可能性があるため二次利用は一切禁止された"

I translated with it babelfish and got this :

"The Cinderella Noriko story of animation work Heisei" production televising (the Fuji Telecasting Co. affiliation, fall 篠 Kasai announcer grindstone river fine of the same bureau took charge the voice of the Miyabu wife) is done as a portion of the commemoration program which celebrates marriage, but because there is a possibility of inducing disrespect second utilization was altogether prohibited."

Sorry but it doesn't translate properly...:ROFLMAO:...hopefully someone who knows japanese can translate it for us?
Thank you! I understood just a little...But it seems it's about a "Cinderella Story". This can mean the typical story of the commoner marrying a Prince and so on...isn't it?...Please! We need a Japanese translator here! :D

This is priceless....I got real kick out of it....
I wonder if Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko have actually watched the show, and how they feel about it.
It's kinda interesting though...
1. Akishino birthday press conference 2006

YouTube - 2006年11月 秋篠宮誕生日 Akishino Hisahito

2. Akishino family's way of educating children:

a) YouTube - 秋篠宮家の子育て1

b) YouTube - 秋篠宮家の子育て2 絵本でわかる子育て方針 悠仁さまお宮参り

3. The first official duties carried out by Prince Akishino and Princess Mako

YouTube - 秋篠宮眞子様 初めての公務

4. Theatre visit of the Akishino couple

YouTube - 秋篠宮さまご観覧 (Prince Akishino & His Wife Princess Kiko)

5. Prince Akishino and Princess Mako during a religious festival

YouTube - 秋篠宮様眞子様 伊勢神宮ご参拝「お木曳」ご視察

6. Empress Michiko's visit to a musical event accompanied by Princess Kiko

YouTube - 美智子様 葉山からお帰り後秋篠宮ご夫妻と音楽会ご出席

7. The friendship between Prince Akishino and the Thai Royal family

YouTube - 秋篠宮殿下とタイ王室のご交流

8. Kawashima family (Princess Kiko's family) way of educating children PART 1

YouTube - 川嶋家の子育て1/2 母和代さんから紀子様へ

9. The Akishino couple playing tennis

YouTube - 秋篠宮ご夫妻@軽井沢

10. Kawashima family (Princess Kiko's family) way of educating children PART
YouTube - 川嶋家の子育て2/2 オールウェイズスマイル

11. Princess Mako's short study in Vienna

YouTube - 眞子様ウィーンご留学

12. Prince Hisahito's ritual visit to the Emperor and Empress in 2006

YouTube - 11月14日悠仁様お宮参り
Most excellent. Thanks for posting 'em.

Thank you, Poppy! I loved them. You already knows that I'm a big fand of Prince Akishino's family! :flowers:

but she is not common! becide, in europ, there are many princes and princeses, but japan has only one family. one day they will all merry commonly.
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