Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 2: September 2003-May 2004

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Mum-to-Be Sophie Blooming in her Final Trimester

13 OCTOBER 2003
Her hands clasped loosely beneath her increasing bump, and a serene smile on her face, the Countess of Wessex was every inch the blooming mum-to-be at a memorial service for military staff slain in the Iraq war. She was accompanying the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the royal couple's four children.

Sophie, who at 38 will be one of the oldest first-time mothers in recent royal history, looked well and happy as she paused for a moment in the autumn sunshine outside St Paul's Cathedral last week. It was a rare appearance for the countess, who is expecting her baby in December.

She and husband Prince Edward were devastated when she suffered an ectopic pregnancy in December 2001. At the time medical experts warned that Sophie might not be able to conceive without fertility treatment, and while the countess remained upbeat –"I'm obviously very sad, but… there will be other chances" – she later underwent a course of IVF. In the end, however, she conceived naturally.


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I like Countess's maternity clothes looks great! I hope so she will get more lots different clothes before her dues in December!

Sara Boyce
1.Polfoto 13-10-2003 The Countess of Wessex receives a bouquet of flowers from ballet dancer Naomi Cook, Monday 13 October 2003, during her visit to the Central School Of Ballet in London where she is due to become Patron. PA Photo/Stefan Rousseau/PA/Pool

2,3.Polfoto 13-10-2003 The Countess of Wessex with ballet dancers, Monday 13 October 2003, during her visit to the Central School Of Ballet in London where she is due to become Patron.

4-6.Polfoto 13-10-2003 The Countess of Wessex with ballet dancer, Sarah Kundi, Monday 13 October 2003, during her visit to the Central School Of Ballet in London where she is due to become Patron.



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Sophie on Form for Ballet School Visit

14 OCTOBER 2003
The Countess of Wessex put her best foot forward on Monday for a visit to the Central School of Ballet in London. And the 38-year-old, who is a patron of the renowned academy, looked to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she watched some of the students in rehearsal.

Sophie, who is a long-standing ballet fan, was noted for her dancing skills when she attended Kent College for Girls in Pembury.

These days the royal is taking it easy, however, as she's expecting her first child in December. The new arrival will mark the realisation of a dream for Sophie and Prince Edward, who have been trying for a baby for several years.

The couple were left devastated in 2001 after Sophie suffered an ectopic pregnancy and a later course of IVF treatment yielded little success. In the end, however, she and her husband conceived naturally.
like as Princess Diana always watch ballet rehearsal since Diana married Prince Charles! they Diana divorces him but Diana been watch ballet rehearsal since 1980's til her death

I think Sophie would like to watch Ballet Rehearsal same Diana! im pleasure!

Sara Boyce

I was just wondering if anyone has any photos of Edward and Sophie inside Bagshot Park please? I know there are some.

www.ibl.se - Sophie, Countess of Wessex visiting the Disability Initiative, Camberley, Surrrey, Britain, 21 October 2003.


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23 OCTOBER 2003
Royal motherhood is obviously a subject close to our readers' hearts an astounding 35,000 votes were logged in our poll to discover Hellomagazine.com's favourite royal mum or mum-to-be. The clear winner was Prince Edward's wife, and expectant first-time mother, Sophie Wessex. The Queen's daughter-in-law, whose new arrival is due in December, scooped a full one-third of the votes counted, putting her in the top spot.

However, Sophie's triumph wasn't a clean sweep popular Dutch Crown Princess Maxima, a fellow first-timer expecting in January, came in a close second, trailing just a few percentage points behind.

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit was pipped to third place by her sister-in-law, Princess Martha Louise, who gave birth to little Maud Angelica Behn in April. Martha Louise scored the support of nearly 12 per cent of readers, five points ahead of future queen Mette-Marit, who will become a mum for the second time early in 2004.

The full results are as follows:

1. Sophie Wessex ? 33%
2. Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands ? 28.7%
3. Princess Martha Louise of Norway ? 11.9%
4. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway ? 7.1%
5. Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium ? 6.8%
6. Lady Helen Taylor ? 4.7%
7. Alexia of Greece ? 4%
8. Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco ? 2.7%
9. Princess Astrid of Belgium ? 0.9%
yeah i read that hello! this morning i cant believe because Sophie would experience of mum to be! but i did vote polls of her.

Sara Boyce
www.ibl.se - Sophie, Countess of Wessex. An evening with Rory Bremner at the Savoy Hotel, London, Britain, 21 October 2003.


