Crown Princess Victoria Picture Thread, Part 5

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Screenshots of Victoria in the TV4's documentary series "Tronen".

Screenshots of Victoria (and Rio) in the third episode of documentary "Kungen och jag" by Karin af Klintberg at SVT Play.

Victoria at the meeting of the Crown Princess Margareta's Veteran Reserve Foundation (Kronprinsessan Margaretas Landstormsfond), 19th May 2022.

Finnish photographer Juha Laitalainen published this photo of Victoria on Finnish Swedish Heritage Day 6th November.
It's taken on 16th September 2017 in Helsinki.

Happy Finnish Swedish Heritage Day!
In honor of that, you can't find a better shot from my photojournalist archive than this laughing portrait of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria oozing with happiness and joie de vivre.
I captured it when he visited in connection with the 100th anniversary of our country's independence.
A wonderful person whose expressiveness I was able to bring out much better than other photographers, positioned according to my habit, apart from the crowd of friends, close enough to pass by even in a fleeting moment to make contact with the subject. I just said: "Now you can laugh!" So it was with that…
Apart from the photo shoot itself, it was quite flattering to receive a personal liking message from the future Queen Victoria after sharing a picture of her that I immortalized on social media at the time. She thougt my photo of her was the best taken during her visit to Finland. It had everything essential in one picture. Indeed!
Thanks and Thumbs Up!
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Victoria on 17th November 2023 at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden the delivery of The Swedish Business Award in Germany.
Victoria met Jussi Halla-aho, the Speaker of the Parliament of Finland, at the Royal Palace on March 13 and only photos of her and Speaker Halla-aho were published.
Speaker Halla-aho had with him a delegation of the members of the Finnish Parliament, photos of them meeting Victoria from their social media:
Photographer Paul Hansen took this official photo of Victoria in 2009:

Paul Hansen published this photo from behind the scenes when the official photo was taken, Victoria's stylist Tina Törnquist is holding the mirror:
Victoria with Liudmyla Lemrini, the President of the Swedish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Scandinavia, at a Prayer for Peace at the Royal Chapel, 24th February 2023.
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