Duke and Duchess of Anjou: birth of twin sons May 2010

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Feb 11, 2010
:clap:Congratulations to Luis Alfonso and Margarita! :clap:They have two new sons! They have called them Luis and Alfonso. They have not been very original when choosing the names :D

Congratulations to the family! The only problem now is which of the two twins is considered their father's heir.
No they haven't been very original.
But Congratualtions to the pair, shame not one of each.
Well they are two names steeped in tradition within the family so it seems reasonable that they would be called Luis, after their father, and Alfonso, after their grandfather, along with the many ancestors who also share the same name.
But I thought it was not very original becuase the father is called "Luis Alfonso", I'm sure that there many other historic names that they could have chosen. Now I'm interested in knowing which name the heir got: Luis or Alfonso?
I'd say the heir is Luis...the dynastic name. But more details about who is the eldest child will probably appear soon. Congratulations !:flowers:
In french royal tradition, the oldest and the heir is the last born. In french old christian tradition, where nobody has science knowledges, the last gone out, it's the first gone in (the mother).
Congratulations to Luis Alfonso and Margarita; now I can't imagine their familiar life, having in family Luis Alfonso, Luis and Alfonso...
Hearty Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Anjou, and to "big sister" Eugenia. I am delighted for them!
Whoever the heir is, the chances of seeing the head of the House of Capet on the throne of Spain have dramatically decreased.
Well it wouldn't have lasted long on that branch so it doesn't matter too much.
True, as the Prince of Asturias has no sons. It would've been interesting though, even for only one generation!

Anyway, who is the first in line?
We still don't know, I suppose that tomorrow we will get more info. I'm sure that the spanish press will ask Carmen Bordiu about it and she always comments so we will have to wait!
As a twin myself I wonder who will be considered as the heir !
I don't know about royal heirs, but with either identical or fraternal twins, the twin born first is considered older even if it's a matter of a minute or two. I don't have a clue in this case.:)
The royal twins are born!!! Vive le Roy! Vive le Dauphin!
Princess Maria Margarita, duchess of Anjou, gave the birth to Prince Louis, duke of Bourgogne, and Prince Alphonse, duke of Berry, in New-York at 15h33 (french hour).
Long life to our princes!
It has been apparently decided that Prince Louis as Dauphin will be the heir to his father.
He must have been the older.
The late Duc de Berry was King Charles X of France's son and his heir.
Duc de Bourgogne is a very important title worn by Princes owners of the Duchy.
I cannot understand how Franco's great grandchildren may wear them..
It's easy to understand :
Prince Louis Alphonse is the heir of the french throne. He is the duke of Anjou but if he became king of France his name will be Louis XX.
Prince Louis is the duke of Bourgogne because he is the elder of the twins and Duke of Bourgogne is the title given by the king of France to his elder son, the Dauphin.
Prince Alphonse is the duke of Berry, title given by the king of France to his second son.
I'm afraid , but a Kingdom in France and at his head a spanish citizen is totaly impossible.
I wonder if the Duke of Anjou is RH in France ? in Spain he is not.
He is french as he has the french nationality and he also has the spanish one. That's because his gradmother from his father side was french.
Does anyone know if they are identical twins ?

I find it be hilarious that they were named the babies Luis and Alfonso isnt that their father's name...:lol:anyway congratulations to them twins are very interesting exspecially when they get a little older. I have twins in my family they are not identical though when they were younger they were a blast to be around.:flowers:
Congratulations to the couple on the birth of their twins!
Nice that they got twins . . . should make for interesting family gatherings "Luis, Alphonso!" . .

Anyhow as far as titles do . . . didn't the Count of Paris (the current one, not Henri the elder) sue Luis Alphonso over the use of the "Duke of Anjou" title about 20 years ago?
Congratulations to the couple, may God bless them!!!
Lol, I guess if they would have had girls it would have been Maria and Margarita!
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