Danish Royal Family Pictures, Part 1

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She was and looked so very young.

I wonder if Benedikte was brought along, partly as training but also to be "presented"?
After all Iran anno 1960 was considerably different than Iran anno 1979. And the Danish Foreign Ministry wouldn't have mind - at all - if DK had established closer ties with Iran. - Oil.
"Over time, members of the royal family have been responsible for the inauguration of bridges, roads, tunnels and other large construction projects throughout the country, and several times royals have named the various buildings. On the occasion of HM the King next week inaugurating the first tunnel element of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel at Rødby harbor and presiding over the opening of the Metro line M4 at Copenhagen Central Station, Copenhagen South and Mozarts Plads Station, the Royal Palace is bringing a historical gallery with pictures from inaugurations of bridges, railways , tunnels and other major construction projects over time."
Very likely.
King Frederik wore his hussar-uniform at that occasion.
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