Death and Funeral of HI&RH Archduke Otto (1912-2011)

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HI&RH Archduke Otto (1912-2011)
Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary and Bohemia
formerly Crown Prince of Austria and Hungary
formerly Head of the Imperial House of Habsburg

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Otto von Habsburg, son of last Austro-Hungarian monarch, dead - Monsters and Critics

HI&RH Archduke Otto von Habsburg, the oldest son of the last monarch of the Austro-Hungarian empire,
died Monday at his home in southern Germany, a family employee disclosed.
He was 98.

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Too sad,really.With the passing of HI & RH Archduke Otto of Habsburg,last Crown Prince of Austria - Hungary,an era came to a final end.May HI & RH Archduke Karl,new Head of the Imperial & Royal House of Habsburg,and the Family find comfort in the knowledge many many send their sympathy.

Otto von Habsburg, children addresses


I would like to send a condolense letter to each of the children. Does anyone know where to find their mail addresses?

I would like to send a condolense letter to each of the children. Does anyone know where to find their mail addresses?

Walburga Countess Douglas surely has a mail adress on her entry at the webpage of the Swedish parliament.

Andrea Countess Neipperg can be reached via the webpage of her husband's winery "Weingut Graf Neipperg" in Schwaigern/Wuerttemberg.

Surely Archdukes Karl and Georg have webpages, too.
How sad! I hoped he will live till 100.

Rest in Peace...
Oh!! So sad! I was admiring him a lot!!!

Rest in Peace!

I hope he will be burried at Capucines in Vienna!
May he Rest in Peace.
Rest in Peace
Sorry ,I have a question as far as I have very poor knowledge in the matter of Austrian history,was he a descendant of Empress Sissi?
Rest in Peace.:sad:
Like fandesacs, I admired him a lot. He was a symbol, and his death is the end of an era, indeed.
RIP :sad:

A wonderful man and a great witness of his time.
Rest in Peace
Sorry ,I have a question as far as I have very poor knowledge in the matter of Austrian history,was he a descendant of Empress Sissi?

Ottos grand-grand-grandmother (did I counted right?) was Archduchess Sophie, Sisis aunt. But Otto is not in Sisis direct bloodline.
I'm really sad for him. It's the end of an era too. Rest in peace.
Only one Child of Empress Zita and Emperor Charles of Austria is still alive : Archduke Felix.
HR& IH Archduke Otto lives nearly one Century ; he assisted his Parents Coronation , the Exile in Madeira , The Emperor's death, and his Mother best support for years.
I really hope he will be buried in Vienna where all the Habsbourg are and hope that his late wife Archduchess Regina will have their place there too.
May HI & RH otto Von Hapsburg rest in peace ::flowers:: ::flowers:: ::flowers:: such an amazing bloodline may he RIP

He was a decendent of Marie antoinette's brother was he not? And also Leopold HRE ( holy roman emperor)

Very sad news indeed...

I also hoped he would live till 100 years; but thankfully, he died in his sleep and I hope did not suffer near the end.

He was a credit to his parents, to Austria and to Europe...

R.I.P. Otto

RIP Archduke Otto, my deepest sympathies to his family!

I found out the news on facebook this morning from the Duke of Bragancas fb page.

HI & RH Archduke Otto will be interred,together with his late spouse Archduchess Regina,at the Kapuzinergruft,the Imperial Crypt in Vienna.The remains of the late Archduchess will be taken to Vienna within the next few days.

All his children,7,were at his bedside when he passed early this morning.

The heart of the deceased will be interred at the Monastery of Pannonhalma,Hungary,
by tradition of the Imperial Family the heart is interred seperate from the body.

Four Requiem Masses will be held,this saturday july 9th in P:eek:cking,monday july 11th in Munich,wednesday july 13th in Mariazell Austria and finally on saturday july 16th in Vienna.

Video by Austrian national tv station on the death of Archduke Otto:

Otto von Habsburg tot -

In Memoriam:

YouTube - ‪In Memoriam Otto von Habsburg 1912-2011‬‏

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Our condolances to family and friends. HIRH Otto von Habsburg was a wonderful, charming, and intelligent man. His search for the unity of mankind, with his great and kind heart, is beyond compare. He will be sorely missed and the world be the lesser without him. His legacy will live on.
I'm not sad for him for the man lived a long and eventful life, and that's something which should be celebrated. Death is merely the next phase and beckons us all at some time or another. Thankfully, Otto lived to be an old man who had the pleasure of seeing his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren grow. And who spent much of his life with his wife by his side, only to be parted for a short while. All in all, he was dealt a good hand and I'm sure he knew it :)
otto von habsburg - what a life, what a character, what a fate! Nobility at its best! r.i.p.
He certainly left Europe and the world a better place, and he is and will be missed.
Very sad news. The dates and times for the Requiem Masses hav now been announced

9 July 2011: Requiem at 14h00 CEST at St. Pius in Pöcking It will be celebrated by H.E. Diözesanbischof Dr. Konrad Zdarsa.

11 July 2011: Requiem at 10h00 CEST at Theatinerkirche in Munich. It will be celbrated by H.E. Kardinal Dr. Rainhard Marx. Afterwards leave-taking by the Bayerische Gebirgsschützen and Tiroler Schützenkompanien at the Odeonsplatz.

12 July 2011: Otto and Regina von Habsburg will lie in repose at the Wallfahrtsbasilika in Mariazell

13 July 2011: Requiem at Wallfahrtsbasilika in Mariazell.

14 & 15 July 2011: Otto and Regina von Habsburg will lie in repose at the Kapuzinerkirche, Neuer Markt in Vienna.

16 July 2011: Requiem at 15h00 CEST at Dom St. Stephan in Vienna It will be H.E. Kardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn. Afterwards funeral procession through Vienna and burial of Otto and Regia von habsburg at the Kapuzinergruft.

17 July 2011: Requiem in Budapest. Otto von Habsburg's heart will be buried at the Benediktinerabtei in Pannonhalma
Very sad to hear this. The Archduke was a great man, great ideas about great subjects, yet also someone who was very approachable and took time to answer every letter and talk to every person who wanted his attention. He true prince and a true gentleman, completely worthy of the best traditions of the House of Hapsburg. I recall reading once that he could remember (vaguely) the outbreak of the Great War. It seems the last link with that old Europe was lost today. My condolences to his family and may His Imperial Royal Highness rest in peace.
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