Diana, Princess of Wales Picture Thread 2

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the photo is from '94
Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful pics:flowers: I do miss here:heart:
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That's one caption-worthy picture :D.

This photo was taken shortly after a young man kissed her hand and she told him that he would never live it down with his friends. Love all the pictures, thank you.
The only two occasions Diana wore this green suit were on a visit to Broadlands and the Garter Ceremony. When the boy kissed her hand, it was in Cheltenham and she was wearing a dark blue two-piece dress with a white sailor's collar.:flowers:

It's the top picture here: http://dianasjewels.net/bracelets.htm

This photo was taken shortly after a young man kissed her hand and she told him that he would never live it down with his friends. Love all the pictures, thank you.
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Love the second picture,she looks so radiant! To me she was most beautiful when she was that age,she had an air of innocence and joy around her that doesn´t cease to amaze me:) Not only that she had a perfect face and figure and such a wonderful warm smile,but her whole appearance would lighten up a room and make people smile,it remains a mistery to me why she was so insecure and never really believed in herself...even though she´s dead she still has more influence than any other member of the BRF because everywhere in the world people love her, think of her with adoration and support the charitable causes that she supported.There are still many NGO´s who use her image as a good example and show her pictures with HIV-positives to demonstrate that they are not dangerous...not to mention the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention /Ottawa Treaty that would have never got signed without her efforts...
1st pic- Preparing to tell William that she'd done the Panorama interview, Eton College, November 1995
2nd pic- Royal Premiere of Othello, 1987
Arriving for lunch with friends at her favorite restraunt, San Lorenzo, London, 1996
Visit to a school for disabled kids, Cheltenham, England , 1983
Visit to a leather factory, Coventry, England, 1985.
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1st pic- Preparing to tell William that she'd done the Panorama interview, Eton College, November 1995
2nd pic- Royal Premiere of Othello, 1987

What a heart-wrenching moment. She looks devastated, and the picture should not have been taken.
:sad::ermm::eek:yeah! she looks devastated...I just think in the difficult moment for her to say to William!
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I believe that the second pic was taken at a gala for the Queen's 60th birthday, April 21, 1986. Sarah was engaged to Prince Andrew at the time.
Thanks for the clear- up, Mermaid! In the book where I saw a pic of Di wearing the same dress and necklace, it said she was at the premiere of Othello, in 1987.
But I think you are right with your description, because S.F. was not at the premiere like she would have been at H.M.'s bday party!
Guess Diana liked this dress a lot- she also wore it at the state banquet on her official visit to Spain, in 1987. ( Same book, but there again, S.F. was not there).
I love the dress on Di. Later Sarah had a similar dress made, white with red polka dots. It was one of the only ballgowns of hers that I liked!

Diana, William, and Harry, photographed for their Xmas card by photographer, John Swanell, December, 1994.
Love these!:)
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Good Night! here the pics of the day!

My favorite portrait and pink dress!!

Sexy Diana

The most beautiful smile of world!

With Moscow hats

Charles and Diana smile

other two pics where Diana smile!


Rare for me

Article about Diana's Jewels
Princess Diana — Diana
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Love these Nata!:)
The portrait in the pink dress-1987- by Lord Snowdon,. I can see why it's your favorite- Dress is divine, and Di looks regal,:princess: though a bit sad.:sad:
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Thanks for these. Love the formal portrait in the pink dress.
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