Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events Part 11: September 2017 -

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Victoria visited today Gripsholm Castle and unveiled a portrait of her, which Nationalmusei Vänner (The Friends of the Nationalmuseum) donated to the National Portrait Collection. It was Victoria's 40th birthday gift, taken by photographer Thron Ullberg at Gustav III's Pavilion at Haga Park. Victoria said that she hadn't seen it before this event, and she got her own copy to take home to Haga Palace.
IBL Bildbyrå
ROYAL: Victoria besucht Schloss Gripsholm und empfängt ein Porträt

What a great portrait of Victoria! Here a good photo of it. The Nationalmuseum tells at their press release, that Thron Ullberg photographed Victoria at Gustav III's Pavilion, which Victoria is very fond of. The Crown Princess is shown in the role of the heir to the Throne, with her eyes attached to the future. Thron Ullberg (born 1969) is one of Sweden's leading portrait photographers. He started reading art history, but soon went to the photography. Ullberg often works with large format cameras and traditional negatives that he digitally processes, a sign of the love of the old photographic craft.
Kronprinsessans 40-årsgåva överlämnad - Nationalmuseum

Here you can download a HQ photo "ladda ner högupplöst bild":
H.K.H._Kronprinsessan_Victoria_tryck - Nationalmuseum

Här är Victorias 40-årsporträtt - HD
Victoria lyfter på skynket och avslöjar speciella 40-årsgåvan_ ”Är skräckblandad förtjusning...”
Oj, Victoria blir helt paff när hon ser... _ Stoppa Pressarna

Mariefreds Tidning tells at their Facebook with a good photo, that the portrait will be to hung up to the National Portrait Collection on Friday.

Article at the court website, includes a short video from court Instagram
Porträtt av Kronprinsessan - Sveriges Kungahus

Kronprinsessan avtäcks på Gripsholm

Unveiling the portrait, galleries

Se filmen när kronprinsessan avtäcker nya porträttet på sig själv – som redan är historisk

Victoriasta julkaistiin muotokuva - prinsessan ilme kertoo kaiken

Photographer Thron Ullberg told at the unveiling of Victoria's portrait about taking it at Gustav III's Pavilion:
- The only gaffe was that I was holding a small fog machine so that it would be like a little mist at the photo. I told my assistant to put it on. And when he started it there came a bang, Thron Ullberg said.
It became a big bang, which made both crown princess Victoria and Thron Ullberg to jump. However, the Security Service's bodyguards got probably most scared.
- A real icebreaker, exclaimed Victoria and said:
- This is a great gift. But also a nice experience to be part of. Then it's a great honor to ... hang, sit or stand or how you say now, among the others in the collection.
Läskiga dramat bakom Victorias 40-årspresent _ Kungligt _ Expressen
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On 15th November Crown Princess Victoria will have an audience for volunteers from Stockholm Pride. Will be interesting and see the news from this event, and what it potentially will mean for the future.

Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus
On 15th November Crown Princess Victoria will have an audience for volunteers from Stockholm Pride. Will be interesting and see the news from this event, and what it potentially will mean for the future.

Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus
Inaugural speech maybe? Stockholm will host Europride in 2018 and might want to ask her to hold the inaugural speech?
Inaugural speech maybe? Stockholm will host Europride in 2018 and might want to ask her to hold the inaugural speech?

I also thought of that, and it would be cool! Or be the protector of the event, maybe, or both? But she is meeting volunteers, so I don't know?
I also thought of that, and it would be cool! Or be the protector of the event, maybe, or both? But she is meeting volunteers, so I don't know?
You're right. Would be more probable for her to meet with members of the board if she was to have a part in it.
You're right. Would be more probable for her to meet with members of the board if she was to have a part in it.

