Danish Royal Family, Current Events Part 6: June 2020 -

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Love how they highlight the work of the painter and give more information. very informative
Love the photo of the three! Present, former, and future monarchs of Denmark.
Great to read the information behind the shield

From the pictures you can spot that "Crown Prince Christian's elephant knight's shield hangs between his parents' and just above Prince Joachim's and Princess Marie's."

Also explains why it says Prince of Denmark instead of Crown Prince, that was his title in October 2023 when it was awarded.
Yes, very interesting and wonderful to see the three generations together again. (If only Frederik would find a new tailor. :) )
Margrethe and Benedikte at Tivoli today

Here are some additional photos provided by the Palace:

Lovely to see Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte at the Tivoli!
On Tuesday, June 4, HM Queen Margrethe of Denmark and HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark will visit Sofiero in connection with the opening of the newly renovated castle.
After a year of renovation, it is time to open the gates to Sofiero Castle again, celebrated with the "Feast for the Castle" event on June 5-9.
On June 4, Sofiero will be visited by HM Queen Margrethe and HRH Princess Benedikte. They will get an exclusive preview of the newly renovated castle and the current exhibitions "The Story of Sofiero - from the royal castle to the people's garden" and "Astrid Lindgren - the landscape of the imagination". The visit ends with a tour of the beautifully blooming castle park.
Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte have deep ties to Sofiero: their mother, Queen Ingrid, spent her childhood summers here and their grandmother, Crown Princess Margareta, created many of the castle park's famous rhododendron plantings and flower beds .
Princess Benedikte officially attended the Danish Dressage Championships today, May 25.

Queen Mary did so privately:

Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte were present at the reopening of Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg, Sweden, today, June 4:

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I just watched the arrivals of of the DRF to the celebratory service at the Naval Church in honor of this being Constitution Day here in DK. (And as such a national holiday.)
It's raining today!
The more important guests were driven to the church door, but apart from Benedikte, QMII and the Regent Couple left their cars outside the gate to the church and walked to the church.
I wonder if that is out of respect for the institution? It being lack of humility to have yourself driven to the door. - After all it is still very common to see people walk to their local parish church if they live in a village, town or city. (There are few parking spaces available anywhere, no matter what church.)
And that as mentioned above applied to QMII as well, even though she is unsteady, is using a walking stick, it was rainy and it's cobble stones.

Of course the Regent Couple arrived as the last. When they greeted QMII and Benedikte (QMII first BTW even though she being more important is seated closer to the alter than Benedikte. King Frederik of course sitting closest to the altar.) it looked to me that Queen Mary was just about to curtsy. Old habits die slow, I suppose.

Here are photos and videos of today's ceremonies to mark the 175th anniversary of the Constitution:

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I’m very fond of this church, the carved wood everywhere, a ship hanging from the ceiling, the anchor in the garden, situated right on a canal.
I’ve been in three churches in Copenhagen and this is the one that made the most impression on me.
The so-called Marble Church near the Amalienborg Palace buildings … enormous, ornate, beautiful with swans, cherubs and gold.
Mary and Frederik’s wedding church, quite stark and bare but with a wonderful modern-looking organ recessed into the wall, looks stainless steel, I loved that, that organ.
But this church, perhaps because no-one else was there unlike the other two, perhaps the warmth given by all the dark wood, this is the one I liked the most.
(All three have impressive looking organs, all different in style to each other.)
Anyway, I always like seeing things happening at this church. This is the one I would re-visit if I had the chance, it’s more homely and cosy, though not cosy in the sense of being small, but in it’s nature.
Some of my photos -


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