Cute Royal Children 3

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Estelle and Oscar at the Crown Princess Family's traditional Christmas greeting.

Estelle decorating the Christmas tree on Monday, when the Queen and her grandchildren received the Christmas trees.

Queen Silvia's grandchildren surprised her on December 18 with a cake party at the Royal Palace before her birthday. Photos by Sara Friberg/The Royal Court.


Estelle and Oscar yesterday at the Crown Princess family's traditional Christmas Eve visit, this tome to the Swedish Customs' staff at Värtahamnen port in Stockholm.
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Birhday girl - 6-year-old Princess Adrienne of Sweden:

And her elder sister - 10-year-old Princess Leonore:

Estelle and Oscar yesterday, at their mother's Name Day celebration:

Estelle and Daniel visited Maurizio Cattelan's exhibition "The Third Hand" at the Moderna Museet on Tuesday.
Wow! Cannot believe how quickly Princess Estelle is growing... she is beautiful.
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