I thought so, but let's hope she will get a role for next year.
Here's a video of HRH The Crown Princess unveiling her new portrait

Victoria met today the volunteers from Stockholm Pride. These volunteers have worked with Stockholm Pride for over 20 years. At the meeting attended also Festival General Manager Christian Gerdes and HR-director Andreas Franzon.
Kronprinsessan i möte med volontärer från Stockholm*Pride - Sveriges Kungahus

Photo also at court Instagram

A bigger photo of the meeting at this page
"It was a amazingly personal and nice meeting with HRH Crown Princess", says Jimmy for QX. "We were invited to the Palace because we have worked for 20 years with Stockholm Pride and the Crown Princess was very warmhearted and wanted to hear more about us, our stories about Hbtq and how the Stockholm Pride and the Hbtq community has changed during these years."
Kronprinsessan Victoria tog emot Stockholm Pride-volontärer – QX

After this meeting Victoria met Hans Dahlgren, State Secretary for International and EU Affairs to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. And Livia Spada, the representative of the Riksdag to the EU institutions.
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Here's a video from the audience to the European Parliament's President, Antonio Tajani at the Royal Palace.

Victoria attends on Wednesday 22nd November at the Anders Wall lecture on entrepreneurship at Uppsala University. She presents also the Anders Wall Scholarship (SEK 100 000) to this year's Uppsala Student of the Year.
Anders Wall-föreläsningen inspirerar studenter till entreprenörskap - Anders Walls Stiftelse
Anders Wall-föreläsningen_ Inspirerande möte i entreprenörskapets tecken - Uppsala universitet

Victoria attended at the lecture and delivered the Anders Wall scholarship in 2011, Carl Philip in 2012, Daniel in 2013 and princess Christina in 2015.
Victoria attended at the Anders Wall lecture on entrepreneurship at Uppsala University and presented the Anders Wall Scholarship (SEK 100 000) to this year's Uppsala Student of the Year Fredrik Pettersson.
Belga Image
Kronprinsessan Victoria på inspirationsdag i Uppsala – se livesändningen!

And as we could see, also princess Christina's husband Tord Magnuson attended at the lecture.

Court Instagram

To the Anders Wall lecture in Uppsala University auditorium come every year around 2000 people come to listen to some of Scandinavia's most successful entrepreneurs and their stories. This year's lecture was the fourteenth of the scheme.
The purpose of the lecture is to inspire young future leaders and entrepreneurs to creativity, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship
Kronprinsessan vid Anders Wall-föreläsningen i entreprenörskap - Sveriges Kungahus

By Stella Pictures
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Victoria visits today Leipzig and presents the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany's the Swedish Business Prize.

Bild tells about the program of the day:
Victoria lands at the airport around 13.00, then she is taken directly to the Porsche plant (Topic: Startups in industry). At 14.45 she will visit the Helmholtz-Zentrum (Centre for Environmental Research), in the evening is the galadinner and presentation of in the Swedish Business Prize at Kongresshalle am Zoo. Tomorrow she flies back to Sweden.
Warum Stockholms Königsfamilie so gern nach Leipzig kommt – und was sie noch über den Besuch von Prinzessin Victoria wissen müssen - Jenseits von Schweden - Leipzig -


Victoria in Leipzig, from Twitter of Ericsson Deutschland
"German-Swedish discussion round at @PORSCHE // Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Ambassador Per Thöresson are guests // Dr. Christoph Bach represents @Ericsson_GmbH in the tour // #porsche #prinzessinvictoria #schweden @BusinessSweden"

Court Instagram
"The Crown Princess is today in Leipzig, Germany. At one of today's program points, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research was visited to find out about its work on sustainable water resource management and the UN Sustainable Development Goals"

Gallery from the visit to Porsche
Belga Image

Galleries from the visit at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Belga Image
ROYAL: Victoria besucht Leipzig – Besuch des "3D-Visualisierungszentrums"

The Swedish Embassy, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Porsche invited around 80 German and Swedish industry representatives to the plant’s customer centre for the experts to share their knowledge. The event also included the presentation of the latest start-up projects from the region to the Crown Princess. Porsche assists these start-ups as they develop new business ideas to market maturity.
Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, visits Porsche

Completely down to earth, the Swedish heir to the throne did not travel by private jet, but came in a regular flight - from Stockholm to Munich, from Munich to Leipzig. And it happened like to many other passengers: The plane to Leipzig was 45 minutes late.
Ganz bescheiden! Victoria von Schwedens lässiger Besuch in Leipzig
Kronprinzessin – Mit Verspätung angereist_ Victoria von Schweden in Leipzig zu Gast – LVZ - Leipziger Volkszeitung
Victoria von Schweden_ Ihr lässiger Business-Look in Leipzig _