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SOPHIE'S CHOICE: A Change of Life and Style for the Wessexes

THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR HAS BEEN SUFFERING THE slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for months now. So much so, that in the shadows, last year’s scapegoats have been quietly getting on with a change of life and style, unnoticed and unremarked on by a media obsessed with chasing other hares. Just in case you’ve forgotten, last year’s scapegoats were the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Sophie was the target of the infamous tabloid “sting”, while Edward’s TV production company – and the Queen’s youngest son did not endear himself to big brother Charles when a TV camera team stalked his nephew, Prince William, through St Andrews after the rest of the world’s media had left – went into a tailspin that has ended with its virtual disappearance.
The young couple were on the receiving end of much criticism for their ventures into the commercial world – within the Royal Family itself from Prince Charles and the Princess Royal. With hindsight, perhaps they deserve praise for being pioneers prepared to take on the “why don’t they get a proper job?” critics. The fact that they were treading in the minefields of PR and TV production, allied to their total unsuitability as pioneers, ensured that it would all end in tears. The grind of Royal duty lay before Edward and Sophie.
But the manner in which they have taken to the “grind” has been ignored, while they went off around the world, representing the Queen in Africa and Hong Kong . . . and carrying it off with more than a dash of style.
One cloud still hovered over the Wessexes. In December 2001, Sophie suffered an ectopic pregnancy, a potentially fatal condition where the embryo grows outside the womb. The problem was only detected when she began to experience pain and collapsed, being rushed by helicopter from the couple’s home, Bagshot Park, to the King Edward VII Hospital in London. During the operation to save her life she required five pints of blood. She had suffered severe bleeding and a ruptured fallopian tube, effectively halving her chances of achieving a natural pregnancy.
But Sophie’s determination to have Edward’s child was not extinguished. It has been revealed that she has undergone two unsuccessful rounds of IVF treatment and is about to embark on a third attempt.

It will be carried out under the supervision of Marcus Setchell, the royal gynaecologist and a specialist in infertility. The unsuccessful treatments were undertaken last year. Mr Setchell will have explained to the Countess that, even in the most expert hands, the chances of achieving an IVF pregnancy are no more than one-in-four. For and older patient – and Sophie was 38 in January – the chances of success are lower still.
Parenthood might help Prince Edward to shed the showbiz “bug”, with which he was smitten early in life when he joined Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful production company and, controversially, produced “It’s A Royal Knockout”. With cable and satellite TV about to burst on the British market, starting an independent production company was far from being a crazy idea and Ardent did make a number of respectable documentaries. These were mostly on royal subjects – “Edward on Edward” about his great-uncle Edward VII, “Windsor Restored” about the restoration of Windsor Castle after the fire. They moved into non-royal territory with “Forbidden Pleasures”, a programme about sex and the disabled that was shown to some acclaim on Channel 4.

But, increasingly, Edward was drowned by claims that he was trading on his royal connections and the announcement of “Royalty A to Z”, a series about the Royal Family for the US cable company E! Entertainment was to prove the straw that broke the camel’s back. That was the series Ardent was working on when his camera team stalked Prince William after the rest of the world’s media had agreed to leave him alone. Prince Charles was reported to be P P “incandescent”. It also provided him with more than enough evidence that his opposition to allow his little brother to walk the tightrope of being a royal and having “a proper job” had been well-founded.
Edward agreed to stand down as Ardent’s managing director, although he stayed on as a director of the company. But his ambition to make it one of the leading independent TV production companies “by 2000” was way behind schedule.

Now, it seems, the company has no new commissions and exists in name only. At the end of 2002, the company was forced to put its offices at Edward’s 56-room Bagshot Park mansion up for rent in an attempt to save £250,000 a year in running costs. Malcolm Cockren, Ardent’s chairman, said it was being wound down and would continue to exist only to profit from royalties earned by earlier productions
It has been an expensive lesson. Ardent was in the red at one stage by nearly £2million and a “bail-out” of £250,000 by the Queen was not enough to save it. It did declare a profit of £30,000 in 2001, but only because the Prince waived Ardent’s annual £500,000 rent for its offices in Bagshot Park’s stables. Experts estimate that Edward has lost at least £200,000 of his own money, plus the £700,000 from outside investors when the company was started in 1993.
It’s very clear that the Wessexes are keen to have children, despite the difficulties that have emerged since Sophie’s ectopic pregnancy. Many feel that it was only their children that helped both the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York when their marriages began to crumble. The Wessexes’ friends agree with that, but stress that the marriage itself is anything but under stress. Sophie, in particular, has adapted to her increased duties flying the royal flag with enthusiasm and her own special style.

