Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 2: September 2003-May 2004

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Sophie's first engagements will be at the Women's Day Tea hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace on the 11 March 2004. I suppose we'll get some nice photos there.
Before or later of Louise christening?

Sophie Hobbles Home After Skiing Accident
1 MARCH 2004
Sophie Wessex has returned to Britain on crutches after hurting her leg during a skiing holiday in Switzerland. The Countess had travelled to St Moritz to spend some quality time with husband Prince Edward and their new baby daughter, but her time on the piste was cut short by an injury.

The couple had decided to leave Lady Louise with a nanny while they headed off for some fun on the slopes. And they even hired a helicopter to take them to some more challenging runs in neighbouring Austria.

Things went wrong on Friday, however, when the 39-year-old pulled a muscle in her right leg. The precise details of the accident are not known, but it has been revealed that visibility was poor when she got hurt. Apparently the royal declined the offer of a stretcher, insisting that she could make her own way to a doctor.

"The Countess pulled a calf muscle but it is not serious," revealed her spokeswoman. "She was checked out by a doctor and discharged after 20 minutes. Fortunately nothing was broken."

It's not the first time Sophie has suffered a spill on the slopes - she also found herself on crutches after a skiing trip in 2000.

What do you guys think of this? I would love Sophie to take on a greater public role, as I hope she would achieves a profile away from Edward. But I don't want her to do something that she could regret later. (It is still in development though, so it might not happen)


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Some 1 can post the pink dress????????????????? :unsure:
Source: This is London

Sophie follows in Diana's footsteps
By Robert Jobson, Evening Standard Royal Correspondent

8 April 2004
The Countess of Wessex is following in the footsteps of Princess Diana to promote a leading charity in Africa.

She is expected to travel to Tanzania in the summer - leaving behind her sevenmonthold daughter, Lady Louise, and husband Prince Edward.

This will be Sophie's first solo working trip since she married into the Royal Family and follows an approach to promote the charity World Vision by one of Diana's closest charity associates, Mike Whitlam.

Sophie was seriously ill after her daughter was born and was separated from her for more than six days as she recovered from an emergency caesarean operation.

After the birth of Lady Louise last November, the 39-year-old Countess announced she would not be carrying out any official duties while she and her daughter bonded.

Now she is understood to be ready to carry out royal duties again and one source said today: "The Countess always said she would go back to work for the Royal Family when the time was right.

"Thousands are needlessly left blind every year and she hopes her voice and patronage can help raise awareness of their plight," the source added.

The trip - which is still at the planning stage - marks an important step for the Countess, who until now has only ever travelled abroad with her husband. Sophie has rarely been seen in public since becoming a mother - only pictured at the Queen's party at the Ritz and at a party at Buckingham Palace for working women.

When she married she said she intended to carry on as a working woman. At first she headed her own PR agency, until she was forced to abandon her commercial business interests after an undercover reporter recorded her making embarrassing comments about the Royal Family and the Prime Minister.

As a result, she agreed to work only on official royal business.

Before she fell pregnant, she agreed to be patron for Orbis, the flying eye hospital, which she hoped would show her as a serious royal.

The charity - which once approached Diana to spearhead its work - flies surgeons to underdeveloped countries to train local doctors to carry out routine eye operations. The plane is also equipped with operating theatres.

An insider said: "Obviously Sophie will miss her daughter badly, but she thinks this is a very important issue and wants to help in any way she can."

Diana travelled extensively in Africa, meeting Aids victims and campaigning against land mines.

This is London
Source: Getty Images

WINDSOR, ENGLAND - APRIL 11: The Countess of Wessex, Sophie is seen after attending an easter sunday service in St. Georges Chapel on April 11, 2004 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, England. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Radiant in red
Wessex baby faces surgery to save sight


THE baby daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex is set to have an operation to save her eyesight.

A rare condition, called exotropia, could leave six-month-old Louise blind in one eye unless surgeons can correct the defect.

Louise, who was born a month premature in an emergency Caesarean which threatened the life of her mother, is to undergo rigorous tests before specialists can perform the risky procedure.

Prince Edward and his bride Sophie first noticed that something might be wrong when Louise developed a pronounced squint soon after being born.

It is understood that the Queen has been informed and has offered her personal support to her grandson and his wife.

Louise has already had a tough time since she came into the world after a traumatic birth that at one stage threatened Sophie’s life.

Exotropia causes one eye to deviate from its normal position and look outwards, affecting the sufferer’s ability to focus. In some cases it leads to blindness.

