Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 11: September 2006-March 2007

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sophie is sick?
I believe the exact term used by Buckingham Palace is 'unwell". Just looked at the engagement list and the engagements for tomorrow and Friday are still listed. She must be better already.
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thanks for the information, claire, I hope she is well.
Sorry to here Sophie isn't feeling well. Hopefully it's nothing serious and she's better again soon. I just got over a nasty cold myself. I catch one every time this year when the weather changes. :rolleyes:
Nice Interview Charming man :) He gets far to little Credit for the work he does.
Royal visit will bring HMS Daring to life

The Countess of Wessex is returning to the Clyde to power up the world's most advanced warship.
The Royal VIP will switch on diesel generators which will bring the Clyde-built Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring to life.
The Countess will return to the Scotstoun yard next Friday, nine months after launching Daring.
Sophie appears to have a new "bob" hairstyle. See here.

(Thanks to iceflower for the link to Wenn.)
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Warren said:
Sophie appears to have a new "bob" hairstyle. See here.

Did anyone notice, that at last nights service, Sophie appeared to be wearing specs?
I didn't see glasses only new hair style.
She's worn glasses to other events she has attended.
sydney00 said:
or look in gettyimages.co.uk with the word sophie wessex, they also have a few photos.. could you tell me why they wear all this read flower? is it a symbol or sth like that?

It is supposed to be a poppy. Wearing of poppies as a symbol of remembrance began in America, when a university teacher (Monia Michel) read a poem called "In Flanders Fields"

Flanders Fields, in France, was the site of some of the bloodiest fighting of WWI, and in the aftermath of the destruction caused there, the only thing that was able to grow was the red poppy. They were originally sold to raise money for ex-servicemen.

Major George Howson had the idea of helping ex-service people who had been disabled in the war, by making and selling the poppies. :flowers:
Here is more information about the poem and at the end it has the poem


It was written by John McCrae, he was a Canadian doctor durning WWI and wrote to peom after the death of his friend at the Battle of Ypres. In 1918 he died in a field hospital after getting pneumonia.
Oppie said:
Here is more information about the poem and at the end it has the poem

Wiki says the poppy grew there because it was where the dead were buried but, this gives the real reason.

poppies only flower in rooted up soil. Their seeds can lie on the ground for years and years, and only when someone roots up the ground, they will sprout. There was enough rooted up soil on the battlefield of the Western Front; in fact the whole front consisted of churned up soil. So in May 1915, when McCrae wrote his poem, around him poppies blossomed like no one had ever seen before.


It is certainly a very emotive poem
Royal visitors in Suffolk

Suffolk welcomed two royal guests today when the Earl and Countess of Wessex visited the county.
After landing by helicopter at Trinity Showground in Ipswich the pair separated to undertake engagements in Ipswich, Stowmarket and Kesgrave.
Hello everybody!
I don't know if this is the right place to ask my question...but I think so...

I was watching some photos about when Albert came to the throne of Monaco and I found a photo of Sophie and Edward...and down it is written: "Sophie Rhys Jones, who waits her second child for April, choose clear colours."

(from Diezminutos)

Is this right? I've never read in other place that she has another baby more than Louise...anybody knows?

Thanks in advance.
No this is not right Sophie has no other children.
yes right. but there were really many rumours of her being pregnant again. they even appeared in daily newspapers and the tv text here. but nope, obiously she never was.
Thanks for the info sydney00, I was surprised...I thought maybe she lost the baby or something...
i dont think Countess of Wessex would have another baby because dues of her etopic pregnant before her first daughter Lady Louise was born if she would get another baby for CHANCE! or she would died because she been gone IVF treatment before she expecting louise but we have wait and see if Sophie will try have baby or not i dont know
do you think theres the possibility? well okay with the modern medcine you can even get a baby with almost 42 or she will be at least 42 if she would get a baby. but i think it s very unreal. but i think its better for louise like that because they are busied now and with another baby louise would have to share the time she spends with them!

@ nayralorenzo : no problem.. i dont think she lost a baby okay we can t know but probably newspapers would have discovered it ... they really pay a lot of attention on such things , i think
she can have babies, louise is a helthy girl, but sophie have serius problems first with the estopic `pregnancy and louise's delivery was very danger fot sophie.
I tinks she want more children, but she have 42 years (my mother have me in 1983 and she have 43) and is more difficult.
Sophie's dignified royal role

"Queen Elizabeth II has, to understate considerably, been sorely tried by her sons' marital selections...

How often the 80-year-old Queen must gaze upon the one-time Sophie Rhys-Jones — the "lowest-born" person ever to marry into the royal family — and think, "Not sure how, but one of them got it right."

read full article: http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1163803813795&call_pageid=968332188492&col=968793972154&t=TS_Home
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