Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events, Part 12

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Victoria gave today an audience to representatives from the Swedish Parasport Federation: chairman Åsa Llinares Norlin, sports manager Ines Lopes and secretary general Bo Sköld. Among other things, the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris were on the agenda. Victoria attends the Games on 6–8 September.
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Victoria inaugurated today the "Värld av vatten" (The World of Water) exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. She had Oscar with her.
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Victoria spoke at her speech among other things about her snail Johanna
"When I was a child, I had a snail, or perhaps rather a small shell, which I named Johanna. I found Johanna one summer on Öland and insisted on taking her home to Stockholm.
It went well at first. But then it got cold. And I realized that Johanna might not survive the winter. So I asked mom and dad what to do. They did not know, but contacted the Museum of Natural History..."

The Museum has been closed since the end of August last year and is opened for public tomorrow.
On August 16, 2023, a 200-300 kilo piece of plaster fell from the ceiling in a room where collections are stored and where visitors are not allowed to stay. As the roof construction is the same in parts of the public areas, some of the museum's eleven exhibitions, Cosmonova, shop and restaurant were also closed. However, the museum could still be partially open. But on August 29, the entire museum was closed for an extensive renovation, as there was a risk that the plaster on the ceiling of the entrance hall could fall down.

Daily Mail:

The Royal Court:
Victoria inaugurated the National Museum of Natural History's new base exhibition World of Water by dropping blue paint into a vase of water. The exhibition tells about water, a prerequisite for all life as we know it, from the origin and development of life to today's environmental impact and climate change.
Minister Parisa Liljestrand, Victoria and Oscar were given a guided tour of the exhibition.

The Royal Court posted this nice video to its Instagram

And the Swedish Museum of Natural History posted to its Instagram
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How nice that she brought Oscar along!

Here are some more photos:

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Victoria visited in May the Asthma and Allergy Association, which is supported by Crown Princess Victoria's Fund.
"Everyone has the right to an active leisure time," says Victoria during the visit to the Asthma and Allergy Association. "It is so incredibly important to be strengthened as an individual, and also to be stimulated and develop. We wish that for everyone."
Crown Princess Victoria's Fund supports projects for children and young people living with disabilities. The projects should break isolation, raise the quality of life and strengthen the self-esteem of children and young people living with a disability, including mental illness and chronic illness. One of these projects is run by the Asthma and Allergy Association.

During the Victoria concert on July 14, the film from the project will be broadcast.
Radiohjälpen published a short clip from the visit:
Victoria, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, gave today an audience to the Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Achim Steiner. Caroline Åberg, head of UNDP Sweden, and Annette Froese, adviser to Achim Steiner, were also present.
Victoria and Steiner discussed, among other things, Victoria's trip to Bangladesh together with UNDP, COP 30 which will take place in Brazil in 2025, and the Summit of the Future which will take place in New York in September this year.
Achim Steiner talked also about the People's Climate Vote report and the meeting on the reconstruction of Ukraine in Berlin.
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Victoria attends the Nordic Foreign Ministers' Meeting N5 at Artipelag in Stockholm. She was welcomed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström, who hosts the meeting.
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Topping the agenda at the meeting are current security issues, including Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, the upcoming NATO summit in Washington DC and the situation in Israel and Palestine.

The Royal Court at its website
As an introduction to the meeting, the Crown Princess and the foreign ministers present were given a tour of Artipelag art gallery's permanent exhibition.

Espen Barth Eide, Norway's Minister for Foreign Affairs, at his Instagram

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Today, The Crown Princess visited a meeting held in Värmdö between the Nordic foreign ministers and representatives from the countries' foreign ministries.
The Crown Princess attendance at the Nordic Foreign Ministers' Meeting N5 at Artipelag in Stockholm.
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