Designers Used by the Swedish Royal Family

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Thank you for the link - very interesting.

Has either of the Princesses ever shown a preference for pantyhose or stockings? I think they both have fantastic legs, but from what I have seen, Victoria seems more willing to show her legs off, whereas Madeleine seems to prefer trouser suits or very long dresses.
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Svensk Damtidning has an article relating to the exhibition of Queen Silvia and they also name the designers for some of them, here is a list

1976: Dior
1978: Olga Persson, Sweden
1979: Elizabeth Wondrake (Made most of Lilians dresses)
1981: Olga Persson, Sweden
1989: Jørgen Bender, Copenhagen
1992: Jørgen Bender, Copenhagen
1993: Nina Ricci, Paris
1995: Nina Ricci, Paris
1996: Jaques Zehnder, Paris
1999: Jaques Zehnder, Paris
2000: Jaques Zehnder, Paris
2001: Nina Ricci, Paris
2004: Jaques Zehnder, Paris

Jaques Zehnder, Paris is her favourite and he has made 8 of her nobel dresses, Nina Ricci 4 and Dior made the first one, only 4 of her nobel dresses are from Sweden, but I suspect Sweden might not have that many that can do Couture on the level this event requires

Swedishme has scanned some beautiful closeup of 25 of her nobel dresses here

The Black and white zebra Nina Ricci dress is the presses favourite (mine to, its so dramatic) and are often reffered to as "The Nobel of the nobel dresses"

thanks to Josefine hwo have posted all the pics origianlly
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do we got any information what the latest dresses from madeleine and victoria are from, who designed them
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