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to look at like mummy, so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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two more collages


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Oh, I dunno....don't hate me or anything, but I've always thought that William looks a little like Charles. You know...the nose...facial expressions...the FACE.
I´sorry but, in my opinion, William is like Diana with something of Charles and Harry have something of her mum.
And the Charles´n nose?


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Prince William is very handsome, but sad to say, he doesn't have his mother's charisma. :unsure:
Originally posted by lala22@Feb 2nd, 2004 - 1:14 am
Prince William is very handsome, but sad to say, he doesn't have his mother's charisma. :unsure:
William is a man with strong ideias and have a lot of charisma. Diana is week psicolical and every body agree with this. Close sorce say that he have the quinde side oh mother but the strong side of The Windsor. Diana can be beutiful and goood person but her personal life is a mass. Diana is a person with a lot of depression and the case with the press is a good exemple. Is a lot of people have to lide with midia and anyone do what Diana did. Run for the street..................William find a nice way to lide with them and is mother not. And in my opinion Diana don't fite for stay with Charles. She quite very esier.
So soory but for i reed and lissen William is much better tham is mume He is Stronger and now what want for life. :lol:
Perhaps some of you should have a look at Earl Spencers book "The Spencer Family". There are a lot of pictures of members of the family down through history and Harry is very much a Spencer in his looks.
Fortunately he is very much a Windsor in his strength of character and dedication to duty.

I agree with Micas that Diana was weak and when thing got tough she quit very easily. She really didn't want to "fight for her man". Denigrating him and his family in the media was much more her style.

As to Prince Williams resemblance to Diana or other members of the family I think that as he has got older he resembles Prince Phillip very much. Have a look at the wedding pictures of the Queen & P Phillip.
Originally posted by wymanda@Apr 9th, 2004 - 11:19 pm
Perhaps some of you should have a look at Earl Spencers book "The Spencer Family". There are a lot of pictures of members of the family down through history and Harry is very much a Spencer in his looks.
I did not see the book but just because he looks like one, it doesn't mean that he doesn't look like the other. Let's go back to Charlotte Casiraghi for a moment. She's almost her mother's clone, but she also resembles Adriana Lima(not a part of her family) a lot. As I said before, I know nothing about Harry's father situation. I don't follow the british family very much, so, I'm not debating that. But independent if Harry is or isn't James' son, they do look like each other.
Yes, but this constant speculation is not fair on Harry or on his family. I am sure that if Prince Charles had any doubts about Diana's faithfullness he would have insisted on DNA testing to establish if he was Harry's father.
i am sure that both william and harry were DNA tested along time ago whether charles had any doubts or not.
William definitely looks a lot like his mother.
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i love so mush the queen diana that s why i had gone to leicester to celebrate my birthday on 15-08-1996 in the birthplace of diana in uk .
When I see these pictures I can't help but think of the irony of how things actually turned out. When two people are incompatible with each other in marriage, they not only hurt each, they hurt everybody else around them. In the Wales' case, their shenannigans have hurt not only their own fanilies but also an entire nation.
Births of William, Harry, Peter y Zara....


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Shy smille


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I just noticed the picture of Charles, Diana and sons on bicycles...I wonder what Diana's most honest thoughts would've been in regards to that suit jacket Charles is wearing....isn't it a bit out of place?
For you, Scott ;)
Like father, like son.

Daddy's smille.

the last photo:p


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corazon said:
For you, Scott ;)
Like father, like son.

Thank you so much corazon. That was really quick. The likeness to his father certainly shows up in these photos. Harry also resembles his Aunt Sarah and her son George (I think I read somewhere that his name is George) but that may be because of the red hair!!!. But then again he is half Spencer and IMO certainly not Hewitt.

Anyway thanks again - much appreciated.:)
Yes, I've always thought Harry looks a lot like his Aunt Sarah. It's sort of funny that the gossip mongers get so worked up about Harry's red hair (JUST like James Hewitt...) while conveniently forgetting to mention that his mother's side of the family is populated largely by redheads.
What is the resemblance of diana and william nevertheless large! both are them nice! hopelijk william a good and nice king becomes!.
I think that both boys look an astonishingly similar to their mother, thank goodness for them.

William is more obvious in the similarity and some of his mannerisms. And, as a baby, I think he looked a lot like Earl Spencer.

And I agree that Harry looks his aunt Sarah, and at times he looks like those pictures of Diana when she was being naughty (or had a naughty thought). The whole Hewitt thing is very unfortunate for Harry. :mad:
I agree - Harry looks like a Spencer!

gvallejo said:
what a non sense quote,that is damaging for for prince Harry!!,and Harry is a Spencer, his eye :angry: s look alike Charles

It's true that Harry may have the coloring of James Hewitt, but he also has the coloring and facial looks of the Spencer side of the family, too. He looks like Diana and very much like her brother, so why not assume he's just taking after his mother instead of having a father other than Charles? I'd like to think he's Charles' son, rather than think he's illegitimate. Just my thoughts, mind you!
I agree entirely, portergirl. What good would it do anyone to have such a revelation made (if it were true, and I doubt it)?

I had heard rumors that DNA tests were done on both the days and they showed Charles' paternity. Maybe this was from Simone Simmons' book.
As Judy Wade pointed out from a conversation she had with the late Princess, Prince Harry looks like Lady Sarah McCorquodale's son. Red hair is not uncommon in the Spencer family!

Diana did not meet or start her affair with James Hewitt until 2 YEARS after Harry's birth. Enough of this slander!! This is the last thing Harry needs right now!!
I think Harry looks like Diana's brother sometimes, it depends on the picture though...I did notice Prince Harry and Prince Charles have the same facial expressions. The media ignores the similarities because they like the contraversy. Nice pictures I've never seem them side by side before.
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William and Diana in 1997

Just after he got a new haircut in Windsor.

source: people magazine via phone

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