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Jobst D. Sunkel died this year.

He was born in 1926.
He married Ruth von Campe [daughter of Edith Hoyer von Rotenheim (1896-…) & her husband Asche von Campe (1881-1953)] by whom he had a son Alexander and a daughter Katharina as well as four grandchildren - Alexandra & Constantin by Alexander & his wife Christiana and Justus & Simon by Katharina & her husband Jürgen Gather.

Source: Descendants of Franz von Cramm
Good Evening, François Henri , 12th Duke of Harcourt (192:cool: died at Annecy on 5th November 2020. He his the eldest son of François, 11th Duke d'Harcourt (1902-1997) and of his first wife née Antoinette Gérard (1909-1958).
He leaves a widow: Isabelle Roubeau (1961).
He's succeeded by a distant cousin: Geoffroy (1952) married to Hélène de Nicolay (1962).
The Heirs of Europe: Harcourt

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Count Emmanuel de Limburg Stirum died in Ixelles on 28 November.

He was born in Huldenberg on 19 September 1940 as fourth of eight children of Count Charles de Limburg Stirum (1906-1989) & his wife Princess Maria Kunigunde of Lobkowicz (1906-2005).
He married civilly in Etterbeek on 20 April and religiously in Hingene on 4 May 1968 Countess Nadine d'Ursel (b.10 February 1945) [herself fifth of eleven children of Count Élie d'Ursel (1915-1971) & his wife Countess Monique de Lannoy (1915-2006)] by whom he had a daughter Eléonore (b.1970) and two sons Wolfgang (b.1971) & Arnaud (b.1974) as well as nine grandchildren.

Descendants of Count Thierry de Limburg Stirum and Countess Marie Th?r?se de Thiennes, Leyenburg et de Rumbeke
Lady Celia Vestey (b. 1949) has died at the age of 71. She married Samuel Vestey, Baron Vestey in 1981 and is survived by three children; William, George and Mary. She was godmother to Prince Harry as her parents were friends with the queen:

It wasn't simply her parents. Both her and her husband Sam moved in the royal circles because of riding. She was introduced to Sam by Diana's brother in law Robert Fellowes. Sam was the master of the queen's horses from 1999-2018.
Count Ulrich Grote died on Nov 1 at the age of 80.

He was born on Jan 12, 1940. In 1971 he married Princess Marita of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1936-2000). They had one child, Ilka (*1972). In addition to his daughter, he is survived by his son-in-law Herwath von Plate (*1973) and three granddaughters Teresa (*2004), Piata (*2007), and Julika (*2009) von Plate.

Source: Descendants of Prince Christian Heinrich of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Countess Charlotte of Leiningen-Westerburg
Stella Tennant, British model and fashion designer died on 22 December 2020.

She was born on 17 December 1970 as daughter of The Hon. Tobias William Tennant, son of the 2nd Baron Glenconner, and Lady Emma Cavendish, Tennant was a grandchild of Andrew Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire and The Hon. Deborah Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters.
Christine-Maria Meilinger-Rehrl, former Princess Peter von Hohenberg, died sometime this year.

She was born in Bramberg-Weyerhof on 30 May 1947; she married in Salzburg civilly on 28 August and religiously on 11 October 1969 Prince Peter von Hohenberg (1936-2017) [son of
Maximilian, Duke von Hohenberg (1902-1962) {himself son of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este (1863-1914) & his wife Countess Sophie Chotek von Chotkowa und Wognin, created Princess von Hohenberg in 1900, created Duchess von Hohenberg in 1909 (1868-1914)} & his wife Countess Elisabeth of Waldburg of Wolfegg and Waldsee (1904-1993)] but they divorced in 1980; they had two daughters: Marie-Christine (b.1970) & Marie-Therese (b.1972) and one grandson Maximilian Bailey (b.2010) [son of Marie-Therese & her former husband Anthony Bailey (b.1970)].

Sources: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Marie-Agnčs, Countess d'Alcantara de Querrieu, nee Toby died this year.

She was born in 1959 and in 1983 married Frédéric, Count d'Alcantara de Querrieu (b.1958) [son of Alvar, Count d'Alcantara de Querrieu (1935-2019) {himself firstborn son of Princess Stephanie of Windisch-Graetz (1909-2005) & her first husband Pierre, Count d'Alcantara de Querrieu (1907-1944)} & his first wife Anita-Kristina Damstén (1936-1980)] by whom she had four children: Alexis (b.1985), Nicolas (b.1987), Philippine (b.1990) & Gauthier (b.1994) and four grandchildren: Emeric (b.2013), Félix (b.2016) & Romane (b.2019) [children of Alexis & his wife Christelle, nee Soetens (b.1985)] and Liam (b.2016) [son of Nicolas and Sophie Marique].

