Duties and Roles of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie 2: Discussion Sep 2022 -

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I can remember Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie appearing at least one Garden Party, and I also recall Lady Ella Windsor (as she was then) being invited to a specific State Visit Banquet, can't remember which one, i think it was because she spoke the visitors' language. I have always been of the opinion that the RF could use these 'junior members' in certain occasions, when it suits both sides, especially now to help out when the Princess of Wales is unwell. Because as trivial as it may seem, youthful glamour is what is necessary especially when most of the WRF are above 60, in in some cases closer to 90. And I know that B&E have probably been passed over by the antics of their parents, but really they've done absolutely nothing wrong and should be assessed because of their own personalities and actions which are, in my opinion, other than the odd fashion mishap, faultless, and it's also obvious they are loyal to the family.
Honestly, don’t see this as news.

Yes, her participation in the State Visit would be new but I suspect that would be soley for the banquet, and that would be new for her not new in principal, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent attended state banquets for years despite never being “working royals”. They like everyone to be within so many places of a royal and simply put, don’t have enough now to do that now without calling in support.

As for Ascot, Garden Parties and Trooping… Beatrice had attended those in the past so it would simply be a continuation of what has happened before.

I don’t expect any announcement that Beatrice will become a full time working royal, if so why indeed wouldn’t she have just been given some of the 200 patronages that got dropped in the recent review. I think will continue to be, in effect, the royal reserve, who can attend bigger royal events as a guest to help boost the numbers of royals on parade as it were but no more than that. TBH, I think Beatrice is probably happy with that.

Don’t forget with all this talk of the RF struggling to carry out duties etc…. Looking at the figures most are doing less than last year anyway, including Camilla and the Edinburghs. So I don’t think they feel under any pressure, Charles will have a smaller working royal family that, inevitably, does less than say 2002 when there were more working, active royals, that is just the way it goes.
I agree. I could see her attending the State Banquet now the the Michaels of Kent have announced their retirement.
I agree with a number of posters, it is possible that Beatrice may be roped in to play the kind of role that Prince & Princess Michael of Kent used to play, ie, supporting role at large events like state banquets, garden parties and the like.
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