Diana, Princess of Wales: Visits to the United States

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:previous: LOL many people in that vid had complete fanboy/girl moments! They were very excited to meet the Princess.
Diana in New York, December 1995

So, this thread is basically on Princess Diana winning a humanitarian award in NYC in 1995.
Does anyone know of any videos of the Princess dancing with John Travolta at the White House? There only ever seems to be still photos, yet we have a few videos out there of her dancing with Charles. It would be nice to see her dancing at her best with a great dancer like Travolta in video.
I'm not aware of any videos being taken, although I suppose that one could have been done strictly for archival purposes. The only videos I've ever seen of that evening are of the arrival and of the speeches.
Me either, youd think with all the media coverage they would have videotaped the dance, not just Travolta, but Reagan, Eastwood, Sellick, etc. where other times she danced with the Prince were taped.

Now, I could be off base, but maybe the palace press secretaries didnt want to fuel any more of her solo popularity, dancing with stars. Just that it seems odd that so much of the trip and others had video of big events, and whenever the two of them danced, they had video. Maybe they felt it was "unprincessly" to show her dancing with a man other than her husband in video, idk it was 30 years ago.

Shame though, it was such an iconic moment and with her gone would have been a delight to watch, so if anyone has links, please share :flowers:

P.S. I have a feeling if she was still around she'd have rocked the show "Dancing with the Stars' for one of her charities :lol:
I'm sure I have seen footage of it. But a long time ago

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I'm sure I have seen footage of it. But a long time ago

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Thats great,royal rob, I've seen the dinner, the toast (at the time, was so annoyed at Reagan's flubbing of her name, but now, im sure he was in the early stages of his alzheimers, so now its a sad moment), but only stills of her dancing.
I can't find anything on YouTube so maybe I just thought I saw it.

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:previous: I think we've seen so many stills of Diana and Travolta dancing that it's made a video in our minds. ;)
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