Enthronement of King Harald V in 1991

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Henri M. said:
HRH The Crown Prince only joined the military in 1992, when he entered the Royal Norwegian Navy’s naval recruit training school on board the
KNM Harald Hårfagre at Madlamoen.

The Enthronement took place in June 1991, before any military activity by the Crown Prince.
So the Crown Prince was a civilian and had no any uniform to wear...

I think Stefan's response was directed towards the lack of orders on Haakon at the time. As he hadn't turned 18, the St. Olav order hadn't been awarded him.

The lack of uniform, is a very good point, though, Henri. :flowers:
Haakon is wearing glasses.
I guess that since then he has been wearing lenses.

I absolutely love Sonja's dress. It is very much inspired by late medieval dresses. It's wonderful!
Are there any video's of The King's Enthronement ?
I Like Crown Prince Haakon without the beard better
I'm late to the answer, but yes, me too. I never liked bearded men so awfully much. :D

Is this how the Storting Chamber is normally arranged or was it rearranged for the occasion?
will this be celebrated he has been king for 20 years
his father past away 17th january and he had his Enthronement 21th january
will this be celebrated he has been king for 20 years
his father past away 17th january and he had his Enthronement 21th january
SO they planned the whole thing in just 4 days? Wasn't there a mourning period? NO wonder they all look sad in the pictures..:ermm:
i am not sure about the events and dates, need some help there

but i can tell you that Princes Ingrid Alexandra is born january 21th i did not know these dates were the same

the church blessing, the first photos in this thread were from 23rd of june
Harald succeeded his father as King of Norway on January 17th 1991.
I think on January 21st he was officially inaugurated as Norway's King in the Parliament.
He was consecrated in Nidaros Cathedral on June 23rd 1991.
is the king 20 years as king reported in norway at all?
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January next year celebrates King Harald his Silver Jubilee as King of Norway. Could we expect any celebrations or events in conjunctions with this?
NRK has published many old clips in connection with the the royal couple's 25 years on the throne.

The day before the benediction - June 22, 1991:

The whole ceremony - Their Majesties the King and Queen receives the benediction at the Nidaros Cathedral/Nidarosdomen from bishop Finn Wagle - June 23, 1991:
Part 1
Part 2
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King Harald V had the collar of the Order of St. Olav and the sash of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit. Queen Sonja also wore the St. Olav collar.
King Harald sworn in as King on the 21st of January 1991

Here's a video of the Consecration Ceremony at Trondheim Cathedral on June 23rd 1991
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