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If she was closely related to the Earls of Scarborough, it would be in the announcement. They always mention noble relations.

The bride's paternal aunt Sarah is Baroness Hemphill through her marriage to the 6th baron.
Why I asked is because when I thought of Lumley, I only thought of the Earls Scarborough.
The engagement was announced between Sukayna Juddeh (b.1998) [the youngest of four children and younger daughter of Princess Sumaya bint Al-Hassan (b.1971) & her husband Nasser Juddeh (b.1961)] & Rakan Raed Abu Al-Saud on 22 September.

She is the second of her parents' children who marries; her eldest brother Tariq (b.1994) married Zane Abu Hantash on 27 July this year.
She also has a sister Zein-al-Shara (b.1994; twin sister of Tariq) an another brother Ali (b.1996).

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxetSzJt3Un/
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The engagement was announced 7 October, 2023, between William John Fitzalan-Howard (born 4 March, 1995), scion of the Dukes of Norfolk, eldest son of Alexander Rupert Fitzalan-Howard (born 29 February, 1964), of Sudbury, Derbyshire, and his wife the former Hon Joanna Elizabeth Venables-Vernon (born 30 September, 1965), and James Robert C. Mathieson (born 1996), second son of Mr George R.M. Mathieson, of Ludham, Norfolk, and his wife the former Carole J. Birch.

Sources: Peerage News

The engagement was announced of Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei (b.10 August 1991) [youngest child and only living son together of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei (b.1946) & his former second wife, Puan Hajah Mariam binti Haji Abdul Aziz (b.1956)] & Anisha Isa Kalebic on 8 October; ther wedding will be held from 7 to 16 January 2024

Prince Abdul Mateen is the last child of the Sultan and Hajah Mariam who marries.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CyH0mNEoNL7/

Who more got engaged this year?

Victoria Lopez-Quesada y de Borbon (b.1997) [daughter of Princess Cristina of Bourbon (b.1966) {herself daughter of Princess Anne of France (b.1938) & her late husband Infant Carlos of Spain (1938-2015)& her husband Pedro Lopez-Quesada y Fernandez-Urrutia (b.1964)] got engaged to Enrique Moreno de la Cova y Ybarra.

She has a younger brother Pedro (b.2003).

Sources: Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French

The engagement was announced between Violet Elizabeth Helen Graham (b.18 February 1992) [scion of the Dukes of Montrose, second daughter of Lord Donald Alasdair Graham (b.1956) & his wife Bride Donalda, nee Elpseth Cameron (b.1956), scion of that landed gentry family] & William Robert Sault (b.1993) [son of Geoffrey Mark Sault (b.1957) of Warwick & his wife Jane, nee Sibley (b.1954)] on 17 June.

Violet Graham is a granddaughter of the 7th Duke of Montrose (1907-1992).

Her eldest sister Caitriana (b.11 April 1984) married Benjamin Wonnacott (b.1985) and had her first child, Hector Alasdhair Graham, this year.
Her younger sister Jennie (b.14 July 1993) will marry Christopher Williams next year.
Her only ling brother Finlay (b.1998) is single; her elder brother Alasdair died in 1988 aged two.

Sources: http://heinbruins.nl/Baden.html

Tamara Leigh (b.1987) [second of six children and second daughter of Mary Goodman (b.1959) {herself eldest of five daughters of Countess Sophia Kleinmichel (b.1930) & her husband Philip Goodman (b.1931)} & her husband Edward Leigh (b.1950)] got engaged to Rajiv Shah.

Her brother Benedict (b.1988) married Claudia Tobin in 2018; her sister Marina (b.1990) has a daughter Sophia (b.2017).
Other siblings are: Natalia (b.1985), Nicholas (b.1994) & Theodore (b.1997).

Source: http://heinbruins.nl/SaxeA.html

The engagement was announced between Jonkvrouw Laetitia de Radzitzky d’Ostrowick (b.1993) [third of four children and only daughter of Countess Anne de Marchant et d'Ansembourg (b.1962) & her late husband Jonkheer Philippe [of the barons] de Radzitzky d'Ostrowick (1961-2019)] & Gérault Nobels [son of Gonzague Nobels & his wife] on 23 May.

Laetitia is her mother's second child who marries; her brother Guillaume (b.1990) is married to Anna McAuley, other two - Rodolphe (b.1988) & the youngest one, Louis-Alexandre (DOB unknown) - are single.

Sources: http://www.carnetmondain.be/
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Couples who got engaged this year:

The engagement was announced between Jonheer Evrard de Lhoneux (b.1996) [son of Countess Diane d'Udekem d'Acoz (b.1963) {herself daughter of Count Raoul d'Udekem d'Acoz (b.1935; paternal uncle of Queen Mathilde of Belgium) & his wife Jonkvrouw Françoise [of the barons] de Maere d'Aertrijcke (b.1935)} & her husband Jonkheer Benoît de Lhoneux (b.1956)] & Pauline Dagneau de Richecour [daughter of Mrs. Dominique Dagneau de Richecour] on 14 August.

