Empress Masako's Fashion and Style Part 1: May 2019 -

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Lovely, thank you.
I wish a fashionwatcher would catalogue all her kimono's, like many do for the clothing of the Western princesses.
When is a Kimono worn? Are there particular events that one is chosen?
Masako was dressed extremely well for this trip. I thought the addition of the lace camisole at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery and the longer, loose coat for the return to Japan were interesting digressions from the usual silhouettes and fabrics. I also noticed that the hemlines were quite a bit longer for this trip, which is interesting.
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Empress Masako in blue and white at the opening ceremony of an international conference on automatic control systems in Yokohama, near Tokyo, yesterday, July 9:

** Full view ** Upper part **
very nice suit color and style. Never liked the hat shape she favors. I hop she wears a kimono at the state dinner
Beautiful dress for the empress (..)
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A tad too much lace and I'm not sure about the hat either ,the colour is the winner!
Just watched the procession into the banquet and some of the speeches and the empress’ dress moved so beautifully when she walked. Always so impressed with the exquisite tailoring of her wardrobe but to see the perfect length of gown and the way the short train moved so supply is to experience a true work of art.
Very elegant, but i would think any outfit looks good, because it's so good to see she is able todo a statevisit like this again and looking pretty relaxed while doing it :heart:
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