A royal source said yesterday: "The squint is very noticeable and is causing the Wessexes huge concern. No one wants to see their child undergo an operation and Louise has already had a tough time coming into the world."

A few hours before Louise’s birth, Sophie collapsed at the couple’s home at Bagshot Park in Surrey.

In the subsequent confusion, there was a 30-minute delay before she was rushed to the nearby NHS Frimley Park Hospital.

There she underwent life-saving surgery to stop the haemorrhaging, during which doctors said she lost an estimated nine pints of blood before Louise was born at the fragile weight of just 4lb 9oz.

Edward and Sophie have been preparing for Louise’s christening at the private chapel at Windsor Castle on April 24.
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Wessex baby faces surgery to save sight

Thanks for the article, mybags, but it has already been posted in the Louise News thread as are comments and well wishes.
I looooooooove the Countess of Wessex's pink gown. I also love the length of her hair. She is stunning.
I ask you questioin about Sophie wores clothes before she got married to Prince Edward

you have any question about Sophie's clothes before she got married to Royal Family

Sara Boyce
hi i understand that the earl was appointed colonel of a regiment not so long ago. does anyone know that regiment? and have any pictures of him in uniform?
The regiments the Earl of Wessex are colonel or Royal Honorary Colonel of are

Royal Honorary Colonel Royal Wessex Yeomanry (UK 2003)
Colonel in Chief Saskatchewen Dragoons (Canada 2003)
Colonel in Chief Hastings of Prince Edward Regiment (Canada 2002)
Originally posted by A.C.C.@Apr 16th, 2004 - 11:19 am
The regiments the Earl of Wessex are colonel or Royal Honorary Colonel of are

Royal Honorary Colonel Royal Wessex Yeomanry (UK 2003)
Colonel in Chief Saskatchewen Dragoons (Canada 2003)
Colonel in Chief Hastings of Prince Edward Regiment (Canada 2002)
oh............ I am surprise that there is no Royal Marines, he used to be with them even though not all the way.
Do you know where can i find pictures of them in their uniforms?
from CBC.ca

Monday, April 26, 2004, 6:00 a.m.
Exclusive interviews with Prince Philip and his son, Prince Edward

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, which started in 1956 in the U.K., was the brainchild of Prince Philip. Since the award came to Canada 40 years ago, more than 200,000 Canadians have participated. Some 30,000 participate each year. The award now operates in over 100 countries worldwide. Today, Prince Edward runs the award program for his father.

Smith also speaks to past and present award participants. Toronto Mayor David Miller received his gold award in high school. Currently finishing up their gold awards are 18-year-old Asim Zaidi from Mississauga, Ont., who has cerebral palsy, and 18-year-old Cynthia Dawe from St. John's, Nfld.

To obtain a Duke of Edinburgh's Award, youth between the ages of 14-25 must complete activities in four categories: physical fitness, skills, community service and expeditions. There are three levels of achievement: gold, silver and bronze.

In the past several years in Canada, the award program has expanded to reach youth considered "at-risk," targeting aboriginal, rural and inner-city youth; young offenders; and those with disabilities.

Prince Philip will be in Toronto on April 26 to attend a gala fundraising dinner to celebrate the Award's 40th anniversary in Canada.
Thank you, Sara.

Polfoto 04-05-2004 The Countess of Wessex opens the new Emergency Department of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford





Here are two more photos from Corbis at the primary school visit on the 4th of May:


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Vote for Edward as Celebrity Dad of the Year at


Please...I think after all he did last year for Sophie and Louise, he deserves it.
I tried to enter but have not there about Prince Edward but said its only e-mail address!

Sara Boyce
Sara you have writ the name of the dad you want in the box. Down the black box
say this

"Voting form:"

writ your name in the box and clik in vote.
The Earl and Countess of Wessex will be representing the queen at the Danish royal wedding. The Duke of Kent, 68, is unlikely to be sent to the wedding. Prince William does not yet undertake official engagements, and won't until after his university degree. Moreover, if you look at St. Andrews' calendar, you will see that this is the time for revision and exams ... so William is busy doing other things.

Edward and Sophie are closer in age, and are good friends with Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra. Edward is a godfather to Prince Nikolai, so it makes perfect sense for the Wessexes to attend this wedding.
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I think Prince William would go with his dad the Prince of Wales he would have official engagements after school in scotland of course but he would like to attend Royals wedding!

Sara Boyce
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