That’s obvious from her “photo opportunities”, be they with world statesmen such as South Africa’s ex-President Nelson Mandela, children in an Essex nursery school, or cheering up children in hospital All it will take to make her new life complete is a child of her own.

Royalty Magazine http://www.royalty-magazine.com/
How old is this article. From reading it, I can tell it was written at least before Easter.
Polfoto 06-11-2003 The Countess of Wessex at the official opening of a nerve centre for the nationwide young peoples' telephone advice service ChildLine today November 6th 2003. Dressed in a beige trouser suit and white blouse, the heavily pregnant Countess cut the ribbons on the new offices, in the City of London, with ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen.


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that nice pictures!

i hope so Sophie would not loose like their first baby before! i hope so she would careful with heavy pregnant! she is eight month pregnant but she would given baby born in December 5th or 6th whether dues.

Im sure she would walk careful if she would with Edward?

Sara Boyce
www.rexfeatures.com - Sophie, Countess of Wessex opening the new ChildLine Centre in London, Britain - 06 November 2003.


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HRH The Countess of Wessex has given birth to a baby girl a month early. The baby was born at 11:32p.m. on Sat. 8, 2003 due to an emergency C-section.
Polfoto 12-11-2003 The Earl of Wessex, attends a "Brainwave" reception at Buckingham Palace this evening, Wednesday 12th November 2003, where he was presented with a teddy bear for his daughter by Natalie Preston, aged 14, from Southport on Merseyside.


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Polfoto 12-11-2003 The Earl of Wessex, attends a "Brainwave" reception at Buckingham Palace this evening, Wednesday 12th November 2003, where he was presented with a teddy bear for his daughter by Natalie Preston, aged 14, from Southport on Merseyside.


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Love the photo of Edward with Natalie Preston. It's lovely. Thank you!
nope Countess of Wessex to join with him because she had baby!

Sara Boyce

Faces of the year
Some of the women who made the headlines in 2003

Sophie Wessex gave birth to a daughter after an emergency Caesarean, making little Lady Louise the Queen's first grandchild to be born in an NHS hospital. An ambulance mix-up left Sophie waiting at home after she went into labour, and complications meant mother and daughter were treated in separate hospitals, but Prince Edward described their reunion as "an emotional moment" and the Countess said their immediate plans were "just to be a family".

Others on the list:
Barbara Cassani
Katharine Hepburn
Aung San Suu Kyi
Diana Mosley
Meg Ryan
Maxine Carr
Thora Hird
Jessica Lynch
Gwyneth Paltrow
Martha Stewart
Charlotte Church
Margaret Hodge
Paula Radcliffe
Mother Theresa
Shirin Ebadi
Chandrika Bandaranaike-Kumaratunga
Liza Minnelli
Leni Riefenstahl

(Sophie's in some good company!)
Don't know how she'd feel about being on a list with Maxine Carr though, Alexandria!!

(For those who don't know, Maxine Carr was involved in a very high profile murder case involving 2 young girls - her partner was recently convicted of their murders, and Maxine Carr is serving time in jail herself).
I didn't know who some of these people were either, Binny! And I question a bit some of the women on the list - Faces of the Year, the famous and infamous!

For example, I don't really know what Meg Ryan might've done this year to warrant being one of BBC's Faces of the Year ... :unsure:

But Mother Theresa and Paula Radcliffe is pretty awesome to rank amongst!
Not just Maxine Carr. How about Diana Mosley?
from www.itv.com

Lady Louise 'growing well', says proud Countess
3.36PM, 4 Jan 2004

Lady Louise, the youngest member of the Royal Family, is "well and growing fast" according to her beaming Mother.

The Countess of Wessex told well-wishers that her daughter, who is nearly two months old, was "lovely".

The Countess was speaking after attending church with the Queen on the Royal Sandringham Estate. The Earl of Wessex and the Duke of Edinburgh were also at the service.

Jean Miller, who spoke to the Countess outside the church, said: "She said Lady Louise was well and growing fast. I thought the Countess looked really happy.

"I thought she looked well for someone who has been through what she has been through. She looked wonderful."

The Countess also spoke to Margaret Wilson, who added: "I asked how Lady Louise was and the Countess said, 'she is lovely and growing'."

Lady Louise was born prematurely by Caesarean section and treated in a specialist neo-natal unit after her birth in early November.

The Queen was today continuing to walk with the aid of a stick following a knee operation last month. A bandage was visible on her left knee.
That's great to hear! I hope the a picture of the wee little one will be released soon. It's been such a long time since we've seen her and only part of her little face was visible..
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