Duchess of Cornwall Jewellery 4: February-November 2007

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A very grievous mistake--well put Thomas.
Duchess of Cornwall looking better each time she even looks younger,

and when she wears a Tiarra she lookes so Royal they make the perfect couple.
I think I see what you mean. Because if she won't be crowned Queen Consort, whatelse could she wear besides the diamond diadem for the coronation? Well ok fine! :D I will learn to accept it, I guess! :cool:

Camilla could not wear the George IV Diadem if denied the right to be Queen Consort. It was left to the Crown to be worn by future Queens in right of it by Queen Victoria. The same would apply to the many pieces worn by the present Queen, some of which were state gifts likely to be designated by The Queen for the Crown after her death, while others were left to the Crown by Queen Mary.

The Queen has only given tiaras from her collection to Diana and Camilla, both expected after marriage to become future Queens. The Lover's Knot Tiara was a private purchase made for Queen Mary by Garrard's to her specification, as was the Delhi Durbar. The Boucheron Honeycomb was a gift to The Queen Mother from Lady Greville, although the diamond arches added to the top by Cartier were from the royal collection of unset stones.

Neither of these tiaras were designated for the Crown, as Queen Mary left the Lover's Knot to The Queen as a private bequest and gave the Durbar to The Queen Mother before her death. The two other tiaras worn by The Queen Mother, the George III Diamond Tiara and the Oriental Ruby Tiara, were Crown pieces that returned to the Collection after her death. The rest of her jewels were left to The Queen as her private property.

Camilla would not be crowned if denied the right to be Queen, so she could wear either the Boucheron or Durbar for the Coronation ceremony. She simply would be first to kneel and pay homage to the new Sovereign, as Philip did, instead of being crowned.
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True enough but surely if she can be made Princess Consort despite the legalities, nobodies going to worry about un-written customs about jewellery?
That's my take on it also, Beatrix Fan ;)

I'm sure Queen Victoria would not have anticipated any future wife being bestowed a lesser title, than that of Queen so in all fairness to the recipient, I think the jewellery she wears should reflect the unalterable fact that she is the consort.

I think either the George VI diadem or the base of a coronet would be a suitable choice for the Princess Consort. Though she may not be crowned (time shall tell), she is still the wife of the monarch, thus ranking her the No.1 lady in the land and at court.
Does anyone really believe that Charles isn't going to stand for not seeing Camilla crowned Queen? He is so devoted to her, and she to him, it seems unfair that they would be denied that right.
Perosnally, I think it's a bit of tuff luck if it does occur and Charles isn't a happy chappy. He can certianly chew the fat and accept it ;)

It was Clarence House who publically announced that it was their intent that Camilla would be known as HRH The Princess Consort upon The Prince of Wales acceding the throne. No one asked for it, they offered it, many agreed.

Nothing's set in stone of course, but I certainly welcome the alternative proposed by the Prince, the Duchess and their household.
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Sigh. No more posts about Camilla's future title please. This is the jewellery thread.
Sorry Warren--we just can't help ourselves!

I love Camilla's turquoise necklace (was it Alice Keppel's?). I was flipping through Munn's Bible last night (a true masterpiece) and I was looking at Princess Margaret's and the Gloucester turquoise parues and I thought how wonderful Camilla would have looked in one of those; such a shame that there aren't any turquoise tiaras in the Royal Family for her to wear.
Thanks for posting that photo, Warren.

Now, I do think that Camilla looks quite lovely in that tiara, unlike the hideous 'building block' thingy she wore earlier. To me, that daintier piece suits her admirably. Her necklace looks super, too.
So Camilla must have got the RFO on the Saudi visit cos she isn't wearing it in that pic. Love the little tiara on her though.
Now, I do think that Camilla looks quite lovely in that tiara, unlike the hideous 'building block' thingy she wore earlier. To me, that daintier piece suits her admirably.
I agree. I think the smaller tiara is so much nicer. The other one was too bulky and overpowering.
Me three.

I think her hair makes enough of a statement without adorning these rather royally vulgar (which is 'splendid' at the same time) diadems.

Hence the reason why I do feel the Maria Feodorovna tiara would look just wonderful on her.
I do not like the small tiara worn by the Duchess of Cornwall. I believe that small and delicate tiaras suit younger ladies better. Given the age of Duchess of Cornwall and the way her hair is usually styled, the tiaras a la Kokoshnik will suit nicely. However … I might be wrong. :flowers:
I think that the Duchess looks splendid in the large diadems--in fact, after seeing the Boucheron Honeycomb and the Delhi Durbar, it is hard to take in her family tiara! But, Camilla wears all three of them wonderfully well which only shows just how we she adapts to different styles of jewellery. Why should it matter which size tiara she wears? She looks good in them all---and, in my opinion she looks better than the Queen Mother in the Boucheron! However, Queen Mary, even in death as she was in life, is still untouchable.
And yes, the Marie Feodorovna tiara would look good on HRH (I say that mostly because I just want to see the thing) but I personally can't wait for the days to see her wearing the fringes, a riviere or two, the Greville five strand necklace, and the Grand Duchess Vladimir circle tiara with the emerald drops! And, hopefully, the Teck Crescent Tiara.
So Camilla must have got the RFO on the Saudi visit cos she isn't wearing it in that pic. Love the little tiara on her though.
The Diplomatic Reception was after the Saudi King's visit. Camilla is wearing a jacket, thus obscuring the RFO.
Oh I don't know about that ;) The Boucheron diadem was very much the Queen Mother. Its particularly vulgar and old fashioned..now the Queen Mother wasn't vulgar but certainly of the period where more is best.

In all fairness, it looks ok on Camilla but to the same extent as the Queen Mother? Not a chance!
Time for a new thread and hopefully some more surprises.

Part 5 can be found here.

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