Kronprinzessin Victoria auf Stippvisite in Leipzig _ Video zu BRISANT _ Das Erste Mediathek
Was macht die schwedische Kronprinzessin in Leipzig_ _ SACHSEN FERNSEHEN

Arriving to the galadinner and presentation of in the Swedish Business Prize at Kongresshalle am Zoo.
"Today we’re extra proud to be Tactonites as we’re in Leipzig, receiving the Swedish Export Prize in Germany. The prize will be presented by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. Here, she gets a crash course in #CPQ by Tacton."

From Twitter of the Swedish Embassy in Germany
"Crown Princess Victoria in conversation with the winners of this year's Swedish Business Prize".

Belga Image

Kronprinzessin Victoria von Schweden scherzt sich durch Leipzig - TAG24

Short video
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Here are a few more photos of HRH The Crown Princess in Leipzig today.

PPE Agency
Victoria delivered the Swedish Business Prize to Elanders, Kinnarps and Tacton Systems.
At the gala Victoria talked with the winners of the Prize, who presented their companies and products to her.

From Facebook of Tacton Systems

Videos from Thursday
Victoria von Schweden_ Zurück in Deutschland – und diesen Auftritt werden die Leipziger so schnell nicht vergessen _
Victoria von Schweden_ Ein Kleid zum Verlieben! Strahlend schönes Finale in Leipzig _

ROYAL: Victoria besucht Leipzig – Verleihung des Schwedischen Unternehmerpreises

Victoria on Wednesday at the Anders Wall lecture, with Anders Wall, the speakers at the event, and vice-chancellor Eva Åkesson from Uppsala University.
Photo from Facebook of Anders Wall Stiftelse

Victoria on Thursday at Helmholtz-Zentrum (Centre for Environmental Research) in Leipzig. Photos at the Centre's website.
Schwedens Kronprinzessin Victoria besucht das UFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung UFZ

Photographers, who came to Helmholtz-Zentrum to take photos of Victoria.

Delivering the Swedish Business Prizes.

Victoria de Suède opte pour le rose pâle et le bordeaux pour son après-midi allemande

Video of Victoria arriving to Anders Wall lecture at the Uppsala University on 22nd November. Anders Wall (86 years) walks behind Victoria. They are playing Crown Princess Victoria's fanfare.
Anders Wallföreläsningen del 1 - Medfarm Play - Uppsala universitet

Video of Victoria delivering the Anders Wall Scholarship to this year's Uppsala Student of the Year Fredrik Pettersson. It starts at 1.05.
Anders Wallföreläsningen del 5 - Medfarm Play - Uppsala universitet

Visit to Porsche in Leipzig, photos from Facebook of Porsche Leipzig
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Another gallery of HRH The Crown Princess attending the Swedish Entrepreneur Awards 2017 in the Kongresshalle am Zoo in Leipzig, Germany.

PPE Agency
Victoria attends today at seminar "The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity" at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The seminar focuses on the global ocean, celebrating Volvo Environment Prize Laureate professor Rashid Sumaila's work.
Kungl. vetenskapsakademien - The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity

IBL Bildbyrå
Belga Image
ROYAL: Victoria beim Seminar "The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity"

Court Instagram, Victoria with professor Rashid Sumaila.

Kronprinsessan vid The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity - Sveriges Kungahus

