Dutch State Visit to Germany: April 12-15, 2011

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It is so great to have Queen Beatrix in Germany again! It is such a good way to further the good relations between our two countries.
I was (very pleasantly) surprised to see tiaras at the gala dinner, as it obviously was a black tie event. The royal ladies looked stunning! Especially Maxima looked dazzling with that super-elegant gown, wonderful hairstyle and big smile.

It's so good to have you back Tilia. :flowers: We missed you.
The princess looks great! Fantastic!
OMG....Maxima is just gorgeous. We haven't seen the royal emeralds in awhile. LOVE!!!LOVE!!!

Here's a gallery from purepeople covering the first two days:

** Le 12 avril 2011, la reine Beatrix, le prince Willem-Alexander et la princesse Maxima des... **

And some more German articles/galleries:

** morgenpost.de: Königin Beatrix besucht Berlin **

** Bunte.de: Prinzessin Máxima: So strahlend verzauberte sie Berlin **

The first pics from day 3 - April 14 - show the family signing the guest book of the
city of Dresden at the State Chancellery in Dresden.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** belga **

** gettyimages gallery day 3 - April 14 ** daylife gallery **

As usual the gettyimages/daylife galleries will be updated during the day!

** ppe gallery - day 3 - April 14 **
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Too bad,it's raining again today in Dresden too.Soo probably no
walkabout from the beautifull Frauenkirche to the Grünes Gewölbe,
the treasure trove of the Kürfursts and Kings of Saxony.

The Frauenkirche was left in ruins after the war,but was completely
rebuild in 2005 and now stands as a symbol of peace and reconcilliation.

This afternoon will see a visit to a clean energy firm,Solarwatt,it produces
solarpanels and has the worlds most state of the art productionline.

Followed by a seminar on clean energy and last but not least a visit to
the Palucca Dance Academy in Dresden this evening.The academy stands
as a model for the theme of this State Visit,the New Germany,how Germany
sailed in the 20 years since the fall of the wall.The Palucca Dance Academy
stands as a symbol for a modern,youthfull and international oriented Saxony
the Royals visit today.

Dresden this morning:



ANP Beeldbank

courtesy ANP:)

The Frauenkirche,Dresden:


And the Green Vault:


Arrival in Dresden this morning by the KBX Government aircraft:

ANP Beeldbank


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Never a hint of boredom in the Dutch Royals. Even the Queen after all these years of state visits seems enthusiastic. She seems to enjoy this time with WA and Maxima also. I just love her.
Never a hint of boredom in the Dutch Royals. Even the Queen after all these years of state visits seems enthusiastic. She seems to enjoy this time with WA and Maxima also. I just love her.

True,it is difficult not to love her.Really is,she's a marvel!

Dresden in the rain,but all smiles:


Stunning interior of the Frauenkirche:


Click on images to enlarge.:)
courtesy hja's Royalblog

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Really beautiful in Dresden...I think Maxima is wearing her wedding earrings today. How marvelous. Thanks to all for wonderful photos!!!
Today sees the RF in the City of Essen in Nord Rhein Westfalia,and later near Herzogenrath.

First a visit to a former mining complex,the Zeche Zollverein,once one ofd the largest mines,
now a cultural and creative hotspot which finds itself on the UNESCO World Hertage list since a few years.

HM and TRH will attend a seminar and The Prince will deliver a speech.

Next stop is the Eurode Business Center near Herzogenrath on the German / Dutch border near Kerkrade,
where this State Visit will be concluded.

The City of Essen this morning:Sunshine and beaming Royals:

ANP Beeldbank

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