Empress Farah´s Fashion and Style: October 2006 -

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Sep 2, 2006
We can put the clothes of the Empress Farah Diba :)
I think she has good taste and she is a very elegant woman:flowers:
The ruffle on the edge of the jacket makes it look so much more feminine. Nice!
She was and is elegant woman.
OH!yes she is she looks perfect in everything she put:flowers:
i like the purple outfit too sush a lovely color on Farah.
The outfit is perfect!
Frankly speaking, one of my outfits looks like this one.
I like the purple on her. A nice, regal color.
She's a lovely & elegant lady. Doesn't she live in London?
She lives in Paris and USA, she has houses in these two countries.
It doesn't matter where Empress Farah is living now, but she looks very and very elegant.
The heels are impressive!
She lives in Paris and USA, she has houses in these two countries.
Thanks Salma. I didn't know she had a house in the USA. I wonder what state in America.
terrific brown outfit and shoes. this is how you do young and modern when your not. not too much just the right amount of trend,done with elegance always.PERFECT!
Where I can find her fashion and style before 2006?
Washington. She bought the house after Farah´s birth and we saw the new house in many mags.
Evening dress
Thanks Salma. :flowers: That blue dress is gorgeous. I love the lacy sleeves.

Here's some more pictures: (I don't know the year's these were taken - sorry)

http://i.bunte.de/img/HB1qWGum.jpg (pretty in pink)
http://i.bunte.de/img/HB72PTRl.jpg (nice jewels!)
http://i.bunte.de/img/HBtEdyX5.jpg (nice robe :D)
http://i.bunte.de/img/HBC2G60C.jpg (fun in the snow)
I agree - I love the embellishments, and the sue of sheer fabric for the sleeves. Lovely.
I love this pink dress ,so chic,but I dislike the hat.It would be better with other hat,but the outfit is perfect:flowers:
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