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Princess Renata von Altenburg born in Zywiec, Poland on 13 April 1931 died in Madrid, Spain on 18 June.
The princess was the daughter of Archduke Karl Albrecht of Austria and his Swedish born wife Alice Ankarcrona who had previously been married to the Polish Count Badeni. Given that the marriage was morganatic Alice and her children were awarded the title Prince/ss of Altenburg by Archduke Otto in 1949. During the war the couple who had raised their children as Polish patriots were persecuted by the Nazis for refusing to cooperate with them. In spite of this Princess Alice was an active member of the Polish resistance and was later awarded for this by both the Communist regime and the Government-in-exile.
Together with her parents Renata spent the second half of the war incarcerated in the Strausberg labour camp until liberated in April 1945 by the Americans. After the war the now impoverished family moved to Sweden.
Renata married Spanish diplomat Eduardo de Zulueta y Dato (1923-2020) in 1957. Together they had four children: Eduardo, Ernesto, Isabel & Jaime who all survived their parents.

Isabelle Waldeck (Princess Isabelle of Waldeck and Pyrmont) died on July 7 at the age of 58.
She was born on Aug 29, 1965 to Prince Georg-Friedrich of Waldeck and Pyrmont (1936-2020) and his wife Princess Sixtina of Stolberg-Stolberg (1933-2022). In 1989, she changed her name to just Isabelle Waldeck. She never married but had a son named Constantin. Besides her son, she is survived by her siblings Henriette (*1963) and Philipp-Heinrich (*1967).

Source: Waldeck
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