Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to Australia: March 2005

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and more from the gala


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I love this dress, and Vitoria is stunning in him, simple stunning :eek:


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wow. i love the purple dress that victoria picked out. it's very different to what we're accustomed to seeing her wearing.
the yellow skirt that she had on was really cute too, wouldn't mind getting a pair of those. ;-)
from the ibl site


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Josefine said:
so it would be very early morning in australia about 4 or 5 in the morning`?
Ithink it would be between 11 at night and 1 in the morning.
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that would sound better
it four a clock in the afternoon in sweden and i think its about 8 - 9 hours difference
here is a few larger photos

from Fotomarktplatz


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i have heard and also thing that sometimes victoria dresses older then her age
but this visit has started good with some colouring in what she is wearing


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Some of Crown Princess Victoria's schedule for the coming days, according to an article at the Royal Court's website (all is in Melbourne):

Thursday 10

* ”Sunrise at Seven” on Channel 7
* Seminar about city environments
* Gala Dinner hosted by Governor John Landy at the National Gallery of Victoria

*Friday 11

*Opening of the exhibitions “4 stories” and “Experience Sweden” at the Atrium Amphitheatre at the Federation Square
*Meeting with students who study Swedish at the University of Melbourne

Saturday 12

*Visit to the National Ballet and some rehearsals
*Attendance at a concert with Robert Wells and Katarina Fallholm at Federation Square

Sunday 13

*Attendance at a Church Service in the Swedish Church and meeting with Swedish members of the parish
*Attendance at a special performance of “Mamma Mia” at Her Majesty’s Theatre
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thank you so muchi have tried to find some news in australen newspapers but with noluck
can someone from post some links to newspapers i would be really happy

and on a other note
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i would like to say hello to all our guests
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Thank you to Josefine for the video (so Daniel Nyhlén is for Aftonbladet in Oz...hmm) and the backshoots of the dress (I simply love it...from the backside, from the frontside, from simply everywhere :D )

Thanks to GrandDuchess for the schedule. And I´m joining Josefine in saying hello to our guests.

Article from the local (to find new articles, also australian ones go to and then to news and search for "princess Victoria"):

Victoria impresses Down Under
Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria charmed Australia on Thursday morning with an appearance on the country's popular breakfast TV show, Sunrise.

"She's a real star," said one of the members of the studio audience after the programme.

The princess is on a week-long "marketing trip" to Australia as part of a 12 day festival, Swedish Style in Australia. She will be promoting Swedish design, food, lifestyle and culture.

During the visit she will meet the premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks, but she has already impressed the country's public.

"Star reporters" Melissa Doyle and David Koch led the interview, which began with Crown Princess Victoria entering to the tones of Abba's 'Dancing Queen', but it was in answering the questions from the audience that she was able to be more personal.

While some viewers wondered what it was like to be a princess, others asked about the Swedish royal family's relationship with the other royal families of Europe.

"It sounds strange to you, but we're all more or less related to each other, although distantly, so we meet on birthdays, for example," she replied.

After the interview, Melissa Doyle professed herself to be rather taken with the Swedish princess.

"She was absolutely wonderful," she said. "She was exactly the kind of person you'd want to invite out with your friends."

It is the princess's first visit to Australia.
Thanks everybody for the photos. She looks gorgeous.
The Age

Now it's Sweden's turn in the royalty spotlight
By Dewi Cooke
March 11, 2005

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria touched down in Melbourne yesterday and began her six-day promotional tour of the city with a low-key arrival at Tullamarine.

Looking relaxed in a black V-neck top, pleated yellow skirt and low black heels, Crown Princess Victoria, 27, was met at the airport by Swedish consular officials.

Security around the princess was light as they walked her to a waiting vehicle.

She briefly attended an environmental seminar in Collins Street as part of Swedish Style in Australia, an initiative of the Swedish embassy in Canberra promoting Swedish fashion, food, design and culture.

Tomorrow, as patron of the 12-day festival, the princess will attend a design exhibition at Federation Square and meet Premier Steve Bracks.

This is her first visit to Australia. "I think we have a lot to learn about each other," she said yesterday.

Last night the Princess attended an invitation-only dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria International with Governor John Landy and the Swedish ambassador to Australia, Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist.

Celebrity Swedish chef Carl Jan Granqvist served traditional Swedish gravlax (cured salmon), teamed with wines from the Yarra Valley.

A two-metre, nine-tonne wall of ice from the Torne River in Lapland was shipped in for the gala dinner, and ice sculptor Daniel Rosenbaum from Sweden's Ice Hotel will give ice-sculpting demonstrations in Federation Square until Monday, carving two-tonne blocks from the wall every day.

More Swedes visit Australia than any other Scandinavian holidaymakers. Around 33,400 made the trip last year.


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Great pictures, the Crown Princess looks AMAZING in that dress. I also love the black and yellow outfit. It is youthful and incredibly refreshing. Brava Victoria!!!:)
What is she doing in this pic?:confused: ;)


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More pics...

I believe Josefine kindly posted these pics from IBL but they were thumbnails. I found full size pics from Isifa. So, here they are. Enjoy:)


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Great photos everyone! Victoria looks fantastic in the lavender/purple gala gown.
Wonderful facial expressions

I know in some pics it seems like she has a "Belga" mustache. Try to look around that, if you can.


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pdas1201 said:
What is she doing in this pic?:confused: ;)

:D Hahaha, what a cute diabolic grin. Don´t know, what she wanted to say with that, but the guy next to her (should I know his name?) seems, as if he has enjoyed the time with her to the fullest.
Thank you for the big versions of the pictures, pdas! :)
Victoria looks absolutely GORGEOUS!! :D She is such a beautiful girl and seems to have such a great personality. Sweden should feel priveliged to have her as a CP. It does seem that she has lost a bit of weight though or is it just me?
Thanks for posting all the pictures. Victoria really look fantastic:D , can whoever made the gown start dressing her on a more permanent basis please? She looked so glamerous which she ususally never does, she can look pretty and regal but rarely glam like she did today, and she really was overdue for some new clothes. I also like the skirt and top, young and fresh....I love how her personality comes trough in the pictures and she seems so very relaxed and non-posed.
Larzen said:
Victoria really look fantastic:D , can whoever made the gown start dressing her on a more permanent basis please?

Maybe Elisabeth Tarras Wahlberg is ill or on holiday (so far I haven´t seen a white head of hear...usually she sticks out ;) ) and Victoria has made her own decision ;)
I think there´s a new tendency, concerning style, since the beginning of the year 2005.
I don´t want to say, that e.g her style at the sports gala in January was particularly stylish, but at least she was a bit more feminine. And so far she has worn mostly skirts and sometimes with boots (think of the meeting with Daniel Collert or of her in Essen at the fair)
This dress was a direct hit and as many have said the yellow skirt was lovely. I fear, that I´m wrong when I say (actually write) it, but I think there´s a tendency to a better more feminine style *praying&hoping*
What an amazing dress! Victoria looks breathtaking! Thanks for all the pics!
she is there
see the grey hair


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