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Count Albert Fugger of Glött died on 22.12.2020 at the age of 88.
Count Eberhard von Küenburg died sometime last year, aged 94 or 95.

He was born in 1925. In 1951, he married Countess Franziska von Goëss (1923-1989), and they had six children together: Wilhelm (1952-1968), Marie Anne (*1953), Johanna (1955-2020), Eleonore (*1956), Georg (*1957), and Agnes (*1963). In addition to his living children, he is survived by 15 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

His daughter, Countess Johanna von Küenburg, also died sometime last year, aged 64 or 65.

She was born in 1955 as the third child of Count Eberhard von Küenburg and Countess Franziska von Goëss. She married Count Ulrich zu Spaur und Flavon und Valer (*1940) in 1985. Before divorcing in 2012, they had four children: Anna (*1986), Marie (*1987), Leo (*1989), and Lukas (*1991).

Source for both: Descendants of Archduke Johann of Austria
Desmond Walter Guinness, author on Georgian art and architecture, a conservationist and the co-founder of the Irish Georgian Society, died on 20 August last year, nineteen days before his 89th birthday.

He was the second son of the author and brewer Bryan Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne (1905–1992) & his then wife, Diana Mitford (later Lady Mosley,1910–2003); he had one full brother Jonathan Bryan Guinness, now 3rd Baron Moyne (b.16 March 1930).
His parents divorced and both remarried and had more children: mother two sons Alexander (b.1938) & Max (b.1940) with Sir Oswald Mosley (1896-1980), father - nine children with Elisabeth Nelson (1912-1999): Rosaleen (b.1937), Diarmid (1938-1977), Fiona (b.1940), Finn (b.1945), Thomasin (b.1957), Kieran (b.1949), Catriona (b.1950), Erskine (b.1953) & Mirabel (b.1956).
He married in Oxford in 1954 Princess Henriette Marie-Gabrielle von Urach (1932-1989) [firstborn daughter of Prince Albrecht von Urach (1903-1969) & his first wife Rosemary Blackadder (1901-1975)] they had two children, but divorced in 1980; he remarried in 1984 Penelope Cuthbertson, daughter of the socialite Teresa Jungman, and a granddaughter of the artist Nico Wilhelm Jungmann.
He is survived by his son Patrick (b.1956, historian and author), his daughter Marina (b.1957), nine grandchildren (the eldest is Jasmine Guiness, b.1976, daughter of Patrick, designer and a fashion model) and six great-grandchildren as well as his full-brother and ten half-siblings and their families.

Sources: Descendants of Prince Honor? III of Monaco,_3rd_Baron_Moyne,_2nd_Baron_Moyne
Maynolf zu Erbach-Schönberg died on 8 December 2020 at age 84

He was born on 13 May 1936 to Georg zu Erbach-Schönberg, 3rd Prince of Ebrach-Schönberg (1903-1971) and Marie-Marguerite von Deringer (1903-1967). He married firstly on 14 May 1969 Marie Katharine Markert (1921-1992). The couple had no issue and divorced in 1970. He married secondly on 16 March 1970 Erika List (b. 1938). This marriage ended too in divorced and without issue. He married thirdly in 1976 Solveig Schlegel (b. 1949). They had two children: Isabelle (b. 1977) and Peter (b. 1981).

He was survived by his last wife, his two children and four grandchildren: Alexandra (b. 2000, daughter of Isabelle), Sandro (b. 2003, son of Peter), Cecilie (b. 2007, daughter of Peter) and Fritz (son of Peter).

Source: https://traueranzeigen-bergstraesse...ueranzeige/maynolf-prinz-zu-erbach-schoenberg
Archduke Leo Stefan of Austria died on February 3 last year at the age of 91.

He was born in 1928 to Archduke Leo Karl of Austria (1893-1939) and Countess Marie Clotilde "Maja" von Montjoye-Vaufrey et de la Roche (1893-1978). He and his siblings were not originally entitled to the title of Archduke/duchess as his parents' marriage was morganatic.

Archduke Leo was married twice, firstly to Gabriele Kunert (1935-1975) from 1962 to 1969. They had three children together: Marie Isabelle (*1962), Albrecht (*1963), and Karl Stefan (*1967). In 1973, he married Heidi Aigner (*1942) and had four more children: Philipp (*1974), Anna (*1977), Valerie (*1982), and Leo (*1985).

In addition to his wife and children, he is survived by his six grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Descendants of Archduke Karl of Austria, Duke of Teschen
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