Evrard is second of his parents' children who marries; his elder sister Blandine (b.1995) married Jonkheer Wauthier du Bus de Warnaffe (b.1992) in 2019; they have a daughter Rosalie and a son Alban.

Other siblings are: Arnaud (b.1993), Juliette (b.1998), Marie-Cécile (b.2000) & Ferdinand (b.2002).

Sources: http://www.carnetmondain.be/
Descendants of Baron Jacques Albert d'Udekem d'Acoz

Count Brando Brandolini d'Adda, Count di Valmareno (b.1993) [son of Count Nuno Carlo Brandolini d'Adda, Count di Valmareno (b.1954) & his wife Muriel, nee Phan Van Thiet] got engaged to Alix Creel (b. 1995).

His only sister Filippa (b.1995) is single.

Source: http://heinbruins.nl/Agnelli.html

The engagement was announced between Count Brieuc Cornet d'Elzius du Chenoy (b.1994) [son of Count Etienne Cornet d'Elzius du Chenoy (b.1959) {himself son of Countess Gabrielle de Limburg Stirum (b.1936) & her late husband Count Didier Cornet d'Elzius du Chenoy (1929-1996)} & his wife Jonkvrouw Dominique de Wasseige (b.1965)] & Jonkvrouw Tatiana Poswick [daughter of Emmanuel Poswick & his former wife Isabelle, nee van Havre, now Mrs. Gilles Elsen] on 22 August.

From his three siblings only his youngest sister Valentine (b.1996) is single; his brother Gael (b.1989) married Ines Springuel (b.1988) in 2016; they have a son Laszlo (b.2020).
His sister Muriel (b.1991) married Jonkheer Damien Janssens de Bisthoven (b.1989) in 2013; they have a son Maxence (b.2020).

Sources: http://www.carnetmondain.be/

Very late:

The engagement was announced between Arthur Gerald Wellesley, styled Earl of Mornington (b.31 January 1978) [eldest son and heir of Charles Wellesley, the 9th Duke of Wellington, OBE, DL (b.1945), of Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, and Apsley House London, & his wife Princess Antonia Elizabeth Brigid Luise von Preussen (b.1955)] & Hayley Elizabeth Whitehead (b. February 1986) on 8 April.

Arthur does not use the courtesy title Marquess of Douro, and retains the style Earl of Mornington that was his from his birth. He married firstly in Barbados on 4 June 2005, Jemma Madeleine Kidd (b. 20 September 1974) [elder daughter of John Edward Aitken Kidd (b.1944) & his wife Wendy Madeleine, nee Hodge (b.1941) {herself daughter of Sir John Rowland Hodge, 2nd Baronet (1913-1995)}].

The Earl of Mornington and his first wife have issue:

Arthur Darcy Wellesley, a future Duke of Wellington (born 4 January 2010)

Lady Mae Madeleine Wellesley (twin with her brother)

Lord Alfred Wellesley (born December 2014)

Source: https://peeragenews.blogspot.com/2023/04/duke-of-wellingtons-heir-to-wed-for.html
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The engagement was announced 28 October, 2023, between Donald McAndrew Hamilton McFarlan (born 30 September, 1993), only son of the late Donald Richmond McQueen McFarlan (1952-2012), and his wife Mrs Kate Patricia McFarlan (born 1957, nee Hamilton), of Charlton, Sussex, and the Lady Isabel Serena Mary Fitzalan Howard (born 7 February, 1994), second and youngest daughter of the 18th Duke of Norfolk, GCVO, DL (born 2 December, 1956), of Arundel Castle, Sussex, and of his 1st wife Georgina Susan, Duchess of Norfolk (born 30 January, 1962, nee Gore).

The Duke of Norfolk is the Earl Marshal and Premier Duke in the Peerage of England.

Donald McFarlan is descended maternally from the Irish landed family of Hamilton, of Leix

Sources: https://peeragenews.blogspot.com/2023/10/mcfarlanfitzalan-howard-engagement.html
The engagement was announced 1 November, 2023, between the Hon James Antony Lindsay (born 10 November, 1992), second son of the 30th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres (born 24 November, 1958), of Balcarres, Fife, and the Countess of Crawford & Balcarres (nee Nicola Ann Bicket, born 1960), & Clara Rose C.R. Strunck (born 9 April, 1993), youngest daughter of Ronald A.A.M. Strunck (born Nov, 1943), of London, and his wife the former Camilla Mary Elizabeth Romsey Dobson (born Feb, 1958).

The bride-to-be is a granddaughter maternally of Sir Denis Dobson, KCB, OBE, QC (1908-1995). She is a freelance writer and journalist. She has experience writing news, features and interviews for magazines and national newspapers, including The Sunday Times Style, Tatler, ES Magazine, The Evening Standard, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, The Telegraph and Vogue Scandinavia, among others. She has also worked on refreshing brand editorial for companies such as Cartier and Bicester Village.

Source: https://peeragenews.blogspot.com/2023/11/the-hon-james-lindsay-and-clara-strunck.html
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