Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Official Visit to Morocco - February 23-25, 2019

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There is nothing odd about it. Harry was reviewing the troops, the was followed by the commander of the troops presenting the honor, once the review was over, he turned around, facing the commander, the commander then summarized the composition of the troops that have been reviewed and then he saluted him. While all of this took place, Meghan was in the back with her attendant. Once the review was over she joined him, i think they shook hands with other officials, and they walked together into the royal arrival suite for the dates and milk welcoming ceremony, before proceeding to their car.

It is the way it is, and It has nothing to do with Moroccan or Islamic culture

When President Macron visited Belgium at the arrival ceremony, Queen Malthide and Madame Macron stayed in the back, While King Philippe and President Macron did the review. Even in the UK at the arrival of Head of State at Horse Guard parade, it was Duke of Edinburgh who used to accompany the Head of State during the review while the spouses stay put. He did it with the King of Spain, With President Obama, in the garden of Buckingham. Prince Charles did it with the King Wilhem Alexander. The review The Queen did herself was with Trump at Windsor lately
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There's plenty of footage of British spouses walking slightly behind the actually blood member of the family. So not really a big deal IMO.

Indeed,i noticed the same for some other royalty like Queen letizia walking behind King Felipe,Prince Daniel walking behind Princess Victoria,Princess Mary too....it's protocole during official ceremonies nothing unsual about that

This brings me to a question I'd like to ask of Mademoiselle Lilo. When the henna ceremony is performed for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy, is it the norm that the husband attends? From my limited knowledge, these henna ceremonies for women (for marriage and childbirth) are a traditional female only ceremony kind of like in the western world we have bridal showers and baby showers.

Just curious on this.
You are right those cermonies are girls thing:henna for Bride is usually party for females friends and family in Morocco no harm the groom attends with his mother but he have to pay to attend :D in some others countries it's kind of bachelorette party all fun..
Henna for pregnant women is also a girls thing kind of moroccan baby shower again no harm if the father attend.
It looked to me like Meghan was steered to the side while Harry inspected the guards, which would be usual protocol I think.

This I understand, on arrival at Casablanca airport but it was the same situation when they arrived in Rabat. More guards to inspect as their was a head bow along with the ambassador?
If I remember correctly, there's supposed to be an evening event later today. Does anyone know a specific time, so we can have an idea of when pictures may drop?
If I remember correctly, there's supposed to be an evening event later today. Does anyone know a specific time, so we can have an idea of when pictures may drop?

Now :flowers:

This evening, Harry and Meghan are at a reception hosted by @TSAReilly meeting influential Moroccan women, young entrepreneurs and disabled athletes. They were welcomed with a traditional Moroccan rose water greeting, Meghan in @Dior #RoyalVisitMorocco

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Enjoying catching up on today's events now that I am awake.

Meghan sounded wonderful what I heard of her French, with an accent. :flowers:

I love the henna ceremony. Its wonderful that they did one for her, to include her in the tradition for pregnant women. I am sure it was a special moment for Meghan, made her feel really welcome. Though I understand its often just women at it, was nice to see Harry there as well.

As always I love seeing these two interacting with kids. Always enjoyment.

Drooling over Richard Branson's retreat where they had lunch. Stunning.

Yes walking behind the royal spouse is common enough at official events. Its just more noticeable with Harry and Meghan as it is really a first for them. They are usually side by side. Respect not only for his position, but for the more traditional Arab country they are visiting right now. I didn't even blink at the military parade. He was inspecting the troops, so walking with the commander was expected. I'd have been surprised if Meghan was with him.

New look

Harry and Meghan are taking Morocco by storm.
Nice seeing Harry and Meghan interacting with the girls. Must have been exciting for them to get to welcome the royals.

Cute touch that they picked the flowers from their garden to give her :flowers:
I enjoy continuing to read of the school visit. Really is a cause so near to Meghan. Education as a way to empower women having long been a focus. You can see she really got into the tour, and meeting with the young women.:flowers:
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Harry and Meghan are taking Morocco by storm.

The ambassador there can't say enough good things about their visit and them directly.

just because palace didn't anounnces this separation (wich we all agree is not the right way) that mean this is automatically have something to do with the islamic culture,no it's not and no there no shame in divorce in islam...this is first.

second this thread is not about Lalla Salma and her divorce there is a thread for that matter,this is a thread for Duke and Duches of Sussex visit

You are right that this is the wrong topic. I just responded to another poster. Might continue the discussion at some point in the appropriate thread.
Lovely that this visit is going so well. The press pack, having been fed and watered with the Sussexes are complimentary for now. I thought many things were touching yesterday, not least the interaction between the pupils and the couple. And Meghan's perfect French!
I didn't realise that Meghan knew a lot of French - great to see her speaking with the girls at the school! I wonder if the couple were taught any Berber when they were in the Atlas Mountains since a large amount of Berber people reside in the mountains.
I didn't realise that Meghan knew a lot of French - great to see her speaking with the girls at the school! I wonder if the couple were taught any Berber when they were in the Atlas Mountains since a large amount of Berber people reside in the mountains.

Meghan described herself in her acting days as being conversational in French and fluent in Spanish. Great to hear it first hand.

Reading more about the program they visited. Impressive initiative to help young women get access to secondary education. In that region of the Atlas mountains, very few girls get to go to school past primary education. The program offers free housing for the girls, so they can continue their secondary education with hopes to go on to college. Currently 50 young women who were part of the program are now enrolled in University.

I love the tradition of offering rose water which is steeped in the home to visitors.
Every time the Sussexes have an engagement I am struck by how charismatic this couple is both individually and as a couple.
Through this visit they are also opening my eyes to how lovely Morroco is - I’ll have to add it to my long list of places I must visit :flowers:
Education For All @EFAMorocco
12h12 hours ago

So happy to have received the amazing Duke and Duchess of Sussex today, as well as have our Founder Mike McHugo honoured with his MBE for his work advancing girls’ education in Morocco ������������

Education For All @EFAMorocco

A proud day yesterday! Was it a dream? We are so grateful for our time with Harry and Meghan. It inspired us and motivates us to be the best we can be! #royalvisitmorocco #Girls_Education
Beautiful horses, and Harry's a natural with them of course! Meghan looks delighted to meet them as well. Great that they can see the facilities used by disabled children, who get a lot out of their riding sessions, I'm sure.
'Come back with the baby and I will cook for your whole family Chef Mohar from Morocco’s #masterchef tells Meghan and Harry.
She gave him a copy of her cookbook #together from the women of #hubbcommunitykitchen in London'

'Meghan gave Chef Moha a copy of her #Together cookbook.
She wrote: “Chef Mohar. Wishing you continued success and congratulating you on your incredible work in engaging the community in cooking. All the best. Meghan”
He gave her his book ‘Le Vrai Goût du Maroc’




Meghan chowed down on the food she sampled. Baby Sussex was hungry?
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