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Welcome to Empress Farah Pahlavi's
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Commencing August, 2023

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On October 25 Empress Farah attended the World Monuments Fund's 34th annual Hadrian Gala in New York City:

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The Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi Foundation is proud to announce its commencement for promoting Iranian history, culture, and heritage. In solidarity, a splendid concert was organized in Los Angeles on December 9, 2023 by the outstanding singer and composer, Dr. Shahkar Bineshpajooh.
Her Majesty Farah is deeply touched by Dr. Bineshpajooh’s patronage. She extends her thanks and appreciation to all honored compatriots and well-wishers who attended this monumental event

The Secretary-General and founder of the Slovak NGO Servare et Manere Mr Marek Sobola handed the Servare et Manere highest award to Her Majesty Empress Farah Pahlavi, Shahbanou of Iran.
Empress Farah viewed the exhibition "Private Art Collection of Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi" at FIAP Paris yesterday, May 21. The exhibition is already coming to an end (April 8 to May 24) and was organized by The Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi Foundation:

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Post by Empress Farah on the anniversary of the death of her daughter, Princess Leila Pahlavi.
Empress Farah (pictured with Brigitte Macron and Stéphane Bern himself) attended the 60th birthday party of journalist, radio host and TV presenter Stéphane Bern in Paris last week:

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Empress Farah has signed copies of the book "Farah" by Frederic Mitterrand at Galignani Bookshop in Paris on June 13:

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Empress Farah Pahlavi has revealed that a film and documentaries about her life are being produced.

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