Dutch Summer Photo Sessions (2005-2012)

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I love these little girls...they are incredible.
And I am very very happy to see Alexia smiling.

Thanks a lot for the photos and thanks marezdote for the video!

they are so cute, little sweet girls, all family look so happy
The girls are really lovely!
The royal group must have had a lovely day on the water as it was sunny, warm but with enough wind to sail.
It's nice to see Willem Alexander holding Alexia for a change :)
He probibly holds her more often then only during photoshoots!;)
But remember the Olympics photos? There he also held his youngest.
several more from facetoface


alexia really look like willem alexander! Thanos to everyone for posted the photos
corazon said:
alexia really look like willem alexander! Thanos to everyone for posted the photos
Beautiful photos. Maybe you're right but we can say that when she will be older.
precious photos thanks, i enjoy this sweet family
Thanks for the pictures!
Máxima looks radiant and happy, and the little girls are so adorable:p :D
thanks for pictures both girls really cute and C-A hold with her granny's hands how sweet
Who is the other little girl on the boat? she is in the edge of some of the photos and on the video it looks like there are few little kids with life jackets on.
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Amelie said:
Who is the other little girl on the boat?
The two girls are both CP Willem-Alexander and CP Maxima's daughters; Catharina-Amalia and Alexia.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful photos. It's so lovely to see family photos like this where everyone is all relaxed and it's not so formal and posed. I can't believe how much the two girls have grown up, especially Alexia. :eek: They're just so adorable.
i don´t know what it is, but this family is just very special. i like them most.
Thank you for pictures,I really like this family they seem so happy together and very natural.The Queen seems to have a good relationship with them all.
Great pictures. They are such a lovely family.
Beautiful family. Amalia and Alexia so cute little girl. I love it.
Thanks for the photos Alexia has a cute face.
Article from HELLO
The Dutch royal family has found the perfect way to let the pressures of their official duties drift away. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander was snapped along with his wife Maxima and children Catharina, known as Amalia, and Alexia as they stepped aboard the beautiful Groene Draeck sailing ship...............Casually dressed in an open-necked shirt and white slacks, the future king held little Alexia, who celebrates her first birthday next month, in his arms. The tot's big sister, who has already reached the ripe old age of two-and-a-half, is a little more independent these days, so her parents made sure she was wearing a life jacket for safety............

Photos from Rex via HELLO
So where exactly did they do or go?
they went sailing. The boat is stationed at Muiden, a bit to the east of Amsterdam (not that much), almost next to Castle Muiderslot where the (locally) famous count Floris V of Holland was murdered in 1296.
The royals usually sail over the 'Randmeren' (edge-lakes), which are situated between the old mainland of Utrecht and the newly won province Flevoland (won from the sea that is).
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