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Celebrities are photographed in all sorts of situations, formal and informal. And I believe that particular photo was one taken by Diana's father Earl Spencer when she was a young teenager, long before she ever dated Charles.

It was taken in 1990 by Sir Terence Donovan.
Beautiful image of a beautiful lady. She had sat for as many as 55 portraits in her life time. (National Portrait Gallery)
My own personal collection is a couple of thousand pictures but these images are my favorite. I know you have already seen them several times, but was thinking of her today after talking to my family in Aberystwyth and Bristol. She was special in many other ways of course, but this shows her beauty.
Diana Photographer - I am a Luxury Sweater

Hi guys, I'm researching a photograph of Princess Diana for a tv show. It's the one of her wearing her "I am a Luxury" sweater pushing her boys on a swing. We'd like to license it, but I can't find the photographer. Any ideas?


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Hi, my best guess is that this is a private photo. Not a professional shot. My other best guess could have been taken by a Spencer family member (one of her sisters perhaps) or one of her old flatmate friends.
In either case they hold the copyright to this photo.
It is a great find I've never seen it before.
I believe this sweater is made by Gyles and George of London. Gyles Brandreth is on Twitter.

It was taken in 1990 by Sir Terence Donovan.

He committed suicide on 22 November 1996 (aged 60)
London, England. He suffered from depression.
I recognise that dress. The photo was taken at a charity event at the Grosvenor House Hotel in 1985.
A Turkish artist used AI to create portraits of famous people who died young how they would look now. Amongst them Diana.

Good grief she looks closer to 80 than 60. I'm older than her and I don't have all those age spots or that many wrinkles so I'm sure she wouldn't either as she took such care of her personal grooming. I'd bet she wouldn't be grey either.
That portrait is horrendous. I believe that Diana would have used skincare products all her life and may well have tried some Botox and a little discreet cosmetic surgery as she aged. Flattering up to date hairstyles would have made a great deal of difference as well, and I too don’t believe she would have ceased dyeing her hair.
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Pregnant with William already.
Lady Diana Spencer photographed outside her London flat on Coleherne Court (1980):

Lady Diana Spencer Leaving Her Flat At Coleherne Court (1980):

Princess Diana visits AIDS clinic:

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