Still photos of Victoria on Tuesday at the seminar "The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity".
Kronprinsessan Victoria en av 17 utsedda ambassadörer
Kronprinsessan Victoria på seminarium _ Svensk Damtidning
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Victoria attended on Tuesday at the meeting of Crown Princess Victoria's Foundation for Scientific Research and Training. The Foundation's primary purpose is promoting scientific research or providing support for the preparation of teaching or education.
Hopefully the court publishes a photo of the meeting today.
Staare 2018 in Östersund celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the first Sami meeting in Sweden. It will be a year of festivities, but the anniversary week, 5-11 February, will be something extra, filled with lectures, theatrical performances and concerts.
The anniversary week commences Staare 2018 anniversary celebrations on the Sami National Day on February 6th. The celebration begins with the visit of Crown Princess Victoria and Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke.
Staare 2018, Översikt, Övriga evenemang, Östersund
Victoria visited today Forum för Levande Historia (The Living History Forum). The court organized in collaboration with the Forum a seminar initiated by Victoria and Daniel in connection with the Holocaust Memorial Day.
Victoria was welcomed by Ingrid Lomfors, director of the Living History Forum, and then she received an introduction to ongoing exhibitions like "Alla människor! – Om rättigheter och lika värde och Gulag: det farfar inte berättade." (All People! - About rights and equal value and Gulag: what grandfather did not tell). During the tour, Victoria met a high school class who had just completed a two-hour education. On the government's mission, the Living History Forum is conducting educational efforts on various forms of racism and intolerance in history and today.
In a conference hall, the Living History Forum's staff had gathered and Victoria was told about the activities, including how they turn to students and teachers with web-based courses, and the Per Anger Prize, awarded each year to someone who has made great humanitarian and democracy promoting efforts.
The Living History Forum is a Swedish public authority commissioned to work with issues related to tolerance, democracy and human rights, using the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity as its starting point.
Kronprinsessan besökte Forum för levande historia - Sveriges Kungahus
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Victoria met today David Beasley, the Executive director of UN World Food Programme. During the meeting, David Beasley told about WFP's work on the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals and Goal 2, aimed to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
Kronprinsessan i möte med David Beasley, World Food Program - Sveriges Kungahus

David Beasley at his Twitter
"Great discussions with Crown Princess Victoria of #Sweden about #ZeroHunger A very smart and humble woman with a great heart for the poor and hungry. #SDGadvocate"

World Food Program Sweden at Twitter
"Thank you Crown Princess Victoria for standing up for the #Global goals. Sweden is an important country for global development and your support for WFP helps us in the fight to eliminate hunger."

Later Victoria met Minister for Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi and political specialist Jonas Bergström. The meeting was a follow-up to previous meetings of the government's work on implementing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030.
Kronprinsessan i möte med civilministern - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos of the meetings with David Beasley and Ardalan Shekarabi at court Instagram:
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Victoria visited Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) on Tuesday to get information about current research on local, regional and international water issues.
Juha Salonsaari, water coordinator and project manager of Stockholm City, and Linda Svensson, Limnologist of Solna City, told about the municipality's interest and responsibility for the water of Brunnsviken. They discussed also about Mälaren's environmental status.
During the second session of the afternoon, Kristina Gjerde from the International Nature Conservation Union, IUCN, Carl Folke (SRC) and Henrik Österblom (SRC) spoke about the management of the world's oceans.
The day was rounded off with a report of the situation on the Keystone Dialogues and SeaBOS initiative.
In order to cope with the global challenges facing the marine ecosystems, researchers at Stockholm Resilience Center have initiated a global coalition with several of the world's largest seafood companies. The initiative is called Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS)
The initiative has been talked and worked about in a series of meetings between researchers and companies. The Crown princess has participated in these meetings, as in the Maldives in November 2016, in Japan April 2017, Stockholm May 2017 and New York June 2017.
Kronprinsessan vid Stockholm Resilience Centre - Sveriges Kungahus
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Victoria visits on 7th March Sotenäs Symbioscentrum and Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

A couple of weeks ago Mats Abrahamsson, Deputy Mayor of Sotenäs Municipality, was told that the Crown Princess wanted to visit the symbiosis center in Sotenäs.
- Because she is interested in the environment, the court contacted the symbiosis center and the municipality, says Mats Abrahamsson.
He tells that the Crown Princess has heard about symbiosis centers and has been interested in learning more about their activities.
The visit was first planned to 20th February but was postponed due to prince Henrik's funeral.
Mats Abrahamsson tells that they are used to receiving visits to symbiosis center, from colleges, universities and ministers. But that the crown princess comes will be something extra.
- That the crown princess wanted to come, we think it's fun, of course. We are happy and proud of it. We feel we really have something to show up, he says.
- It's clearly exciting, and it's a bit tingling, but it's supposed to do that. We are really looking forward to this.
He tells that he has met the Crown Princess once before and doesn't feel so nervous about the visit - on the other hand, when he was informed there will be a royal visit, he realized that he needed to buy new clothes.
Bohusläningen newspaper writes that he went at one of the local stores in Kungshamn to buy a new suit.
- I have bought something new, I have. I'm going to tog up, says Mats Abrahamsson to Bohusläningen.
Kommunalrådet Mats Abrahamsson, M, i Sotenäs träffar kronprinsessan Victoria _ GT

