Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 1: April 2005 - June 2009

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I don't mind it with the first skirt. I think that is beacause the second skirt has a detail on the waist that looked fussy with this blouse. When I see the blouse up close, I don't think that I am crazy about the details on the neck. The color is nice, though.
I think I just found the first skirt a very unoriginal choice
Actually, you are right. The first skirt is very, very basic.
Crown princess Victoria attended at the national conference of women’s organisation Lottorna, Älvsjö exhibition centre, last Saturday.
... and the ponytail.
She reminds me of my middleaged teacher many, many years ago. Not her best look. Obviously this is the uniform of the Lottorna, it´s nice that she wears it but it makes her look very old.
I looked at the photos before I finished reading your post, LadyFinn, and I thought to myself, "ugghh...she looks like she is wearing a uniform". Now that I know that it is, I think that it is nice that she wore the uniform to the event. I'm sure that the members were pleased.
Crown princess Victoria inaugurated the Interfaith Climate Summit in Uppsala
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I like this, nice colour.
I like the blouse she wore yesterday, but not the skirt.
I like both the blouse and the skirt, the colour of the blouse is really beautiful and suits CP Victoria.
But she looks a little bit older than usual :ermm:
It's rather depressing to see CP Victoria totally underdressed on this occasion. The outfit amounts to nothing more than a prim and proper, very dull schoolteacher's outfit ca. 1985. It looks completely out of place next to the pianist who was awarded the culture prize and appeared in a full-length red velvet evening gown - appropriate, in contrast to Victoria.
Her outfit might do for a day in the office, but not for attending a prize ceremony in the evening, especially not for a Royal. People expect to see The Crown Princess, not their secretary, but these days Victoria sometimes looks as if she couldn't care less.
I like the color of the blouse, but this outfit is not attractive. It looks like a uniform.
I really liked 1, 6, 8, and 9. Victoria wore some great hats last year.
2, 3, 5, & 9 are all fabulous. I love it when she wears such wonderful hats for two very good reasons. :wub:

1. She has the style and carriage to carry them off with flair and panache, :cool: and,

2. She looks wonderfully elegant and feminine when she wears one of these confections and, none of them lend themselves to a ponytailed hairstlye! :D
I like 1, 2 and 6, but my favourite is number 5.:flowers:
This black/white combination is very nice. The skirt is really crisp and clean-looking. The hat is a bit wild, but I like it. It is very different. Her shoes are especially nice.
The hat is very beautiful.:flowers:
I don´t like her jacket, but it doesn´t look bad with this skirt (very lovely skirt ;)). Her shoes are wonderful!!:rolleyes:
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I don't like either the easily recognizable Fabienne D. hat nor the just as easily recognizable Natan jacket.
The jacket is cut far too oversized to use such stiff, uncomfortable looking fabric. Finishing the design with a severe neckline only adds to the bulky look without any flow to it.
Natan constantly repeats this design, we have seen countless variations of it in recent years, and it doesn't look nice on any (Royal) woman.
She just lookes lovely but was not thrilled with the headpiece.
Really I don't like this headpiece.
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