Sotenäs Municipality at their Instagram
"We are proud and happy to announce that Crown Princess Victoria visits Sotenäs Symbioscemtrum on March 7th. She will receive information about the environmental work carried out by the actovity, including test beds with algae and salmon farming. We warmly welcome the Crown Princess to our beautiful municipality!"
Victoria meets during the following weeks Wallenberg Academy Fellows. They are Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation's investment in young researchers.
Since the program started in 2012, 174 young researchers have become Wallenberg Academy Fellows.

The purpose of these investments is to boost Sweden as a research nation by retaining the greatest talents in the country and by recruiting young international researchers to Swedish universities. Via an integral mentor program, they also have an opportunity to strengthen their scientific leadership and better utilize their research results.
Wallenberg Academy Fellows provides the best young researchers with long-term resources so that they can concentrate on their research. The program, which focuses on researchers in the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and technology, medicine and the humanities, also contributes to increased internationalization of the Swedish research environment.
They are 2017’s Wallenberg Academy Fellows _ Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

Victoria meets
6th March Wallenberg Academy Fellows Anita Öst, Maria Carlén and Sara Strandberg at the Wallenberg Foundations.
20th March Wallenberg Academy Fellows Jessica Körning Ljungberg, Anna Dreber Almenberg and Lisa Hultman at the Royal Palace.
21st March Wallenberg Academy Fellows Johanna Rosén, Kirsten Kralberg Knudsen and Camilla Svensson at Täcka Udden in Stockholm.
19th April Wallenberg Academy Fellows Sara Greenwood and Ilona Riipinen at the Stockholm University.
Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus

The Wallenberg Foundations are in tight cooperation with the royal family.
Queen Silvia received "Queen Silvia's Foundation for Research and Training" as a gift from three Wallenberg foundations on her 50th birthday in 1993. The same foundations have then filled up with SEK 5 million each at Queen's 60th and 70th birthday.
When the King turned 50 in 1996, the Wallenberg family foundations set up the "King Carl XVI Gustaf's Foundation for Research and Training". Also here was filled with SEK 5 million at the 60th birthday and probably also on the king's 70th birthday.
At Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling's banns of marriage in 2010, it was time for Victoria to have a foundation from the Wallenberg family. SEK 10 million became the starting capital of "Crown Princess Victoria's Foundation for Scientific Research and Training".
All three are managed by the Wallenbergs, and in its boards are representatives of the family together with their respective royals.
Foundation Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg's Memorial Fund is a founding partner of Generation Pep.
Already in 1972, when Gustaf VI Adolf turned 90, H.M. King's Wallenberg Fund was founded with money from Wallenberg family foundations.
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Third work event for Victoria today, this wasn't at the calendar.
Victoria visited the exhibition "Couturens hemligheter" (Secrets of Couture) at Sven-Harry's Art Museum. At the photos in court Instagram we see Victoria guided by Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson and fashion designer Pär Engsheden. At the exhibition are two Victoria's dresses, and dresses also from queen Silvia, princesses Madeleine and Sofia, queen Margrethe, Alicia Vikander, Marianne Bernadotte and many others.

Victoria met Wallenberg Academy Fellows Anita Öst, Maria Carlén and Sara Strandberg at the Wallenberg Foundations. Waiting for photos.

In the afternoon Victoria arrived to Grand Hôtel to Post Davos Nordic Summit. The theme of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018 is “How to Prepare for Breathtaking Changes in a Fractured World and Stay Competitive”.
Victoria på Post Davos Nordic Summit _ Svensk Damtidning
ROYAL: Victoria beim Post Davos Nordic Summit in Stockholm
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